The ProMind experience affiliate program

Turn Referrals
Into Revenue

Do you know health executives? Do you connect with them based on their needs? Are you a natural promoter?

With your help as affiliates, SATORI offers you a % commission fee for a referral.

Get paid to play a key role at supporting all health disciplines, in particular nursing.

Hello and welcome to Satori’s Affiliate program for The ProMind Experience.

We are here to support health practitioners on their journey to becoming happier and more balanced in all areas of their lives.  Because the individual is not separate from its environment, we feel this support requires a systems approach. 

The ProMind Experience is a gamified 6-module personal development and mindset coaching program delivered over 7 weeks at a hospital level. Everyone joins the 7-week hospital wide program together – allowing us to effect change on a systems level. 

With roots in the Profession of Nursing, we feel it’s our responsibility to elevate the profession as a whole, as well as all other health disciplines.  It’s vitally important that we support them to embody more presence, as these teams are dedicated to serving our publics. Professional development is personal development.

With you onboard as an affiliate, you also support the organizations that you feel passionate about. We are excited to invite you to join Satori’s affiliate program for The ProMind Experience and promote this program to effect positive change.


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Click the Apply Here button below to be linked to our affiliate program questionnaire. These questions will help us learn more about you, and if you already have a hospital system in mind.


Satori will email you for more details of your interest level and about your contacts. Once approved, would go through a demo and start connecting with the leaders of interest.

Get Paid

You'll earn a healthy commission on the number of individuals the hospital purchases. Satori has a quota to meet and it may be possible for you to play an active role in sales.

The Purpose of Satori's Affiliate Program

The aim of being an Affiliate with Satori’s The ProMind Experience is to support us at reaching our goals in connecting with the right leaders, and to effect positive change on an organizational level.  Affiliates have a unique perspective and share connections with the healthcare system. Your role supports the adoption of positive behaviours change, and personal development coaching, as an empowering professional practice model and ideology.

Affiliates must feel a sense of drive to improve quality client care, and see value in improving staff’s work-life balance as a vehicle to doing so. The emphasis of The ProMind Experience is to improve employee retention and support Human Resource initiatives that create health and wellbeing, with sustainability in mind. That’s why our program runs over 7-weeks!

Satori strives to transform our current healthcare system to empower nurses and health practitioners to embody more presence, and intention. With you as an affiliate, you would help us form strategic partnerships with health care leaders and decision makers that can offer mutually beneficial and authentic partnerships that benefit our audience. With an enlightened consciousness for what benefits organizations, you can support Satori & the frontline at being better care givers to the planet.  

Thank you for considering an opportunity to join forces in employee retention and wellbeing of the health care system. Got questions about Satori’s affiliate program for The Pro-Mind Experience complete the application right away!