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Episode 19 – 2018 Year In Review. 5 Questions To Prompt You

2018 Health & Wellness Year In Review


019 – 2018 Year In Review: 5 Questions To Prompt You

2018 Health & Wellness Year In Review 5 Questions To Prompt Your Review Last year, I shared my Rebranding review – The Why, What + How, and this year moves me along even further into that rebrand for Satori.

5 Questions To Prompt Your Review

While November and December are busy months for all of us, as we prepare for the holidays, I think it’s important to consider your wins & successes over the year. Today’s episode is about looking at all the good stuff from last year, while also taking into consideration what couldn’t be achieved (and what may have stood in the way of that).

In this episode, we covered:

Question 1 : Your Biggest Win Last Year

Ah, the win! It’s such a great feeling to see something transform. I added The Satori Radio podcast & I created Pro-Mind, an online personal development program tailored specifically for health professionals.

Question 2 : Your Biggest Declutter

Don’t you find it requires effort to keep clutter around ? I do.  The kind of clutter I’m referring to here is different. This is your computer files. Have you had that epiphany to go through your computer files in 2018?

What’s keeping you from de-cluttering and reorganizing your computer filing system?

You just never know what file is waiting to be opened by you!

Question 3 : What Gave You The Biggest Sense of Pride & Gratitude Last Year? 

I love diving into people’s pride and gratitude, because I have seen the power and beneficial effects of this emotion in my clients. Once people take-on an altered state of gratitude, daily, it’s as though they forget about all their problems. In fact, I’ve seen people turn their lives around by just being grateful for something.

How can you maintain that new found gratitude, to bring more of what you have already gotten?

Question 4 : The Picture You Created For Yourself Last January

Last January, I wanted to feel like I was serving more people and in more parts of the world. I pictured myself finishing a course and launching it, and this is where I’m at. I’m happy with myself. Do you need help with visualizing a better future for yourself? Here’s a blog post to help you go deeper with that. 

4.1 What was brewing for you last January? 

In 2019 – I want to feel as I always want to feel: airy, cozy, and lighthearted. My vision for myself is open, generous and inviting to everyone – come and be a part of my world. Listen up here: when we focus on how we want to feel, we can actually start to shift into that feeling.

4.2 How do you want to show up? 

Were you able to maintain some part of your picture/Vision – physical, emotional or spiritual throughout 2018?

Did you in fact go deeper as a result of any shifts and changes? Or…

Did you totally lose track of your picture/vision all together?

I encourage you to get out your pencils and crayons and create a mind map. Brainstorm on all those life zones you live in, and new ones you ENVISION for 2019. Dare to dream!!!! Have you finally dropped an inch off your waist, or a pant size? Or is it still there and you need a new system?

Question 5 :  New Ideas You’re Planting For 2019

As one journey ends, a new one begins. We live in a culture where the calendar holds power in our life – to help us grow and shift, and complete a circle of events. Each season is different.My secret to “planting” an idea is to then feel what life will be like with the new idea planted.


After you’ve taken some time to review 2018 & create 2019, I’d love to hear from you.



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