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We're more than coaches. Or consultants. We're an unconventional healthcare agency that specializes in elevating the Profession Of Nursing, We advance effective workplace health globally through health, wellness, community and mindset training.

We Bring Inspiration, Passion, Health and balance to every health practitioner in the world.

Try to think a little differently in the way you go about investing in nurse’s personal wellness. It’s all about mindset. The idea is to move beyond the old paradigm and bring some imagination, passion and innovation to whole person wellness. That’s what we do.

We get it....

You need to keep your nursing pipeline full.

Research shows that healthy employees have better quality of life and are more likely to deliver better clinical care. But the truth is, nurses aren’t at their best. They haven’t been for decades – no matter how amazing your benefits are. Many have left their jobs in the last few years due to pressures of COVID-19. Vaccine policies have forced qualified nurses out, and nursing students aren’t getting the nursing placements they need.

Engage your frontline in health and performance-boosting activities that not only builds resilience, but helps them shift and grow to become more centred regardless of workplace pressures.

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Satori elevates the Profession of Nursing to provide exceptional patient care, one Mindful Clinician™ at a time.

Our Mission is to empower nurses to lead healthy and balanced lives, even when they work long and arduous shifts. We want to turn nursing retention into a worth-while corporate strategy, where nurses feel supported and valued.

Satori wants to break away from today’s tools – and bring in some new ideas of health/wellness and personal development. Taking a community-led approach makes it easy to empower nurses to shift and grow and improve hospital culture.

Solutions To Skyrocket
Nurse Wellbeing & Retention

The ProMind Experience™

Hospitals enrolled receive real-time support, coaching and ongoing personal growth and development. Being a community-led program enables nurses to experience a multi-dimensional support and some down-to-earth healing and self-love.

The Mantra Studio

It’s time to GO BIG and put yourself first, each day. Learn the art of meditating with a mantra, given to you by your teacher, to transcend your stress, be healthy and achieve better focus.

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