Health is a process…it takes time, and most of all it takes a system.  Our personal experiences, combined with the leading science on mindfulness, personal development and behaviour change is redefining how nurses and allied health professionals evolve and grow, and what value they bring to the healthcare system. We help them tap-into their X-Factor!

About Satori Health

The Satori Brand is all about connecting with all aspects of yourself to lead a healthy and balanced life. Satori is a buddhist term that means enlightenment. The term enlightenment comes with many grand ideas. In our brand it’s quite simple: take the good with the bad, and reflect upon the lessons that will take you to the next level- so you can proactively live your best and healthiest life.



It’s in everyone’s interest for health practitioners to be healthy and supported, in particular nurses. While they help others build a healthy life, they face tremendous stress. Clinicians are also underserved in the mental health field due to stigma.

That’s why we’ve taken the best practices from personal development psychology to design a coaching program geared towards nurses and health professionals. We empower staff to go beyond health and toward personal transformation. We’ve created a system that focuses on metacognition, awareness and reasoning, along with goal-setting that helps them accelerate on their path to living a happier and healthy life, while embracing their feelings and strengths. 

At Satori, we partner with you and provide key tools to assist your staff at managing a fast-paced environment. By developing mental strength, we help your people cope with the many aspects of their daily lives.

In 2004 - From nurse to patient

Traveling at high speeds on a quick road trip, I stared death in the face. I "woke-up". Over the next decade, I delved deep into spirituality and the psychology of the mind...I also discovered my own subconscious biases, perceptions and roadblocks that led me to going too fast.

In 2016 - helping people grow

Satori was founded as a 1-1 coaching and consulting business. I continued to refine my expertise in different behaviour change modalities and eventually chose to target interventions on the people I knew best: my tribe of nurses.

In 2019 - going beyond your limits

A digital coaching program was born, called Pro-Mind - a unique step-by-step framework geared to nurses who work busy schedules and challenged by systemic barriers and structures of time in the management of health. This new e-module approach supports staff to take charge of their personal development journey before burnout sets-in.

We're here to elevate health practitioners & shift the paradigm of employee retention and wellbeing.

Why Work With Us?

We’re here to partner with you, to expand our reach of supporting more health providers within the institutions they work. 

All our programs guide nurses and allied health professionals through the process of going within, and learning to use the infinite wisdom of their mind – to optimize the results in their health and their lives and ultimately provide amazing patient care.

Meet Your Retention Specialist

Lynn developed her expertise in behavioural health early in her career, starting from working on an adolescent eating disorders unit. She also merged the gap between theory and practice in her work in The Public Health Sciences. Eventually, Lynn shifted her focus and enrolled at The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in the Doctor of Chiropractic Program. All things in her career took a halt when she faced a high-speed highway vehicle collision.

Although this crash led to a break from nursing, she further developed her experiences in understanding behaviour change while pursuing graduate research, where she finished her MA in Social Justice in Education. She needed a better understanding of how people and societies behave and make decision in relation to science, their health and matters of food security. 

Eventually, Lynn studied a unique style of coaching, Strategic Intervention, with Tony Robbins. This further refined her expertise in different behaviour change modalities & chose to target her interventions in coaching the people she knew best: her tribe of nurses and health professionals.

In her current role as Director of Satori, she’s embarked on the most ambitious project: to envision health practitioners managing work-life balance, amidst life’s challenges.  A mother, community advocate, nurse entrepreneur, foodie, coffee roaster and Reiki Master Practitioner, Lynn and her family live on Vancouver Island with their 2.5 animal companions, Professor Albus & Arrietty C,. and a fish called Cosmo

The Satori Radio Podcast

The Place To Be To Lead A Healthy & Soulful Life

Step right up to the show that gives you the tools and strategies to lead a healthy and soulful life. Access additional self-serve supports and join an online space that reflects personal development for nurses who want more out of life, but still not take yourself too seriously. 

Be forewarned that Satori Radio is no cookie-cutter approach to leading a healthy & balanced life. Instead, we provide a well-rounded “mindset coaching” approach to enhancing your life – if you truly want it!

We are Satori. Skyrocking Employee Retention + Elevating the Profession of Nursing one Mindful Clinician™ at a time.

For all enquiries, reach out to us at [email protected]