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Mindfulness, Peak Performance & Health Strategy With Your Host Lynn Chenier

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Lynn Chénier, a big-hearted, energetic and compassionate coach and healer on a mission to change lives through evidence-based health strategies like mindfulness, meditation, nutrition and mind-set management.

Founder of The School Of Health, Mindfulness & Spirituality, she developed and delivers online interventions to help health practitioners, and the corporate environment, to manage stress and burnout. 

She helps people manage their stress by giving them a system, which is now available online, The Pro-Mind™Exprience. Having been in the health industry for +25 years where Lynn held numerous positions in teaching hospitals, she understands the pressures that health professionals experience daily. 

She’s a coach by accident, a writer by purpose, and a lifelong fan of learning how people address their personal health, as well as their physical and psychological habits.  

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