Happiness: Reality or Myth?

November 1, 2017

Happiness: Reality or Myth At times, we are usually bogged down by many negative issues happening around us that we almost feel like happiness is a mirage. We stop believing that anything good can happen to us. As a result, many people that I’ve met sometimes resort to asking whether it’s really possible to be […]

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Thoughts are Energy

October 22, 2017

A few nights ago, I was enjoying a good read from Napoleon Hill’s Landmark Bestseller – Think and Grow Rich. On page 233, he states “thoughts are truly things, for the reason that every material thing begins in the form of thought-energy”. In my Reiki Healing Practice, I’ve experienced this thought energy directly, with my […]

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Personal Development Through Mindfulness Coaching

October 18, 2017

Are you a busy person that needs to feel like you’re prioritizing the right things? Perhaps you are happy with your life, and health, but you want to feel better with less effort? A Mindfulness Coach can help you improve and change your life, by helping you learn new brain strategies. Mindfulness coaches, like myself, work hand-in-hand with […]

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How To Reach Your Full Potential. Part 1

October 5, 2017

How to reach your full potential: Part I I’ve had the opportunity to interact with many different people, and from all walks of life. One striking observation that I’ve made is that success does not necessarily result in fulfilment. If you’ve gone through my blog you might have come across two specific posts about The […]

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Wake-Up With Determination

September 18, 2017

Wake-Up With Determination “You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.” George Horace Lorimer. Lorimer’s formula can be broken down so it is understood by everybody, because it was intended for self-management. His wonderful words of encouragement need to be implanted in your head if you […]

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The Physiology & Psychology Of Pain

September 2, 2017

In the Fight Or Flight blog Series, I discuss fear and pain. But I don’t get into the physiology of it. Today’s post is a bit more about “pain” and the horrible, and debilitating sensation of it. Pain and psychology are similar in more ways than you can realize. The most important similarity they share […]

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3 Golden Rules For Attaining Productivity

August 12, 2017

A few months ago I wrote about 4 steps that can help you achieve success. I obtained a lot of positive reviews about it and some people also asked for tips on how to be productive, and how to maintain it in the long run. Every day, we always wake up with the feeling of […]

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Kick That Bad Habit To The Curb!

July 4, 2017

The only fool proof method for breaking a bad habit is by starting a good one. Yup! For example, if you want to quit smoking, then taking part in sporting activities can help you break an unhealthy habit by participating in a healthy one. All bad habits start with a problem, and also being unable to […]

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4 Simple Steps For Re-Creating A New Meaning Of Life

May 14, 2017

4 Simple Steps For Re-Creating A New Meaning of Life Making a choice to change your life has never been an easy step for anyone. There is nothing harder than letting-go of your old habits, even though many of us envision a better life than we’re currently living. The following questions will prompt you to […]

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What Would It Take?

March 20, 2017

Thanks to Christie Marie Sheldon, and her programs Love or Above, and Unlimited Abundance   I’ve had great success with helping shift my own internal blocks when faced with challenges. Thus, the mantra/question of the day is always “what would it take?” in order to create a Mindset Shift. Whenever you’re struggling to find answers, […]

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Emotions You Want To Experience Daily

March 1, 2017

Emotions You Want To Experience Daily Creating a list of emotions you want to experience daily should be a mirror of your life, and it should reflect “you” and how you want others to perceive you. If you are interested in achieving success in your life or improving your emotional response, finding what makes you sad […]

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10 Reasons Why Being a Single-Mom-By-Choice Rocks

January 30, 2017

At the age 37, I made the decision to have a baby, on my own, with a sperm donor.  I’d just ended an 8-year relationship and my life circumstances at the time allowed me the flexibility to pursue family life, without the need for a 2nd income. I could take some time-off  from Money Management, […]

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