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Despite the dangers of COVID-19, we are actively enrolling dynamic health care institutions into The ProMind™ Experience.

See you all inside The Mindful Clinician Community & be ready to begin your beautiful journey in May!

Our services provide the solutions to maximize your competitive edge by creating healthier and more mindful employees, reducing illness & preventing burnout entirely. Download our Corporate Profile Now.  

Satori Radio is a podcast about the connection between the mind & the body, and clearing the path to leading a healthy and soulful life. Short episodes, but long enough to deliver value.

Let me help you merge the body & the mind so you can live a life of balance & freedom. But you don’t have to go at it alone. Let one of these FREE workbooks get you to a better place.

This 8-Session 1-1 Coaching Program helps you kick-start your growth, and lead a more balanced and authentic life.

The Pro-Mind™

An innovative and groundbreaking program for health practitioners to redefine their lives and pursue their passions. We take a systematic 360 degree approach, geared to getting you the systems & community you need for long-term transformative change.

Currently enrolling through hospitals contracts only. Contact Your HR Rep to join The Mindful Clinician Movement now!

Learn to turn your stress into your biggest asset in 4 lessons with an easy-to-use mantra. Taught inside our Thinkific virtual membership platform to help you manage your time more effectively.

In our 10 reiki healing sessions package,  learn to listen to your body and uncover emotional patterns that have become physical. 

About Lynn & Satori

Lynn Chénier, RN, MA helps health care practitioners slow down, get more balanced, happy and free. 

Lynn is a big-hearted, energetic and compassionate healer, health & mindset coach. She’s also a nurse on a big mission to change lives through evidence-based health strategies like mindfulness, meditation, nutrition and mind-set management.

Her personal expertise is in helping people with mindset and motivation as it relates to managing their diet and lifestyle. She’s been there and can offer help to those who are struggling with maintaining their mindset or building powerful daily habits. 

Founder of The School Of Health, Mindfulness & Spirituality, The Pro-Mind Experience and The Satori Radio podcast, she developed & delivers online interventions to help health practitioners, and the corporate environment, manage their stress and burnout.


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