Behind The Scenes With Coach Lynn C.

Behind-The-Scenes With Coach Lynn C.

Throughout my last year of practice, I’ve been asked many questions regarding my coaching + consulting style. What’s the difference between coaching and counselling? Here I have created a “behind-the-scenes” view of what it might be like to work with me:

What’s My Working Technique?

My favourite working style as a Mindfulness Coach & Health Consultant is through in-person contact: either 1-on-1 or in a group. I will sometimes work though less interactive means such as over the phone or through Skype but I definitely prefer to work in-person, face-to-face. Teaching groups (such as the small weekly group I’m currently teaching) about “Mindfulness and Meditation” is also a great joy. I get to learn new things about many people, all at once. We all share our flaws and ‘get real’ with one another, which creates a very personal and intimate environment for us all to learn in.

How Do I Take My Client’s Through The Life Of My Programs?

In my programs, we work together on a weekly basis. I have a strategic method in order to help them experience a lighter version of their life story. I find that most of my clients come to me for that specific reason! Some have already ventured down the rabbit hole of counselling and “talk therapy”, they are ready for more: for a fresh pair of eyes to look at their case. I make sure that my clients get “more” at Satori Health & Wellness Coaching than they would anywhere else.

Although my programs do have an agenda, we flow within that space together. My methods and programs are strategic. Together we work through the problems, overcoming challenges so that we can come out the other side in a “ah ha” breakthrough moment. My method helps you create a new persona in which to experience the rest of your life.

Through the duration of my programs, short-term or long-term, clients learn to have the courage to un-learn, re-learn and re-create the meaning of their life, and life’s story. They learn to feel love again; not just for those around them, but also for themselves.

Together we explore how to find meaning and how to create new stories through their daily actions, exercises, meditation, mindfulness strategies and learning to deepen the purpose of one’s soul.

What Do I Love Most About My Role As A Coach?
Growth! I love to watch my clients grow, transform, heal their pain, empower themselves as well as others around them. Having the privilege to watch people feel more confident in their choices is also a beautiful thing. Also, to be able to see more people stick to the plan they have created in order to achieve their goals. That’s a gift!

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