Mindfulness Coaching and Strategy for Leading Health Institutions

Hey! Let’s take the first step together towards creating resilient and healthy hospitals. We are here to protect the health of your most valued resource – your frontline staff. 

Investing in your talent's personal growth recognizes their inner-value and gifts, enabling them to support your Hospital's mission and vision.

Building Health Care Teams That Are Healthy And Balanced Supports The Health Care Industry's Goals.

Through Satori’s experiential program, The ProMind Experience™, and our Virtual Meditation program, we empower Health Practitioners with the systems & strategies to become Mindful Clinicians. Our program’s results are increased motivation, decreased absenteeism and sick leaves, boosted brain performance, more happiness and improved engagement.

What we do for hospitals & their staff


We deliver the perfect mix between strategy, system & love!!!! 

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Hi I'm Lynn. Your Partner In Workplace Health

As a retired public health nurse, and a coach-trained strategic interventionist, your staff will be supported in taking actionable steps towards improving their health habits. Today, I make it my mission to empower hospitals to create mind-blowing teams with powerful daily habits. The bedrock of any successful person is an awareness of their mindset and being able to shift their thoughts to more positive thinking.

Connect with me and see how I can help you create and retain great employees!

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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Let’s dream up your next steps to getting your staff to a better place. 


learn All about your Presenting issues

First things first, schedule yourself into my calendar so I can get to know what’s happening. What workplace services do you already have in place and what are your goals? Click the button and pick any time that suits you.


Pair you up with the Perfect program

From workplace health consulting and re-design to the our digital programs, we can help align you with your goals that suits any budget. The bottom-line is to retain your staff and have them productive, health and happy.  


Bring your Goals to Life

Building healthy habits in any job or industry takes more than a little dedication, it takes a supportive environment.  Let us help you create that supportive environment and keep everyone working towards your organization’s mandate – health and research. 

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