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Advancing nurse retention and employee management through mindset training and personal development.

Want to reduce burnout and retain your top nurses? Be the hospital that thrives!

Nurse staffing is part of the human capital resources of the hospital. Their contribution is vital to efficiency and hospital operations. Investing in your talent’s personal growth, wellness AND mindset prevents turnover and improves patient outcomes.

Nurse Retention At Its Best

The gamified 6-module, mission-focused, program gets health professionals off the stressed-out treadmill, in 7 weeks or less, to live healthy and balanced lives and move forward to become Mindful Clinicians. This is an EXPERIENCE that pushes the dopamine button and supports hospitals at creating a mental health and wellness. As a retention strategy, this builds and sustains healthy hospitals of the future.  

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A Top Healthcare Consulting Agency Retaining Nurses Through Mindfulness, Health & Wellness

We don’t simply preach powerful daily habits. We make it our mission to equip nurses and healthcare leaders with top mindset strategies to create more balance and freedom in their lives. Our virtual programs create happier and healthier nurses with powerful daily habits. When you invest in sound health of employees, by improving awareness and thought-patterns, you support the whole person.  

A Registered Nurse since 1999

Retired nurse, Strategic coach, visionary, and director of Satori since 2016, Lynn provides your frontline staff with unparalleled insight into the challenges of keeping a healthy mindset, especially with erratic shifts. With expertise in behaviour change she focuses on strategic and tactical coaching of front line staff that ensures staff are aligned with personal wellness.

The future of Health Care and Nurse Retention

The fact is, registered nurses are the glue to the healthcare system running smoothly. The turnover of an RN is costly. According to the 2019 National Healthcare Retention & RN Staffing Report, it costs between $40,300 and $64,000 to replace one clinical nurse, with the average hospital losing $4.4 million to $6.9 million each year. Retain them by offering something different 🙂 


Healthy Mindset as a Training Solution

It’s well-known that if you change your thoughts, you can change your life. Through the creation of a healthy corporate environment, this core value will resonate in your organization. This keeps everyone working towards your organization’s mandate: health and research. Don’t make wellness and retention complicated. Let us do the hard work!


Work-Life Balance Leads to Better Performance

Health care institutions are some of the greatest forces for enhancing personal health in the world. But… how your staff performs depends heavily on their cognitive function and mindset. Performance is crucial to keeping the entire health system running smoothly.


A Creative and Innovative Agency

Since 2016, Satori's been a valuable source of inspiration for those who needed coaching & a mindset shift. As a retired nurse, Lynn offers value and insight to the frontline due to her extensive relationship with the health care industry over the years. Her innovative program, The ProMind Experience™, give her fellow peers a step-by-step system to manage their mindset and motivation in a self-paced, user-friendly way.

Training And Retention Solutions

Decrease nursing staff turnover and stabilize turnover easily with a multimodal experience to increase staff performance; one that's grounded in supporting people's growth/development. Through the ProMind Experience™, our "flash content", 12-15 minute lessons, supports your busy nursing staff to become motivated and healthier in a short period.


Access to an experienced team

There is one simple way to ensure success at creating more balanced health practitioners, and that's by giving them a team approach. Satori's team of collective experience spans clinical roles in specialty, strategy, and support. Through our group forums, our supports effectively offer your internal team chance to evaluate, refine and optimize internal approaches. We help you take a step-back!

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