A Story About Nursing And The Future of Retention

Hi there! If you’re reading this, you’re probably a nurse executive – spending most of your sleepless nights worried about keeping your nurses on the roster, let alone having them show-up feeling healthy and happy. But you don’t know what will really help.

To answer these questions and tell you About Us, and to explain why we created Satori, we need to travel back in time.

It all begins with....

Nursing’s origin dates back to the mid-19th Century which begins with Florence Nightingale. Nightingale claimed to have had “calls from God” that drove her toward alleviating people’s pain through nursing. Women from religious orders continued in Nightingale’s footsteps, and were known for providing amazing care. 

As urbanization spread, nursing shifted to a rigorous academic pursuit. It was this academic pursuit that ignited my own burning desire to follow my “calls from God”, to pursue meaningful work. I became a health care professional: a nurse, in 1999.  I learned protocols and followed routines diligently. Over a span of 5 years, the “calls from God” were sending me out the door….

In 2004

...traveling at high speeds on Highway 401, on a quick road trip in between my nursing shifts, I faced death head-on. I "woke-up" and faced my worst nightmare possible. The next decade I delved into the psychology of the mind, and changed for the better. I was unknowingly being set-up for a new "calling"...

In 2014

I learned some amazing tools and strategies to help align people with their purpose, and support them at slowing down the pace. I launched a 1-1 coaching business in 2016. And I chugged along, implementing these strategies. As people paid for premium 8-session programs with me, I noticed a trend that they couldn't manage their schedules and no matter how hard I tried, appointments got moved - especially the nurses I was coaching. I got it, because I was a retired nurse.

In 2019

We created a program called Pro-Mind, which paved the way for the replacement of long coaching sessions. It was a digital coaching program to help health practitioners create more balance and freedom in their lives - without the stress of schedules and poor time- management. 

Many personal development programs exist out there. But many were invented for quick-tip strategies, and people would flop during the first weeks, and lose momentum. Or worst, they wouldn't log-in at all. On top of that, they were created for the masses, by untrained and unskilled folks who want to make a quick buck.



Nurses are busy with complicated schedules. They’re also some of the brightest people on the planet. So we tested our amazing ProMind results again, but without any group mentoring. Our engagement was… lifeless. Our health practitioners needed more. We were onto something.  Then something magical happened towards the end of 2019!

The ProMind Experience™ was born as something far beyond its original coaching program. We encroached with a massive Vision, to elevate the Profession of Nursing. We dreamt of bringing an innovative wellness and personal development strategy directly to the hospital, The ProMind Experience™, and turn self-care into a conversation, where nurses feel healthy and balance. 

We created a tool unlike anything that exists in the hospital workplace environment. But things got worst in the healthcare industry with COVID-19. Our enterprise strategy plummeted. And instead of improving retention rates, hospitals lost 1000s of highly-trained nurses and had to hire “travel nurses” to keep-up. The nursing pipeline is slim. This bled hospital’s pinched budget to no end. Nurses and hospital executives have been losing hope. 

And this is where we’re at today…

We can't keep duct-taping together a nursing retention strategy with random EAP wellness courses. They're a waste of everybody's time, money and energy.


We also can’t just throw more pay at nurses, with bonus incentives either. Things won’t ever turn around that way. They need both process + mindset to make a sustainable shift.

That’s where Satori Health & Wellness Coaching Ltd and The ProMind Experience™ come-in. We want to break away from today’s tools – and bring in some new ideas of health/wellness and personal development. As a first step, we’re blending all those tiny one-off coaching strategies into an all-in-one platform. And then we’ve layered on more!

We have created a new generation of health for our Health Heroes. We turn nursing retention into a worth-while corporate strategy, where nurses feel supported and valued. Satori elevates the Profession of Nursing to provide exceptional patient care, one Mindful Clinician™ at a time. Click here to feast your eyes on some of details about The ProMind Experience™.

A hospital-wide initiative like this will undoubtedly support the personal and professional development of nurses + ease the tension in today’s hospitals.

They say that behind every great healthcare institution is research, high quality patient care, and communications. But along with quality patient care comes satisfied front-line nurses and their managers. Our suite of offerings match the unique challenges that hospitals face with nurse retention.

Meet Your Retention Specialist

Lynn was fortunate enough to work at some of the best teaching hospitals in Canada. Lynn knew that hospitals needed a program like The ProMind Experience™. Coach-trained by Tony Robbins, she takes a different approach to the training, retention and development of human capital, giving her fellow peers a fun and engaging “experience”.
Deeply embedded into Satori is the fact that Lynn suffered a debilitating motor vehicle crash, at the age of 30. This forced her to reconsider everything she did, and everything she knew, for years to come. She experienced the patient journey first-hand; an experience she would never wish upon her worst enemy. Of course, she fully recovered due to a peak performance mindset – one she teaches today, obviously.  Hopefully you’ve gotten a good sense of why Lynn created Satori in 2016, and ProMind in 2019 and then The ProMind Experience

We need early adopters like you to help us on our journey to reconnect nurses with why they became nurses, and help them shift their focus inwards, towards becoming Mindful Clinicians™. 

Creating Mindful Clinicians

Health care practitioners have incredible gifts. They want to be the best…until one day, they burnout and stop performing at safe and optimal levels. Sometimes they start-off on the wrong foot, wanting to quit before they even get started.

It’s going to take administrators to think differently – administrators who make things happen. Administrators like you. Think ahead and take action now. What if you became the manager that unlocked the path for your team of nurses to discover their true personal mastery over their lives?

Empowering Your Teams

Nursing retention is a partnership between the hospital and Satori. While executing our 7-week digital program, our team collaborates closely with managers and the frontline. 

There’s only one thing you should know about Satori. We are customer-obsessed and strongly believe in listening to you, the customer, to understand how we can make you happier.

Our headquarters are multi-disciplinary. From mindfulness and mindset coaching, to nutrition and fitness professionals, our team takes control of delivering an integrated, coordinated approach. 

We are Satori. Skyrocking Nursing Retention + Elevating the Profession of Nursing one Mindful Clinician™ at a time.

For all enquiries, reach out to us at [email protected]