Lynn’s Story

Let’s get to know each other

I’m Lynn Chenier

How I went from trauma and a “near death experience” to helping health professionals slow down & build a life they love.

Before there was Satori Health & Wellness Coaching Ltd and the Satori Radio Podcast.  Before the powerful online program, The ProMind Experience & our new focus on building a cutting-edge Workplace Health Consulting Firm…there was a woman in great “pain” trying to get her life back on track. 

There I was, over a decade ago, lying in a hospital Neuro-Critical Care Unit. It was the moment when I knew my tragedy had meaning

I’d been on a mission for the last 6 months to secure funding for my next term of Chiropractic College. At $9,500 tuition per term, I had no alternative than to turn to a bank. I was chasing money. I earned too much as a nurse to qualify for provincial loans, and had too much outstanding student loan from my undergrad to qualify for a line of credit. 

By this point, I’d used up my reserves that were saved for the sole purpose of purchasing an income property. I’d like to think I was chasing a solution that came in the form of money, but I can’t be that naive. I was chasing something else.

There was nothing obstructing my view, and then I woke-up. 12 days later. 

At incredibly high speeds, my SUV flipped five times and smashed into a tractor trailer in oncoming highway traffic. Following numerous surgeries, countless units of donated blood, and a Rebirth at the hands of gifted medical professionals, I had to face the reality of my experience beyond just the physical realm.

I woke-up! My first thought out that coma: “something big is brewing, and I’m not going back to my old life”.  

I had not been paying attention – the kind of “paying attention” that’s subtle, yet should force us to stop and think a bit about the course of our life.  

Eager to figure my way out of this mess. 

Desperate to heal myself. 

Scared to death of staying an injured helpless victim for the rest of my life, I took control of my mind and continued to connect with myself in new ways until I eventually settled a lengthy lawsuit. 

Allman Brothers Shows @ The Beacon Theatre in New York City, My Love For All Things The Grateful Dead, & Thousands of Tears and Mantras…

I live to tell my journey over how I gained power over my body and my mind to live a well-intentioned & mindful life. 

Overcoming my accident empowered me and inspired me to start coaching others through the process of redesigning their own mind & spirit.

One of the biggest obstacles I faced was to understand who I was and what my body could handle. I was faced with so many questions that I searched years to find the answers to – questions you might have faced yourself.

Why did this happen to me? What energy did I put out in the world to deserve such pain? Would I be able to go on adventures? Could I finally be a mother? Was it possible to still find peace in nature? And on a deeper emotional level, Will my partner still love me? Luckily, the answer to all these questions was “YES”!!. Of course, some took years.

When I finally did get the answers, I was plagued with old bad habits of wanting to “go-go-go”… only my body refused to co-operate under those conditions. Can you relate?

It not only took years to search for the meaning of my answers, but it took years to adjust to the wisdom of my journey. And years to shift my own blueprint for happiness.

…I learned how to shift my reality, transcend my healing and stay present moment-to-moment.

So I took a stand for something: to help you learn the steps to shift your reality, and transcend your own healing.

I discovered that my tragedy was not at odds with helping others through their own mishaps

My mission is to share my insights and deepened spirituality with health professionals & their respective workplaces throughout the world. Because the reality is…others are going just as fast as I was, if not faster – and they’re heading towards the deep-end. 

I also learned:

  • How to pay attention to what’s not working, to change my course of action.
  • How to slow down, and sometime pause, but not lose momentum.
  • How to find significance again, and be in the moment.
  • How to shift my mindset, and tune-out my fear and uncertainty and trust in something greater than we know.
  • That being happy and healthy requires making a choice, mixed with taking the right actions.
  • And most important of all…how to listen to my soul at all times.

I took a stand to never let myself go too fast again!

And best of all…

I’ve had the honour of helping other health professionals like you slow down, shift their mindset and values to build amazing lives. 


Helping you take different action, in a step-by-step way.  Fast forward over a decade and I have a beautiful life on Vancouver Island, with a witty 7-year old. Becoming a parent, with a fertility donor, has taught me so much about love, gratitude, respect, patience, and human potential. 

Let me guide you + help clear the path to managing your stress the healthy way, and not wait to face a catastrophe in the way I did.