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Hey there! I’m Lynn Chénier (often “Lynnie” if you know me well enough). Founder of The School Of Health, Mindfulness & Spirituality, I’m a coach by accident, a writer by purpose, and a lifelong fan of learning how people survive pain and tragedy. I specialize in mindfulness work and meditation, mostly for health practitioners and the workplace environment. Essentially, I help people manage their stress by giving them a system, which is now available online, Pro-Mind.

Pro-Mind is our signature program, rooted in developmental and humanistic psychology. Through weekly audio and video lessons, slide decks, and Group Coaching, we mentor and shape health practitioners to become catalysts for personal and professional change. We help you find the spark again, and shift your stress and overwhelm into a deep thirst for growth and knowledge. Pro-Mind guides you to access your purpose and live according to your core values, leaving behind your false self.

I started my career in nursing, 20+ years ago.  Having held numerous positions in teaching hospitals, I understand the adventures & pressures that health professionals experience daily.  Burnt-out and exhausted from the shifts, I changed my focus and started studying in Chiropractic College until a major car crash in 2004, changed the direction of my life for good.