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Episode 52 – Your 2020 Health & Wellness Year In Review

Episode 52: Your 2020 Health & Wellness Year In Review

Welcome to 2021. Are you ready to conquer this new world? In this episode, I’m covering the year 2020 – the year of all years. We faced challenges like we’ve not seen in decades. At Satori Health & Wellness Coaching, it’s no secret that we’re all about reflection, and working your emotions and mindset to get you results.


Welcome to 2021. Are you ready to conquer this new world? In this episode, I’m covering the year 2020 – the year of all years and we’re going to do a year in review together. We faced challenges like we’ve not seen in decades.

At Satori Health & Wellness Coaching, it’s no secret that we’re all about reflection, and working your emotions and mindset to get you results. We want you to slow down, and be well in your skin.

Why Do A Health & Wellness Year In Review of 2020?

Isn’t doing a year-in-review of 2020 just putting you in a downward spiral of your already-exhausting list of memories? We hear you. But trust us on this one. We’re talking about a unique type of 2020 year in review. One that doesn’t require tons of draining energy, pain, and prepping each and every area of your health. It’s a review based on 5 Questions that’ll prompt you to think a little deeper, and maybe even get you take action.

The world is entirely different than it was before, and that means we need different tools and strategies to succeed.When I did a quick lit review on the psychological impact of quarantine, the research reported many negative psychological effects. These included post-traumatic stress symptoms, anger, confusion and anxiety. I know many people think that the year felt like a bomb exploded on our lives and our families. That’s valid! So how do you overcome that trauma, fear, doubt and uncertainty associated with 2020?

As well, how do we recreate our lives to thrive in the coming new year?

Here’s why it is a great idea to launch something new for yourself: to bring out your next-best secret to growing your new life in 2021 – one that’s focused on your mindset.

A: You Reflect On The Teachable Moments

If you’re like most of the world, your local health department and government is running the show. So you don’t need to be reminded that you learned some lessons you probably didn’t need or want to learn. But, the second reason I think it’s worthwhile doing a 2020 year in review is that ….there were many moments. Some are worthwhile revisiting.

Why? So that we can leave some of 2020 behind, for good. I think it’s important we all start to build a new way of seeing success in our lives – not just financial success, but success in all areas of our lives.

I’ll be the first to admit, that my 2020 strategic plans were not achieved. Not in the least. But I did pivot and shift, and I definitely grew. But, there were many days where I just didn’t want to do the work. I needed to be silent, and get my family through the day. See blog post on slowing down with Coach Lynn that I wrote last summer here. 

On January 1, 2021, I was not doing my standard “year-in-review”. Nor was I doing my typical “strategic planning” for Satori. No. I was living in the moment, in a beautiful 2-bedroom cottage in the remote oceanside town called Tofino. That’s here on Vancouver Island, where I live. It was pouring rain, as it usually does in the rainforest during rainy season. Because we are in the Rainforest of Canada. That day offered us the beauty of 20-foot waves, and a swell that wasn’t for surfers on that day.

But if you do take the time to do a 2020 year-in-review and evaluate the teachable moments, you won’t have to repeat “the old”. You also won’t have to waste your entire year in fear that we’re never going back to the old way of living. And if you are working towards overcoming  fear (of the worst case scenario), I invite you to listen to episodes 24, 25 & 26. Although they were recorded a while back, they might offer some insight.  . And this leads me to the second reason why you should do a 2020 year in review…

B: You Make Your Life More Effective

As much as we love old patterns, we might love our health & personal wellbeing even more. And with COVID-19, you can continuously rely on the government to keep giving us twists and turns.  So how do we take what we learned last year and tool-up on our strategies, and also create a NEW way of being. This new way of being is with more success in all zones of your life.  That way, you don’t have to repeat that entire painful process over and over again.

You have to be ready to gain the knowledge and strategies you need to live out the new life. I want you to rise to the challenge and gain the right mindset for yourself to stop wasting time and energy on the old. Let’s all start taking small daily actions to make the new world real for you and ignore the outside chaos.

