What Would It Take?

April 13, 2017

Thanks to Christie Marie Sheldon, and her programs Love or Above, and Unlimited Abundance   I’ve had great success with helping shift my own internal blocks when faced with challenges. Thus, the mantra/question of the day is always “what would it take?” in order to create a Mindset Shift. Whenever you’re struggling to find answers, […]

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Discover Your Blueprint for Happiness

November 8, 2016

If you’re “blueprint” for happiness involves being 30 years of age, in a long-term committed relationship, with children, but you are now 32 years old and single, you’re not going to be very happy. In this case, you either have to change your situation, and get busy finding the love of your life, or change your […]

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6 Steps to Change

October 25, 2016

When chaos hits, beyond our control, what can you do to be in a better place? Endless daily tasks, business meetings, workplace politics, and complicated family relationships can be a bit daunting. The bottom line is that people lead complicated lives, period. Below are 6 steps to get through a crisis, inspired by the advice […]

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Thoughts are Energy

October 23, 2016

A few nights ago, I was enjoying a good read from Napoleon Hill’s Landmark Bestseller – Think and Grow Rich. On page 233, he states “thoughts are truly things, for the reason that every material thing begins in the form of thought-energy”. In my Reiki Healing Practice, I’ve experienced this thought energy directly, with my […]

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10 Motivational Quotes Guaranteed to Add Zest To Your Day

October 20, 2016

Throughout our daily lives, we are exposed to several different people & energies. Each one of those has the potential to shift our own energy & focus. Just when you least expect it, your day can turn around from being super happy to super sad, or even angry. If you pay attention to how you’re […]

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10 Reasons Why Being a Single-Mom-By-Choice Rocks

October 19, 2016

At the age 37, I made the decision to have a baby, on my own, with a sperm donor.  I’d just ended an 8-year relationship and my life circumstances at the time allowed me the flexibility to pursue family life, without the need for a 2nd income. I could take some time-off  from Money Management, […]

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Top 5 Ways to Live with Passion

October 17, 2016

Finding your passion in life is not an easy feat. Ever feel like time is against you? Or that you’re just ‘buying time’ until some better moment/person/thing/job comes along? Let’s shift that ‘blah’ feeling into bliss!   Eat Nourishing Foods – even on a tight budget, you can buy a delicious apple, and indulge in […]

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Do You Have Needs?

October 7, 2016

Hello lovelies! Some of you might be questioning the buzz words on my website, Strategic Intervention (SI) and 6 Human Needs; namely love, growth, certainty, contribution, significance, variety. I’ll give you a really brief example of how they work together right here. You’ve heard this before, “we all have needs”, yes.  In this instance, we […]

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