Are Our Thoughts Really Energy?

A few nights ago, I was enjoying a good read from Napoleon Hill’s Landmark Bestseller Think and Grow Rich. On page 233, he states “thoughts are truly things, for the reason that every material thing begins in the form of thought-energy”. In my Reiki Healing Practice, I’ve experienced this thought energy directly, with my hands.

When I’m “tapped-in” to one’s energy field, and ask a person to think a certain thought, meant to empower and invoke a different reality than the one in which they’re currently living, the conscious/subconscious mind responds by either increasing the flow of that thought energy, or shuts it off completely. Suddenly, I’ve either lost that person’s energy, or it intensifies.


It is within this moment when my clients have the opportunity to experience immense healing.  I clarify the information I’m perceiving, and thus relate their thought pattern back to them. If my client is able to detect where their thoughts/emotions have gone, on a conscious level, after I requested they think a certain (empowering thought), I can help him/her influence a different train of thought, and in turn facilitate a breakthrough on acquiring the ability to further influence their subconscious mind.

Most of us know that emotions or feelings rule us, as humans. So let’s experiment a little bit here: think of a positive thought/emotion. Perhaps think of your first memorable birthday, or a team sports experience, when your team won a soccer championship, and later-on you’ve graduated from an important academic pursuit. Think about your life partner and your honeymoon, the birth of a child, or the feelings invoked when you currently see a cute little puppy on the street.


Pay very close attention to where your physical energy goes. Are you smiling? Are you joyful? And do you want more of this infectious energy? Under the influence of this emotional state, are you more apt to seeing yourself accomplish a goal you desire? Are you more apt to text your partner/spouse a cute little “Miss U” message?

Likewise, for the undesirable thoughts, go to the place of a bad break-up, or when someone you love was badly injured, or the experience of rage from someone in this morning’s commute. What happens to your physical and emotional state here? Are you more apt to seeing yourself lose that extra 5 pounds you’ve been dying to lose by Christmas? Likely, you’re reaching for foods that will add another 5 pounds (don’t do it!!). And you’re not in a high vibration state of gratitude. However, you do have the power to go there and be grateful for not sleeping next to that raging person. Right?

Let’s now back-up to the happy place PLEASE, and go back to my incredible healing Reiki Practice, where I help people heal themselves, and back to Napoleon Hill and the reason for this post. He states, “the subconscious mind will not remain idle! If you fail to plant desires in your subconscious mind, it will feed upon the thoughts that reach it as a result of your neglect”. My healing sessions do just that! I plant the desires by asking you to go to those places you’ve been, and wish to return to again someday. Then, we clear what’s in the way.


At present, I think it’s fair to say that we live day-to-day on “auto-pilot”. This auto-pilot takes us all away from being in a Mindful place.

Without paying close attention to just how powerful our thoughts can be, one could be living by subconscious thought impulses alone, leading one down an unknown and unhappy path – even if it’s for a brief second.

With a little bit of Mindfulness Coaching, combined with Lynn’s Reiki Healing treatments, we get you one-step closer to planting more desires, while releasing what’s not needed.

If you’re feeling stuck, and you have no clue what is causing it, or you don’t know how to shift it, please stop torturing yourself and call us for a complementary Reiki or Coaching Discovery session. We’re in it with ya!

What would it take?

Heaps of love & light,


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