Let’s move forward together….and make 2020’s Year-In-Review happen…right now…with me.

5 Questions To Prompt Your 2020 Year-In-Review

Q#1 : What Was Your Biggest Win Last Year?

Ah, the win! It’s such a great feeling to see something transform from the work you did in the past. Just looking back a few years, for me, I created The Satori Radio podcast & the birth of Pro-Mind was also a few years back now. Today, I’m slowly chugging along with getting more episodes out to you. (This is not at lightening speed, but I’m getting them out to you).

In 2019, ProMind transformed into a gamified experience product – The ProMind Experience. In 2020 we took that program for health professionals into the workplace. So even though last year was a bust…My biggest win was introducing the ProMind Experience to the workplace just before COVID-19.

What was your biggest win in 2020? I want you tap yourself on the back for that shift because when you reflect on the past in a good way, it shifts your emotions to a healthier place.

From doing the reflection in my business – strategic 2020 business year-in-review – I could recognize that although we couldn’t run the program in hospitals this year, I formed fantastic new business relationships.  I still ran several product demos and had to adapt to the new way of operating.  This was a huge win for me and Satori.

I also partnered with Cravety – a company that leverages technology and behavioural science to personalize the employee experience. Matt & I both share the same passion at boosting employee engagement. We also want to provide employees with an experience. So that was win #2 for me, towards the end of 2020.

Because of that partnership and continued push to stay in my business while the rest of the world was silent, The ProMind Experience will be the leading personal development program for front line health practitioners very soon.

Do you have a second biggest win? What more will come out of this win for you?

Q#2 : What Was Your Biggest De-Clutter?

Don’t you find it requires effort to keep clutter around? I do. The kind of clutter I’m referring to here is different – your computer files.Have you had that epiphany to go through your computer files recently? You just never know what file is waiting to be opened by you! What about taking an afternoon this weekend to just run through your downloads folder (mine gets cluttered quickly!!!!), or your documents and free-up some space.

Take a look in your closets, under your bed, in your dresser and that darn sock drawer!!! What about the clutter in your bookshelf? Or are you one of those super organized people that dusts-off the books/shelf each week, and no papers are allowed to slip in there? If this is you, tap yourself on the back.

How about doing a big de-clutter of your desk drawers, and looking in your bathroom vanity, your make-up drawer, your kitchen pantry?

What might be keeping you from taking some time out to de-clutter and reorganize your systems so that you start your day off with more clarity?

My biggest de-clutter

This was making the decision to rent a U-Pak storage unit to remove items that are cluttering my closets. Once the Christmas decorations were down, it was time to move that box out of the home. I was hanging-on to our cat’s litter box – who recently passed away. While I know I’ll be getting a cat in the near future, I don’t need the litter box cluttering up my closets or storage space. I found freedom in clearing-out.

I removed some old books and put about 20 bins in storage. The biggest reality check of all that de-cluttering was how much was lingering behind the doors, in drawers and in our storage space. Games upon games that my daughter received from Christmas and birthdays, that I know we’ll make use of, at some point, it’s just not now. And let me tell you, I’m the queen of getting rid of stuff…but too much was lingering.

Can you relate? While I want to keep much of what I had put in storage, it was cluttering up my mind. So until the next house, I had to declutter and put everything off-site.

Take action Now

Before moving on to to thought-provoking question #3, I want to leave you with this last bit to help you take action. About a decade ago I was given the directive to spend 20-minutes organizing each day. It changed my life.

So I want to pass on the same directive to you, …how can you take 20-minutes each day to declutter/keep tidy to not be at risk of staying in the old frame of mind?

QUESTION #3 : What Gave You The Biggest Sense Of Pride And Gratitude This Year?

Look, I bet you’re not here to be average. You’re a health practitioner and spent years honing-in on your craft. You likely wanted the best for yourself at one time in your life. The world isn’t the same as it was last year, but it doesn’t mean that you didn’t achieve something remarkable for yourself…because you’re not the average-jo. So think about that resilience for a few minutes. I feel it’s a valuable question because acknowledging our wins is something people don’t often do.

