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What’s important to know about my own personal losses is that I believed, at the time of the accident, that I had everything going for me. Life was great. I was due back in Chiropractic College in the Fall. My dream was alive, to one day own a thriving Health & Wellness/Chiropractic Practice that would empower people to be at their healthiest.

I loved my clinical position as a Labor & Delivery Nurse, bringing new life into the world. My level of fitness was exceptional, having a regular balance of Hot Yoga and running. I was in a new relationship and was in love. When the accident happened, on that May Long-Weekend, so many questions surfaced!!!

“Why did this happen to me?”

What energy did I put into the world to conjure so much pain?”

On the way back to Toronto, from visiting family, my SUV was sideswiped by an older man’s van who failed to look in his blindspot before changing lanes on Highway 401. At incredibly high speeds, my SUV flipped five times and smashed into a tractor trailer in oncoming traffic.


With multiple orthopaedic injuries, my whole body was either broken or torn, and I lived in excruciating pain for months and even years. And while my entire being was in more pain than I could have ever imagined, my spirit was even more broken. I knew I wouldn’t be returning to my former life, and graduate school or work were a long way away. I was angry, in so much pain, and wholly lost. But I had to figure my way out of this mess I was facing.

And the darkest point was when I began to truly heal myself. It was then I learned the path of discovery, and taking control of my mind. I connected with myself on a new level. Transcendental Meditation was one way I did this.  I had some power over my mind. Overcoming my accident empowered me and inspired me to start coaching others through the process of redesigning their own spirit.

One of the biggest obstacles I faced was to understand who I was and what my body could handle. The accident scarred me mentally and physically. Would I be able to go on adventures? Could I finally be a mother? Was it possible to still find peace in nature? And on a deeper emotional level, Will my partner still love me? Luckily, the answer to all these questions was “YES”!!. Some took years.

I progressed from acute hospital wards to a rehabilitation hospital before finally returning home. I was displaced from my home, and required to move to an apartment with an elevator because stairs were impossible at that time. When everything weighed heavy on my spirit, I turned to my meditation to center me. To truly change my life, I had to shift my perspective.  Significant levels of uncertainty caused me to experience intense anger towards my personal and physical vulnerabilities. To my partner, there were times I was an outright “bitch”. I simply couldn’t love myself enough to put love forward. My physical and emotional pain was too deep to even grasp within myself.

Since the accident, I have travelled, meditated to find peace and embraced the energy in nature. My relationship ended, after 8 years, because the accident and related litigations were too difficult on us. Since then, I had to work at allowing love into my life. I was afraid of love; of being hurt, or disappointed. Today I am happy to say that I have found love again. Perhaps it’s that love found me?

I had my daughter, Soleil, five years ago, through donor insemination, because I was single at the time. She has taught me self-awareness, presence, patience, determination and a love so fierce I didn’t think it possible. The key to my success was taking control of my mindset and looking at life from a new angle. I designed my coaching programs to help others who struggle with overcoming their own version of “personal injury” to take BACK control of their mindset.

Today, I take what I learned from this tragic experience,  along with my twenty years of clinical experience, to guide my coaching and help others heal. I teach people to recognize all forms of “personal injury” as gifts and lessons.

I was empowered by my coach-trainer, Tony Robbins, and world-renowned Strategic Family Therapist, Cloe Madanes. Through Strategic Intervention training, and much meditation,  I know how to use my energy to help others heal and live a full life. I apply my practice of Transcendental Meditation and Reiki to lead my clients on an Enlightened path. I am a Reiki Master Practitioner, having travelled to the spiritual center of Machu Picchu in Peru to train under Ulla Suokko, PhD.

I work with you to get better direction and confidence at embracing your spirit. Let me be a guide on your journey, to truly realize your significance in life; a fulfilling life.

Through my injuries, and my Gifts, I learned to slow down, and pay attention. Today, I know how to take a pause when things don’t feel right. I also received the gift of personal and divine trust.


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