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Now more than ever, nurse wellness is a priority. Mindsets are an important part of managing our personal health. Satori is a forward-thinking healthcare company that supports nursing retention through our innovative personal development products and tools. We strive to make a difference in healthcare by driving employees' adoption of optimal healthy behaviour change in a step-by-step way. Together, we activate key cultural elements that engage staff to perform at peak levels, ensuring long-term success in the work they do.


At Satori, we take an multi-pronged approach to drive ROI & support the needs of nurses...

We support your people at cultivating healthy habits, while unlocking the secrets to self-mastery, through meditation groups, mindfulness coaching, and our 6-module virtual self-paced personal development program.  Short-lessons, videos, worksheets, groups, study halls, and podcast episodes help nurses and their leaders to take control over their physical, emotional and spiritual health.

By providing both, a system and the mindset training, we support enterprise objectives of nursing retention and accelerate teams through the process of change.


Most coaching programs are only available for nursing leaders. This can be profitable, but our philosophy is that nurses need coaching too. They also need it in small doses. Our collection of resources and "gamified" platform engages your frontline in a progressive journey together, to consistently build-in a system to improve long-term success and improve your hospital wellness programs.

Why Satori?


Driving Nursing into a new era of hope, pride and power. 


Mission-driven to empower nurses to go “beyond” health. 


Team of professionally-diverse backgrounds, and protocols.


Interactive digital coaching program is a powerful personal development regimen to achieve balance.


A strategic and engaged Mindful Clinician space where nurses feel supported and valued.


We go beyond the standard wellness programs, and support nurses in personal development too.

Access Everything You Need To Skyrocket
Nurse Retention & Support Their Wellbeing


The ProMind Experience™

The ProMind Experience helps health practitioners build healthy habits, and create shifts required for wellbeing and personal development. Our proven step-by-step process enables nurses to experience multi-dimensional growth – all in a fun way. 

Nurses also get some down-to-earth healing, that will help you maintain a high-quality nursing pipeline.  

a Proven Meditation Style to Boost brain power

The Mantra Studio

 The ultimate way to support hospital employees with a simple step-by-step meditation style that supports brain function and reduces overwhelm. Learn the art and science of meditation, to transcend your stress, be healthy and achieve better focus.

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