Help Your Nurses Unlock The Secret To Optimal Health of The Mind & Body

Providing nurses the process & mindset to support personal development and mind-body wellness, so they don't burnout AND continue to do the work they love!

You Want Inspired, motivated and Health-Conscious nursing Staff That Will Stick With you...

Investing in employee wellness is more than just offering a long list of “strategies”, it’s about proactively improving the health habits of health professionals. Motivate and move beyond the old paradigm of employee wellness/EAP, and bring some innovation to person development for total mind, body and soul balance.

PREVENTION & PERSONAL DEVELopment ARE the game-changerS

Our journey together has just begun...

And we can’t wait to show you where it’s headed. Before we get going, understand that your nurses face tremendous emotional burden in their daily work. They often don’t have a system in place for managing their stress. You hired a Wellness Coordinator and even provide an abundance of EAP “programs”. 

The truth is, nurses aren’t using what you offer because you’re not giving them a system – you’re giving them strategies. 

Strategy upon strategy is like throwing a bunch of spaghetti at the wall and watching it fall. It gets messy.

Creating healthy habits (aka…behaviour change) is a science, and it involves having both, the right system & mindset!  That’s where we come in… 


When you partner with Satori, we engage your frontline in a progressive journey together, over 7-weeks, to consistently build-in a system to balance the body, mind and spirit in a preventative and strategic way.

Why Satori?

Satori was founded by Lynn Chénier, a pioneer in nursing retention and the field of personal development. We elevate the Profession of Nursing and motivate employees towards taking action to accelerate personal growth…so nurses can take the steps to reduce stress, create better relationships, and improve their overall sense of wellness.  

We’re The Game-Changers in Healthcare: We are driving The Profession of Nursing into a new era of hope, pride and power. 

Our Mission: To empower nurses to not only lead healthy and balanced lives, but we keep them connected to doing what they love; being a nurse….even when they work long and arduous shifts. 

Guidance From A Highly Specialized Team: Our team of coaches are experts in behaviour change – what works and what doesn’t. They engage staff to make it easy, and fun, to shift habits and grow on a personal & spiritual level. 

Satori Is Innovative: Our top-notch interactive digital coaching program breaks-away from today’s common tools and bring-in fresh ideas of creating a powerful personal wellness regimen to achieve body, mind and soul balance.

Global Mindful Clinician Community: Our global Mindful Clinician Community is a strategic and engaged space where nurses feel supported and valued to make positive changes in their lives, and lead their clinical practice in mindful ways.

A New Approach To Health & Wellness: Satori has turned nursing retention into a worth-while corporate strategy, that merges process with mindset, offering health executives a more integrated approach to an ROI on health benefits. 

Solutions To Skyrocket
Nurse Wellbeing & Retention

The ProMind Experience™

Want actual shifts in your nursing retention that bring you an influx of quality growth-oriented nurses? We got ya! Our innovative step-by-step program enables nurses to truly experience multi-dimensional growth, along with some down-to-earth healing. 

The Mantra Studio

 At Satori, we want to GO BIG! We envision all hospital employees starting their day with powerful daily habits. Learn the art of meditating with a mantra, given to you by your teacher, to transcend your stress, be healthy and achieve better focus.

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