Creating Healthy Hospital Employees Through Personal Development

 Satori Is a Digitally-Based Workplace Health Consulting Company Based On Vancouver Island, Canada – Where Our Values of Nature and Health Are Central To Everything We Do. 

Our Focus

Satori focuses on supporting hospitals, and their leaders, by building health and resiliency in their frontline staff. We do this through our innovative digital personal development programs, The ProMind Experience, and our group/digital Mantra-Style Meditation course. Helping staff manage their mindset is critical to managing stress and staying focused during arduous shifts.

Satori also provides strategic consulting for workplace projects – from workplace redesign to addressing complex decisions around implementation of the right supportive health measures in the workplace environment. We strive to create healthy employees, and mindful clinicians, that provide quality patient-care.

Let's Talk About You!

They say that behind every great health care institution is research, high quality patient care, and communications. That’s why our mission is to empower and inspire those who are at the heart of it all – your health practitioners… and the teams that serve them.

It’s common for health care practitioners with incredible gifts to strive for more, professionally. They want to be the best…until one day, they burnout and stop performing at safe and optimal levels – putting hospitals at risk to manage quality care.

You can boost staff morale or even get them excited about their life…by simply changing what you offer them and how you offer it.  The secret is the ProMind Experience – a gamified program that provides a buffer against stress by shifting their thought patterns, building resilience.

What We Believe

We believe that health care institutions are some of the greatest forces for enhancing personal health in the world. But… how your staff performs depends heavily on their cognitive function and mindset. Performance is crucial to keeping the entire system running smoothly.  This can best be accomplished by elevating their staff’s human potential by merging personal development with professional development. 

Coaching your team with a peak-performance approach, mixed-in with powerful community engagement, strategy, storytelling, mind-body coherence, and technology, creates powerful results. If your staff can shift how they think, they can shift towards wellbeing, organic living, and breakthroughs.

Rather than waiting until your staff needs to access their benefits, or worst, take a leave, we believe we have the ideal solution for supporting health care practitioners in managing their mindset, and accessing their own internal reward system. By tapping-into this, we help them create new neural pathways to live a better life – with more balance and joy…beyond the day-to-day grind of “getting through their shift”.

Lynn Chenier | Director Satori Health & Wellness Coaching Ltd

Meet The Founder – Lynn Chénier, RN, MA

Since 2016, Satori’s been a valuable source of inspiration for those who needed coaching & a mindset shift. As a retired nurse, Lynn knew hospitals needed a program like The ProMind Experience, to give her fellow peers a step-by-step system to manage their mindset and motivation in a self-paced, user-friendly way. 

In the invigorating world of personal development, Lynn has set herself apart. She’s demonstrated a stellar ability to marry vision with implementation, helping managers empower their staff to become more mindful – improving overall performance. Lynn helps people manage internal-motivation – to hit the dopamine button. She’s an ordinary nurse with an extraordinary program, fit for all health professionals who want to learn to manage the power of their mind, and be more present for themselves.  Let Lynn supercharge YOUR hospital health and wellness programs now!

The Research

Burnout is a long standing issue for health practitioners.

Burnout interventions have the potential to increase retention and improve performance problems.

Healthcare workers have higher rates of substance abuse and suicide than other professions and elevated rates of depression and anxiety linked to job stress.

Managing one’s thought-patterns and mood can enhance personal relationships, and help overcome adversity.

A Team-Approach

Satori’s headquarters are multi-disciplinary. From meditation instruction, mindfulness and mindset coaching, to nutrition and fitness professionals. We also consult with a Clinical Neuropsychologist, with specialty in PTSD and an MD with Addictions Specialty who will facilitate the referral process in health care workers, should situations arise within the community.

With a dedicated team that takes control of delivering an integrated, coordinated program, we can effectively and efficiently support the frontline, and their executive team accordingly. 

Our teams fills the gap to what you are unable to provide, delivering the best value for people’s time and human resources. We’ve got you covered!!


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Mindful Clinicians

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