optimize Wellbeing & Healthcare retention

Helping hospitals create world-class healing teams and reduce employee turnover through Satori’s propriety mindset coaching program.

Empowering health practitioners with the systems and strategies to improve their physical-emotional health, and  experience an aligned and fulfilled life.

Mindfulness is the path to creating more self-awareness that improves Practitioner's attitudes and creates more cohesion within your organization. better cohesion improves employee retention and performance.

Lynn a chénier, RN, MA

success through Satori's integrated APPROACH TO Personal DEVELopment

Take an empowering approach to drive hospital ROI, & support the needs of health workers

We empower health care providers, and their employers, to be aligned in health through stress management and meditation groups, 1-1 leadership programs, and our 6-module workplace personal development program, The ProMind Experience.  

Short-lessons, videos, worksheets, groups, study halls, and podcast episodes are some of the tools we use to help health professionals, and their leaders, take control over their physical, emotional and spiritual health. We aim to help them manifest a more wholesome and fulfilling life so they deliver high quality patient ca


Why Satori


Driving healthcare into a new era of hope, pride and power. 


Mission-driven to empower staff to go “beyond” health. 


Team of professionally-diverse backgrounds, and protocols.


Interactive digital coaching program is a powerful personal development regimen to achieve balance.


A strategic and engaged Mindful Clinician space where staff feel supported, valued and safe.


We go beyond the standard wellness programs, and support staff in personal development too.