Upcoming Retreat: Canada-Wide Dates To Be Announced, Summer 2017. You may also check our VIP Success Days.

Who Is This Retreat For?

“Transforming You” is geared towards Women & Men with a desire to start living a life of freedom – after a lengthy time in transition! This retreat was also created for participants who enjoy doing personal development in a shorter period of time.

This is also a retreat for people who are in need of a little pampering at a local luxury adventure resort. Heck Yeah!?

Due to the high level of uncertainty experienced by those involved in any lengthy proceeding, or life transition, one has to re-learn and re-define their next steps. Often times, with a new identity. Who you are and who you want to become is at the core of this retreat. Let nothing hold you back from creating a really amazing life because you deserve it!


Your Weekend “Transforming You” package includes:

  • Pre-retreat discovery session
  • 2 nights accommodation at the Resort
  • Breakfast, snacks and lunch both days
  • Free parking, wireless internet
  • Access to the resort’s facilities
  • Preferred rates available if you wish to extend your stay
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What’s All The Rage About?

Opportunities present themselves everyday. This multi-layered 2-day luxury retreat is one of them. If you take that step and invest in yourself, by focusing on putting an end to your suffering, you will get on the train and head towards an amazing life. This is a retreat about transformation.

I begin our Journey together with an evening of energy healing. Next, a “Higher Purpose” guided meditation. This sets the tone for you, and clears what might be standing in the way of your sweet soulful intentions.

This is a weekend of small-group and individual communication exercises and analysis. Through facilitated teachings, frequent mini-meditations, and restorative yoga, you develop a deeper understanding of your own Life Story. In addition, you uncover the truth behind your limiting values and beliefs. Believe it or not,  these values may not be geared towards our own best interest – our highest good.

In this weekend retreat you will craft your own Medicine Wheel, and learn how to take charge of your mindset. As a result, you can allow the shift to occur – out of the uncertainty and pain that you once faced. Most of all, you learn to target your needs and motivations for love, connections, intimacy, contribution and significance in healthy ways – based on what you truly desire, today!

Each participant will receive the tools they need to uncover, and work through, self-imposed limitations. As a result, you will emerge with the ability to move forward in life with greater purpose and joy.

Because of my unique Strategic Intervention coaching strategies, I teach many different ways to build on your strengths. While you’ve undoubtedly been faced with some significant challenges in your life, this retreat helps you redefine those challenges and perhaps even let some go.

In so many ways, the core of this weekend together is about shifting your story – and mindset – to one of intense resiliency. It’s a total transformation!

You know you want to be happy, and you know this because you deserve it! You also know you are powerful, because you’re here. 🙂

If This Sounds Great So Far, Then Read On…

The “Transforming You” weekend retreat is broken down into 2 Overall Themes: Clarity, and Vision.

With this combo, I get you to the next well-intentioned and successful place in your life because once you have clarity, you can start to visualize what you want to achieve.

Anything Is Possible!

You will leave this 2-day retreat with a Powerful understanding of yourself because you will…

  • create a plan to work on your “life”, one that’s based on balance and progress.
  • unlock your true potential.
  • address those ‘hidden’ issues that have prevented you from further success, or even sabotaged your success.
  • learn to live closer to your target emotions & states.
  • learn to listen to your intuition, that ‘inner voice’.
  • harness the power of your mind and thoughts by probing into the subconscious mind, through meditation teachings.
  • create anchors within your environment that ensure personal success – ‘cues’.
  • let go of resistance. Ah that feels good!
  • learn Reverse Engineering strategies to breakdown any goal.
  • tap into your power.
  • learn to identify your shadow selves.

Transforming You, 2-day retreat will be held on several dates in 2017. Limited seats available. We work with a maximum group of 10 participants. If you want to find out more, please contact us today!


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