Behind The Scenes

August 1, 2017

  In my last year of practice, I’ve been asked many questions regarding my coaching and consulting style, Strategic Intervention, and also the differences between coaching and counselling. So, here I’ve crated a “behind-the-scenes” view of what it might look like to work with me.   What’s My Working Style Like? My favourite working style […]

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Fight or Flight Part III

June 28, 2017

As you read in the last two blog posts, I discussed spending some time in contemplation as it relates to pain. Pain is a part of life, and people experience it psychologically and physically. Today’s blog, I will share one key solution to managing physical pain: good food! In most cases, people adapt to situations […]

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Fight or Flight Part II

June 18, 2017

In my last blog post, I revealed that I fear pain. I asked two questions? What are you most afraid of, and what are you even more afraid of? All fear holds meaning. What is the meaning of your fear? Without identifying the meaning of it, and the perceptions you hold related to that fear, […]

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Fight or Flight?

June 8, 2017

It’s ok to be afraid once in a while, because having fear is a normal part of life. Fear protects us. Fear may even fulfill a need. Having fear that is paralyzing is different story, however! I’m here to help you unravel your story about pain, to help you move towards better understanding and life […]

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What’s Next For You?

May 8, 2017

When you’re at the turn of a major life transition, it’s easy to sit in a place of disbelief, and hold yourself from moving forward. One often asks, “what’s next” for me? Fist off, I’m going to touch upon a prior post, Top 5 Abraham Maslow Quotes, and rant a bit about why I feel […]

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4 Key Steps To Achieve Success

May 1, 2017

 Here are four key steps to achieve success at creating an really amazing life: 1. Define Your Mission – Ask yourself why you want to achieve a certain goal. This way you’ll understand your motivation behind it. By understanding the motivations, you can explore your needs and desires, which keeps you on track with creating a […]

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What Would It Take?

April 13, 2017

Thanks to Christie Marie Sheldon, and her programs Love or Above, and Unlimited Abundance   I’ve had great success with helping shift my own internal blocks when faced with challenges. Thus, the mantra/question of the day is always “what would it take?” in order to create a Mindset Shift. Whenever you’re struggling to find answers, […]

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Become The New You!

February 19, 2017

Are you happy with every aspect of your life? Do you lack in certain areas that you’d really like to see changed, but you’re not sure how to go about it? In order to approach any goal and make changes in your life, you have to approach it with a different mindset, not the same […]

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5 Rewards To Stay Motivated

January 28, 2017

In this post, I talk about 5 Rewards to Stay Motivated While Pursuing a Health Goal. Change is a cycle, that goes from not considering a change, to considering it, and then preparing for it. After one’s prepared themselves accordingly, they move  into taking action and eventually maintaining the changes. As a coach, I’m interested in getting you […]

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Strategic Intervention

December 3, 2016

What is Strategic Intervention (SI) Coaching? What distinguishes this style of coaching from other styles of Life Coaching? Strategic Intervention Coaching is a unique medium filled with practical method for taking action in a strategic way. Clients attend to their human needs, and feel deeper fulfillment and elevation as a result. Many disciplines inform this style […]

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Top 5 Abraham Maslow Quotes

November 19, 2016

Some of you might recall Abraham Maslow from first year University/College “Psych 101”; Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. In this theory of human motivation, he ultimately says that all behaviour is motivated by needs. These needs are: Physiological needs, Safety, Love/Belonging, Esteem, all the way up to Self-Actualization. In my work as a coach, I believe the […]

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Discover Your Blueprint for Happiness

November 8, 2016

If you’re “blueprint” for happiness involves being 30 years of age, in a long-term committed relationship, with children, but you are now 32 years old and single, you’re not going to be very happy. In this case, you either have to change your situation, and get busy finding the love of your life, or change your […]

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