Did you realize how resilient your family was during lock-down, because of how patient you are? Or perhaps you realized how resilient you family was because they saw how impatient you were?

Did you stick with your exercise routine or build yourself a new one? Or did you gain a sense of pride in how you became more centred and focused, despite not having those external resources (ex. the gym/yoga studio)?

What else might have given you a sense of pride that you can tap yourself on the back for?

Did you help several families in crisis, while keeping both feet on the ground?

I absolutely love diving into people’s pride and gratitude, because I have seen the power and beneficial effects of this emotion in my clients. Once people take-on an altered state of gratitude, daily, it’s as though they forget about all their problems. In fact, I’ve seen people shift their mindsets by just being grateful for something.

Well, let’s keep that door open for a little while longer — and revisit your gains again and again. With the right actions, taken at the right times, you can get your life to feel amazing each day. You just need to take ONE step that will put your “resolutions” to work in your favour. And find your way towards sweet, sweet momentum and speed.


Q#4 :  How Are You Going To Drive Immediate Action Into Your Life?

This episode is about moving forward, and really unleashing as much of 2020 as possible, through reflection. You don’t want to risk staying in the old frame of mind. 2020 was not a healthy year, and many faced adversity. Let’s move forward into 2021 in action.

Did you plan any New Year’s Resolutions? I’d like us to shift a bit and think of New Years Resolutions, as monthly resolutions.

I believe we’re constantly changing and evolving, so why not put your life and health on autopilot each month, not just in January?  Let your inner strength do the work for you.

What’s not to love about that?

Myself decluttering at the beginning of the month was healing, and then I started noticing that there was a ton of stuff everywhere that I needed to put “back into the closets” (it’s like when you move, you just have stuff everywhere!). But, I’m happy with myself. Despite consistently decluttering my life, and I think I’m getting better sleep as a result of that. That immediate action added power to my body and mind.


It’s not uncommon to do a NYR for January, and drop it for the rest…like a 10-day cleanse, or a 3-day fast, or 10-day without your vices, and then drop it. You scratch it off the list and you don’t shift your behaviours long-term. What can you do to keep the momentum going and become a new you, on the inside?

As well, I started adding collagen and bone broth into my diet daily ((the real stuff from the carcass!), I’m at it constantly!!!!!  If you want to know more about collagen’s benefits to your health, read this article from Dr Axe.

What will you do to drive immediate action into your life, and keep the momentum going into the rest of the year?

Do you need help with visualizing a better future for yourself? Here’s a blog post to help you go deeper with visualization. And if you’re considering hiring some help from a professional coach, I’ve linked up an article on 5 Ways a health coach can change your life.

Hindsight is 20/20 right? No one anticipated this type of upheaval.  Listen up here: when we focus on how we want to feel, we can actually start to shift into that feeling.

Q#5 : Overall, what were the most positive elements of this year that you want to carry over into the new year?

As one journey ends, a new one begins. We live in a culture where the calendar holds power in our life – to help us grow and shift, and complete a circle of events. Each season is different.

My secret to “planting” an idea is to then feel what life will be like with the new idea planted. Have you downloaded my free 5-Day Audio Program on peak performance?  This is the ideal way of building more awareness and learning how to shift and grow.

By first thinking and then feeling your new ideas, you will eventually start to “act” out that idea – watch, you’ll see.


After you’ve taken some time to review 2020 & create 2021, I’d love to hear from you so leave me a comment on something that may have shifted for you. As well, watch for Episode 51 – Create A Life Plan in 5 Easy Steps. For the visuals in the crowd, The Satori Radio Podcast Episode 51 on Life Planning will help you create a solid plan for 2021,  as well as the episode on living more intentionally. Just setting the intention to make changes can get you on a different path.  If you pace yourself and go back to the answers you got today, you might notice yourself staying on track for a little while longer into 2021. Remember this: repetition is your best strategy! It can always enhance your personal development system.

Sign-up for the free 5-Day Peak Performance Audio Program, by clicking right here, and you can get started right away!


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