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Episode 62 – 2021 Year-In-Review

Welcome to episode 62’s Year-In-Review. Are you ready to conquer this brave new world? In my 2021 Year-In-Review, I’m covering the year 2021 – another year of all years that’s created even more distraction than we had in the prior year.

At Satori Health & Wellness Coaching, it’s no secret that we’re all about reflection, and working your emotions and mindset to get you shifting to a better place. We want you to slow down, and be well in your skin.

Episode 62 – Year In Review

Welcome to 2022. Are you ready to conquer this brave new world? In this year in review, I’m covering the year 2021 – another year of all years, that’s created even more distraction than we had in the prior year. What was your biggest win in 2021?

Why Bother Doing A Health & Wellness Year In Review of 2021?

Like I said in 2020, doing a year-in-review of 2021 can either put you in a downward spiral or…it can really help you see how much you’ve grown. This review isn’t meant to take-up tons of draining energy or pain. It’s meant to support you at acknowledging the positive change in your life, that’s brought you to where you are now. This post is also here to motivate you to take action. While we all know that the world is different. It doesn’t mean we have to give up on ever seeing our lives improve. We just might need new tools and strategies if we want to feel good.

Reflect On The Teachable Moments

If you’re like most of the world, your local health department and government is running the show. So you don’t need to be reminded that you learned some lessons you probably didn’t need or want to learn. But, the second reason I think it’s worthwhile doing a 2021 year in review is that ….there were many moments. Some are worthwhile revisiting. It’s also important we build a new definition of success in our lives – not just financial success, but success in all areas of our lives.

I’ll be the first to admit, that my 2021 strategic plans were not achieved. Not in the least. But I did pivot and shift, and I definitely grew. I also partnered with a great consultant in the US who will support The ProMind Experience in a very unique way. But, I needed to be silent for most of last year and make decisions with the right side of my brain. Might you need to do the same?  Remember this..when you take the time to do a year-in-review, you get the chance to properly evaluate the teachable moments so that you don’t have to repeat “the old”.

Make Your Life More Effective

As much as we love old patterns, we might love our health & personal wellbeing even more. And with COVID-19, you can continuously rely on the government to keep giving us twists and turns.  So how do we take what we learned last year and tool-up on our strategies to finally make the shift into the new. It’s a chance to stop repeating that entire painful process over and over again.

You have to be ready to gain the knowledge and strategies you need to live out the new life. Let’s rise to the challenge and gain the right mindset to stop wasting time and energy on the old. By taking small daily actions, to make the new world real, we can see invite new opportunity and ignore the outside chaos. This way we can all move forward together, in harmony. Let’s make 2021’s Year-In-Review happen…right now…with me.

5 Questions To Prompt Your 2021 Year-In-Review

Year-In-Review Question #1: What Was Your Biggest Win Last Year?

What was your biggest win in 2021? Go ahead and tap yourself on the back for that shift. When you reflect on the past in a good way, it shifts your emotions to a healthier and happier place.It’s such a great feeling to see something transform from the work you did in the past. Perhaps you supported a new initiative in your workplace or got really good at home schooling your kids? Whatever it might be, no matter how small the accomplishment, you made it happen. For that, you deserve to feel proud of yourself.

From doing the reflection in my business I could recognize that although we couldn’t yet run The ProMind Experience in hospitals this year (COVID-19 continued to take precedence) I still continued to form new business relationships. Because of the partnerships formed, and continued push to stay present in my business – while the rest of the world was silent – The ProMind Experience will be the leading personal development program for front line health practitioners very soon. The ProMind Experience is supporting hospitals throughout 2022. I know the consultant I hired was the perfect person for the company. This was a huge win for me and Satori. As well, the Satori Radio podcast has over 60 episodes. Frankly, I had to push myself but I’m here to appreciate my wins.

Do you have a second biggest win? What more will come out of 2022 for you, as a direct result?

Year-In-Review Question #2 : What Was Your Biggest De-Clutter?

