Why Satori?

advancing Nursing retention

The healthcare industry is undergoing rapid transitions. It’s an economy based on efficiency, quality, outcomes, and consumer access. To avert risks, a solid nurse retention strategy is required. Partnering with Satori trains nurses to develop a personal wellbeing and a healthy mindset, so they can be happier and more productive at work. Satori advances nursing retention through innovation and by motivating your nurses to take the right action.

They say that behind every great healthcare institution is research, high quality patient care, and communications. But along with high quality patient care comes satisfied front line nurses and their managers. Our suite of offerings match the unique challenges that hospitals face with nurse retention. 


We Know The Industry

25 Years Of Experience In The Healthcare Industry

Having a history as a frontline nurse, I know all too well that health care practitioners have incredible gifts. They want to be the best...until one day, they burnout and stop performing at safe and optimal levels. There is an unmet need for our offerings in the healthcare industry. I know this because I worked on the front-line.

Satori's suite of products was built on the foundations of purpose: to help health practitioners become mindful clinicians and feel great about nurturing themselves as they facilitate the complex health care of others. We are here to help hospitals stay safe by elevating their nurses, and promoting wellness as an overall nursing retention strategy.

Nurses are vital to the health system, especially as the health industry enters another shortage era. To break this cycle, and successfully manage this shift, requires innovative thinking and urgent action to maximize institutional success. It’s going to take administrators to think differently. Administrators who make things happen. Administrators like you. Think ahead and take action now.

What if you became the manager that unlocked the path for your team of nurses to discover their true personal mastery over their lives?

“When you take a holistic approach to wellbeing, and merge personal development professional development, you get healthy and balanced teams that feel valued and want to work for you.”

Lynn Chenier, BScN, RN, MA. Director, Satori Health & Wellness Coaching Ltd

Our Focus - Build & Retain Mindful Clinicians

We have a burning desire to help you retain your top health practitioners. We do this through our innovative digital personal development program, The ProMind Experience™, which runs over 7 weeks. Retention is a complex formula. By helping staff create better work-life balance, our programs support the practitioner at being focused during arduous shifts. Our “gamified” platform engages the adult learner to remain motivated and engaged in “short bursts”. 

We Believe - Training Solutions to Success

We believe that health care institutions are some of the greatest forces for enhancing personal health in the world. We also believe in a community of nurses that support one another. Satori’s comprehensive approach to learning and development elevates your staff’s human potential beyond the day-to-day grind. With a peak-performance approach, mixed-in with powerful community engagement, strategy, storytelling, mind-body coherence and technology, we create more powerful results. We believe in the power of the mind!

A Boutique Experience Approach

Satori’s headquarters are multi-disciplinary. From meditation instruction, mindfulness and mindset coaching, to nutrition and fitness professionals. We also consult with a Clinical Neuropsychologist, with specialty in PTSD and an MD with Addictions Specialty who will facilitate the referral process in health care workers, should situations arise within the community.

With a small and dedicated team, Satori takes control of delivering an integrated, coordinated program that can effectively and efficiently support the frontline, and their executive team accordingly. 

Satori’s team fills the gap to what occupational health can’t provide. We deliver a boutique experience with the best value for people’s time and human resources. We’ve got you covered!


Get to know Us

Meet The Founder of Satori

As a retired nurse (class of ’99), Lynn understood the journey towards nurse retention would be difficult and hospitals needed a program like The ProMind Experience™. She takes a different approach to the training and development of human capital, one that would start by giving her fellow peers a fun and engaging experience. Lynn offers a step-by-step system to manage their mindset and motivation in a self-paced and user-friendly way. 

Lynn’s Masters Degree in Social Justice in Education affords her a critical understanding of the social, historical, cultural, political, economic, and ethical contexts of education, broadly conceived. She applies these concepts everyday in her coaching practice, and helps people manage internal-motivation to be healthy and well. She’s an ordinary nurse with an extraordinary program, fit for all health professionals who want to learn to manage the power of their mind, and be more present for themselves.  

We’re Here To Create & Retain

Mindful Clinicians

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