About satori

A story about nursing & the future of retention.

Satori’s a B2B healthcare consulting agency based out of Vancouver Island, Canada, helping healthcare employers to support their nurses to “go beyond” living a healthy life. We help them tap-into their mysterious X-factor! 

In order to understand how we do that, we need to step back in time

It all begins with...

Florence Nightingale, who claimed to have had “calls from God” that drove her toward alleviating people’s pain through nursing.  As urbanization spread, nursing shifted to a rigorous academic pursuit. 

It was this academic pursuit that ignited my own burning desire to follow my “calls from God”. I became a nurse, in 1999.  Over a span of 5 years, the “calls from God” were sending me out the door…

In 2004

Traveling at high speeds on the highway, on a quick road trip, I stared death in the face. I "woke-up" and faced my worst nightmare. Over the next decade I delved into the psychology of the mind. I was unknowingly being set-up for a new "calling"...

In 2016

Satori was founded as a 1-1 coaching business. As people paid for coaching programs, I noticed a trend; appointments got moved constantly, especially my nursing clients.

In 2019

A digital coaching program was born, called Pro-Mind, to help health practitioners take charge of their personal development journey before burnout sets-in. We went beyond just improving health, and motivated them to lead healthy and soulful lives.

It's all about mindset

In January 2020,  something magical happened: The ProMind Experience™ was born as something beyond its original coaching program. Even unlike anything that exists in the healthcare workspace! Every detail became more interactive, ensuring engagement. 

The ProMind Experience is the distinctive program that enables nurses to participate in daily health & wellness,  not just consume it when they’re down and out. Nurses learn to use the infinite wisdom of their mind – to optimize the results in your life by learning to shift their mindset at any given moment. It’s based on the centuries-old breakthrough strategies in behavioural health, mindfulness and personal development industries. 

We turn self-care into a conversation where nurses “go beyond” just feeling healthy and balanced, but they’re actually provided a process that speaks to who they are. 

Enter The Brave New World of Über Nursing...
As things get worst in the healthcare industry, we're happy to see that you're focusing on burnout + healthy lifestyle. But it's only one (small) part of keeping your talent fulfilled at work.

....instead, let's shift the focus on prevention, where staff are in optimal spirits as they navigate challenging systems.

And this is where we're at today... Satori is here to help turn things around...

Meet Your Retention Specialist

Lynn graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton, ON in 1999 with a BScN. She worked as a Registered Nurse in Adolescent Medicine/Psychiatry at The Hospital For Sick Children while also working an on-call position as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner for Women’s College Hospital.  Since graduating from nursing, she also worked for Toronto Public Health with a variety of health promotion specialties ranging from Tobacco Cessation, Injury Prevention, Drug Abuse Prevention Grants, and The Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program, all in Downtown Toronto. 

She also went on to work on the inpatient unit of Labor & Delivery at Mt Sinai Hospital. In 2003, she shifted her focus and enrolled at The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in the Doctor of Chiropractic Program and in the Spring of 2004, all things in her career took a halt when she faced a major vehicle collision on the Highway. This crash then led to a long break from nursing and a transition to the world of Academia where she finished her MA in Social Justice in Eduction, and eventually studied Strategic Intervention Coaching with Tony Robbins & Cloe Madanes. This led her to her current role as Director of Satori, where she has embarked on the most ambitious project, to envision health practitioners managing work-life balance, amidst life’s challenges.

Let Lynn’s zest for life impregnate your employee culture and support nurses at connecting with their X-Factor!

About Satori Radio

The Place To Be To Lead A Healthy & Soulful Life

Step right up to the show that gives you the tools and strategies to lead a healthy and soulful life. Access additional self-serve supports and join an online space that reflects coaching and personal development for nurses and leaders who want more out of life, but still not take yourself too seriously. 

Satori Radio is hosted by Satori’s founder Lynn Chenier. Be forewarned that Satori Radio is no cookie-cutter approach to leading a healthy & balanced life. Instead, we provide a well-rounded “mindset coaching” approach to enhancing your life – if you truly want it!

Our partnership with you was envisioned to create and implement a new way of being that connects nurses in mind-body-spirit, so they're making better clinical decisions. And then...you become the talk of the town (or the next AHA Conference).


empowering Your Teams

At this point, you should know that we’re obsessed with helping the healthcare industry shift. But it’s going to take administrators to think differently about their human capital – administrators who make things happen. 

What if you became the manager that unlocked the path for your team of nurses to discover their true personal mastery over their lives?

We are Satori. Skyrocking Nursing Retention + Elevating the Profession of Nursing one Mindful Clinician™ at a time.

For all enquiries, reach out to us at [email protected]