Question: Do You Know The Definition of Insanity?

Answer : Doing The Same Thing And Expecting Different Results.

Life is all about personal discovery, and growth, otherwise we would remain in the same place.

  • Do you feel like your life is insignificant?


Here’s What We Offer 

Strategic Intervention and Health Consulting Programs that give people the opportunity to connect with the “art” of who they are. They re-write their stories, the “Canvas of their lives”. Satori’s clients make a smooth transition from a life of chaos to a life of Purpose.  Together, we initiate change, bring clients to life, and preserve what’s amazing and unique about YOU!

Whom do we serve?

Anyone who has experienced a “Personal Injury”, and has unfinished business to attend to. Satori’s programs are for those searching for a greater sense of Purpose and Significance in their life. One may have been involved in a lengthy legal dispute, suffered a major personal loss, or someone who has dealt with a lengthy trauma or illness.

What To Expect From Coaching

  • You begin to transform your “life”, and develop a lighter presence.
  • You heal your past, and come to light again.
  • You learn to manage life’s uncertainties with ease, and shine in your brilliance.
  • I teach you Mindfulness Techniques, and you learn to become “present” and be in the “now”.


With my Strategic Intervention and Health consulting, you will become the person you want to be, the one that demands the best for yourself.  Together, we unlock the greatness within you; the inner peace and stillness to move forward and work on your “life”, and be reminded of your successes.

In my work, I use a unique biological process to change, that allows you to tap into the subconscious mind. You learn to “unlearn” those nasty habits and deeply engrained beliefs, which have likely prevented you from experiencing deeper joy and passion. You will become a co-creator by working with me.

My clients learn to believe in the possibilities within themselves.

Stop doing the same thing and expecting different results. You owe it to yourself!

Remember every journey starts with the first step!

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6-Week "The Art of You"

The “Art of You” is a 6-week program introducing you to the world of stepping out of your story, and recreating a new one. Discover a lighter, freer spirit that’s been inside you all along.

3-month "Your Life Canvas"

“Your Life Canvas” is the perfect program for those wanting to dive deep into your pain and fears to let go of “baggage” and find your authentic self. Create your own “life exhibit”!

6-month "The Gift"

“The Gift”, is Satori’s Exclusive Program! With a variety of extra bonuses, our clients go much further and deeper as you explore the exhibit of your life.

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