About Satori

We are Wellness providers offering A Community Development Approach to The Wellbeing of health practitioners

We are redefining how health professionals cope and manage their health and personal growth, to address healthcare staffing and retention rates. By offering wellbeing solutions beyond typical EAP programs, Satori supports staff in maintaining their mental health and wellbeing while feeling supported by their employers. In turn, changing organizational culture and improving client care. 

Satori Health & Wellness Coaching For Hospitals


Satori works with hospitals, providing solutions for talent retention. We also work directly with health practitioners through our coaching and meditation programs.

At Satori, we provide the systems and strategies to assist health practitioners at managing a fast-paced environment. By developing mental strength, and optimizing clinicians’ health habits, we help them cope with the many aspects of their professional lives.

Our programs go above and beyond the standard mental health app and wellness programs. The first of its kind for health practitioners, we specifically guide health professionals through a step-by-step process that will be applied each day in their professional lives.

Inspired by Watson’s Caring Science Theory, and Martha Roger’s Science of Unitary Human Beings (SUHB), Satori embraces the whole person as a unit of mind-body-spirit that’s impacted by its environment at all levels. 


Why Coaching For Employee Health

Because employee lifestyle coaching is an effective approach to enhancing nurse well-being, engagement, and performance. 

While nurses help others build a healthy life, they face tremendous stress. Clinicians are also underserved in the mental health field due to stigma & require a tailored approach.  By providing targeted support, and coaching, organizations can empower their health human resources to adopt healthier lifestyles, manage stress, and achieve their wellness goals.

Satori has taken the best practices from personal development psychology to design a coaching program that empowers staff to go “beyond health” and work towards leading a balanced lifestyle. We’ve created a system that focuses on metacognition, awareness and reasoning, along with goal-setting that helps them accelerate on their path to living a happier and healthy life, while embracing their feelings and strengths. 

We're here to elevate health practitioners & shift the paradigm of employee retention and wellbeing.

Team Satori

Team Satori is supported by leaders in the field of nursing, medicine and allied health.  Founded by a nurse, Lynn Chénier, RN, MA who understands the dynamics faced in healthcare today. Lynn is a thought-leader in nursing retention and burnout prevention.

More about The Founder & CEO

Lynn holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from McMaster University and a Masters of Arts in Social Justice in Education from OISE/University of Toronto. 

Lynn is the Founder and CEO of Satori Health & Wellness Coaching Ltd, whose coaching strategies support the well-being and growth of health practitioners and their managers. Her mission is for health practitioners to get off the stressed-out treadmill in 7 weeks or less. 

Lynn developed her expertise in behavioural health early in her career, starting as an RN in Adolescent Medicine/Psychiatry and The Public Health Sciences. Her dedication to the Profession of Nursing supported her in gaining a wide range of experiences on the frontline. Lynn knows first-handedly the stress and burnout nurses experience, and faced it herself in the SARS pandemic.

She also experienced this stress when she became a trauma patient, and saw the stress that nurses face.   In the following 10 years, these experiences led her on a path of personal growth and reflection, and she eventually completed the Strategic Intervention Coaching program with the Tony Robbins-Cloe Madanes.

Leverage Lynn’s expertise and master her coaching system to achieve your organizational goals today! 

We are Satori Health & Wellness Coaching Ltd. Skyrocking Employee Retention + Elevating the Profession of Nursing one Mindful Clinician™ at a time.