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Welcome and thanks for stopping-by!

I’m Lynn. I serve Busy Health Practitioners & the Personal Injury Population by teaching the systems and strategies necessary to live a life of balance and freedom. I do this through Mindfulness and Peak Performance Coaching,  Meditation Teaching, and Health Consulting.

In 2019, I created The School of Health, Mindfulness & Spirituality to teach Busy Health Professionals how to merge the mind with the heart + spirit, in order to be healthier and more balanced.

Pro-Mind is our signature program, rooted in developmental and humanistic psychology. Through weekly audio and video lessons, slide decks, and Group Coaching, we mentor and shape health practitioners to become catalysts for personal and professional change. We help you find the spark again, and shift your stress and overwhelm into a deep thirst for growth and knowledge. Pro-Mind guides you to access your purpose and live according to your core values.

My blog posts offer you tips and strategies for healthy and soulful living.

My podcasts are short and sweet…so you can digest small amounts of information at a time.

What qualifies me to coach?

Fed up with the politics of health care, I was leaving the profession of nursing for more autonomy and flexibility, and started studying to become a Doctor Of Chiropractic.

Only to wake-up some months later in ICU fighting for my life. A high speed freeway car crash stopped me dead in my tracks!

While taking years to recover, I pursued my passion for academics as a way of coping with change. There I dove-in to graduate research in Food Democracy & The Construction of Risk, and loved every minute of it (listen to our podcast episode on Mindful Eating here).

Also very money-savvy, I spent my post-rehab days on the stock market manifesting more personal freedom.

Except, I missed client contact!!!

Today, my training as a Strategic Intervention Coach, by the godfather of coaching Tony Robbins & the Queen of Strategic Family Therapy Cloe Madanes,  serves as a bridge between my nursing background, academic background and coaching for personal transformation.

I truly believe there’s a great divinity that resides and guides us all, and when tapped-into, life can be so much more joyful.

Join-in one of my amazing webinar trainings on stress management, which will offer you more information on our next Pro-Mind session.

Lynn xo