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2017 Health & Wellness – Annual Review!

2017 Health & Wellness Year In Review

5 Questions To Prompt Your Review

Last week, I shared my Rebranding review – The Why, What + How, and this happens to coincide nicely with the end of the year review for myself. I’m happy with the response from my readers, and current network of allied health & legal professionals.

While November and December are busy months for all of us, as we prepare for the holidays, I think it’s important to consider your wins & successes over the year.

Today’s post is about looking at all the good stuff this year, while also taking into consideration what couldn’t be achieved (and what may have stood in the way of that).


Ah, the win! It’s such a great feeling to see something transform. For me, it was deciding to take a new approach to my coaching practice. Along with that, came a new awakening of my power as a Health Consultant – one I’d put aside when I stopped practicing in the hospital environment. Your wins are beautiful things, and they are to be celebrated!


Don’t you find it requires effort to have clutter? I truly believe that. When I moved from Toronto, I had to downsize to a home with 2 closets. I discovered that all my “stored” stuff I had in the old basement actually had very little meaning. Have you had that epiphany in 2017?

What prompted it? What kept you from de-cluttering? What season were you in? Is there anything more to get rid of – physically, emotionally or spiritually? As most of you know, I’m a reiki master practitioner, which means I declutter people’s energy fields. I love doing this for people because I release stuff they don’t even know is lingering. Have you ever had that experience?


I love diving into people’s pride and gratitude, because I have seen the power and beneficial effects of this emotion in my clients. Once people take-on an altered state of gratitude, daily, it’s as though they forget about all their problems. In fact, I’ve seen people turn their lives around by just being grateful for something.

How can you maintain that new found gratitude, to bring more of what you have already gotten?

The idea here is to move forward, and not just be ‘happy with what you have’ but to recognize that there’s more out there for you to have. You deserve everything in the world!!


Last January, I wanted to feel much more practical in my approach to the world. I wanted to feel like my business was reaching more people. I also wanted to feel I was reaching the right people – those I can serve according to my values. I was also parenting a 4 year old with an independent streak, and hot temper.

In 2018 – I want to feel airy, cozy, and lighthearted. My vision for myself is open, generous and inviting to everyone – come and be a part of my world. Join the force of Satori, that is geared to help you Win @ Life.

Today, I parent a 5-year old so life is pretty fun and artful around the house. But I’m also having to focus on the practical side of parenting in making sure she’s behaving respectfully and managing her difficult emotions with enough compassion. Not easy!

I need my picture to come alive on a regular basis. So do you!

How did YOU want to feel last Jan 2017? Perhaps you were pregnant? Or maybe you were undergoing a divorce or separation? Even better, you were engaged to the Love of Your Life, and you were planning a kick-ass wedding (that was my brother Nic & my sister-in-law Stephanie).

I also recognize that some of you had a terrible car crash, lost a loved one, and even had a cancer diagnosis.

Were you able to maintain some part of your picture/Vision – physical, emotional or spiritual throughout 2017? Did you in fact go deeper as a result of any shifts and changes? Or did you totally lose track of your picture/vision all together?

I encourage you to get out your pencils and crayons and create a mind map. Brainstorm on all those life zones you live in, and new ones you ENVISION for 2018. Dare to dream!!!! Have you finally dropped an inch off your waist, or a pant size?


As one journey ends, a new one begins. We live in a culture where the calendar holds power in our life – to help us grow and shift, and complete a circle of events. Each season is different.

As we approach the Winter season, we have less and less light. Here, on Vancouver Island, we have more and more rain. For some, less light and rain alters their perception of how they live their life – for the worst. Over time, I’ve learned to love the darker days because I had a baby that required the darkness to sleep longer stretches. Needless to say, I grew to love the evening! And I prefer rain over snow anyway.
My definition of “planting” an idea is to first think about what you’d like to see changed.

My secret to “planting” an idea is to then feel what life will be like with the new idea planted.

If you’re life is still not functioning to your utmost liking, you may want to move some furniture around to make a small shift in your space and energy. You can consider re-inventing other aspects of yourself by using “I” statements. For Example, “I love the feeling of vitality” might lead you to reaching for a green smoothie more often than you are now.

By first thinking and then feeling your new ideas, you will eventually start to “act” out that idea – watch, you’ll see.


After you’ve taken some time to review 2017 & create 2018, I’d love to hear from you.

To help you create a solid plan for Q1 of 2018, I’m giving away a free 5-session email course on Mindfulness that will help keep you motivated, and hopefully shift the course of your life.

Sign up for the course by sending me an email, and I’ll get your started right away!

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