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Hey! Let’s Talk About How The ProMind Experience & How We Can Build Resilient and Healthy Hospitals.

Are you against the idea of building health care teams that are healthy and balanced?? If you answered "heck no" then you're in the right place.

we believe that Mastering Your Team's Mindset and Health should come more easily. self-care should be fun and engaging, and most of all rewarding.

Through Satori’s experiential program, The ProMind Experience™, and our Virtual Meditation program, we empower Health Practitioners with the systems & strategies to become Mindful Clinicians. They learn to manage their whole health and embark on a powerful journey of personal discovery. The results are increased motivation, boosted performance, more happiness and improved engagement.

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We deliver the perfect mix between strategy, system & love!!!! 

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Hi I'm Lynn. Your Motivator & Partner In Workplace Health

My job is to work alongside you to create mind-blowing teams with powerful daily habits. I live, breathe and do all things coaching, personal development and meditation. While life is stressful in hospitals today, the bedrock of any successful person is an awareness of their mindset and being able to shift their thoughts to more positive thinking.

Do you really want your most prized and trained health care staff to burnout and quit, just because they couldn't manage their thought-patterns?? NO!

Connect with me and see how I can help you prevent that.

We STRIVE to create change through powerful experiences and community. We are just as PASSIONATE about your change and breakthroughs as you are.


The ProMind Experience

We can help your team of health practitioners get off the stressed-out treadmill, in 7 weeks or less, to live healthier and more balanced lives. 

Our goal in the gamified 6-Module Digital Program, The ProMind Experience, is to empower your frontline to become Mindful Clinicians, learning to take time-out each day. This requires building new neural pathways to master a happy and balanced life. Hospitals enrolled in the ProMind Experience™, will help build more resilience in their front line, while receiving real-time support, coaching, community + ongoing personal growth and development…all while experiencing some down-to-earth healing and self-love. 

See How Satori Can Help You Create Healthy Employees and Teams, And Improve Hospital Morale. Book A Demo!

The Mantra Studio

Ready to build a powerful daily habit? Mantra-style meditation is a great place to start, helping you connect the mind with the body. 

Last group session until the fall will begins May 11th @ 11am PST. Reserve your space now!


Satori Radio Podcast

Satori Radio is a podcast for health practitioners to connect the mind & the body. It’s the place to be to lead a healthy and soulful life! We uncover the truths and challenges that people face throughout life, and talk systems and strategies to do more than survive, but thrive!

Ready to binge?

Episode 53 - 4 Easy Steps To Build A Meditation Practice

Are you thinking about building a meditation practice? Good for you! You're only four quick steps away from living a healthier lifestyle. In this post on the 4 Ways To Build A Meditation Practice, I'm going to guide you to developing the tools you need for creating this powerful daily practice.

Ep 51: Create A Life Plan In 5 Easy Steps

In today's episode we're going to create a life plan in 5 easy steps. Here's the thing, building an authentic life takes work.  Creating a life plan takes even more work. I hear ya if you don't see value here. Why Create A Life Plan ?

Ep 50 - Allow Your Heart To Lead

Essentially, to allow your heart to lead means you're letting your ego drop - and being less judgemental with yourself and with others. When you lead from the heart, you're more open to your true purpose. Try embrace those thoughts with your heart's energy and with a sense of forgiveness; a forgiveness for the challenges that might be arising.

Episode 42 - 5 Tips To Get The Most From Your Day Off

Work-life balance is never easy to manage, no matter what you do for a living, because our bodies are consistently used to managing stress. This couldn't be more true for a highly specialized health practitioner who might feel guilty for taking a day off.

034 - 4 Ways To Become A Mindful Clinician

Well, I think it's a term I've coined myself actually. It's a clinician who is Mindful and embodies mindfulness to manage their stress levels to achieve greater work-life balance. You see, mindfulness for stress-reduction isn't only about reducing pain, anxiety and depression. It's about awareness of how one's feeling, and what your doing.

015 - How To Create Your Meditation Space

In Episode 15, I pick-up from the last episode regarding My Top 5 Myths Of Meditation. Sure, the creation of such a space can be helpful, depending upon your meditation goal, but it's not necessary. Have a listen and I assure you that you'll think differently about how you manage to fit in meditation to your busy schedule.



If you’re ready to take your team from stress to success, hit the button and schedule yourself in. 

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