Did you spend any time at all cleaning up some old messes? We could be speaking metaphorically here…the parts of your life that seemed more complicated last January or July, but today, the clutter has resolved.  Take a deeper look into your closets. Did you keep-up with staying organized throughout the year? Another great spot that tends to accumulate some clutter is the the bathroom vanity and the kitchen pantry.

What might be keeping you from taking some time-out to de-clutter and reorganize “your systems”? This way you start your day off with more clarity.

Last January, I I had put a ton of stuff in storage. I had to physically declutter and put some things off-site. Because I have a 9 year old daughter, we both have to be focused on keeping things tidy. Everyday, I continue to press-on that ‘everything has a home’ so I take the responsibility to pass-on the lessons of organization to my daughter. Can you relate?  I mention this last year, and I’ll mention it again. About a decade ago I was given the directive to spend 20-minutes organizing each day. It changed my life. I want to pass on the same directive to you. You don’t necessarily need a full 20-minutes, but by taking repeated daily action to   keep things tidy you’re freeing up mental space to bring in an improved version of you.

Year-In-Review Question #3 : What Gave You The Biggest Sense Of Pride And Gratitude This Year?

Look, I bet you’re not here to be average. You’re a health practitioner and spent years honing-in on your craft. You likely wanted the best for yourself at one time in your life. The world isn’t the same as it was last year, but it doesn’t mean that you didn’t achieve something remarkable for yourself…because you’re not the average-jo. So think about that resilience for a few minutes. I feel it’s a valuable question because acknowledging our wins is something people don’t often do.

Did you realize how resilient your family was during lock-down, because of how patient you are? Or perhaps you realized how resilient you family was because they saw how impatient you were?

Did you stick with your exercise routine or build yourself a new one? Or did you gain a sense of pride in how you became more centred and focused, despite not having those external resources (ex. the gym/yoga studio)?

What else might have given you a sense of pride that you can tap yourself on the back for?

Did you help several families in crisis, while keeping both feet on the ground?

I absolutely love diving into people’s pride and gratitude, because I have seen the power and beneficial effects of this emotion in my clients. Once people take-on an altered state of gratitude, daily, it’s as though they forget about all their problems. In fact, I’ve seen people shift their mindsets by just being grateful for something. Revisit your gains from time-to-time.

Year-In-Review Question #4 :  What Are Some New Ways To Drive Immediate Action Into Your Life?

This blog is about moving forward, and really unleashing as much of 2021 as possible. I don’t endorse New Year’s Resolutions, because change doesn’t happen once a year. Change is an evolution and happens through trial and error, and reflection. Close your eyes for a moment and take a 5 second pause. Next, I want you to close your eyes and see yourself taking different action at getting what you want. To think about it another way, what advice might your best friend give you, to achieving a certain goal? Close your eyes again and hear that person speak to you.

If you planned  some New Year’s Resolutions, can you shift them into monthly resolutions? I believe we’re constantly changing and evolving, so why not put your life and health on autopilot each month, not just in January?  Let your inner strength do the work for you. There’s no much to learn in this lifetime, and our journey on planet earth is about living out our purpose. As one year closes, another opens with new lessons and people to meet along the way.

Do you need help with visualizing a better future for yourself – maybe one where you’re traveling to your favourite destination again? See the blog post on leveraging the power of visualization.

Year-In-Review Question #5 : What Were The Most Positive Shifts Of The Year?

As one journey ends, a new one begins. By reflecting on the good, you can see where you need to go next. A great journaling exercise is to write the statement “I remember when….” and then feeling your old way of life,  and actually place yourself into the future with a new achievement. You’ll eventually start to “act” out that idea and your present becomes the past, just like that!

Let me prompt you a bit…did you learn to relax and let go of things you knew you couldn’t control? Perhaps 2021 was the year you finally hit a wall in your career, realizing you needed to make changes. It wasn’t easy but in the end, you created some positive shifts in your life. Perhaps you formed new relationships, or learned how to improve your communication with those closest to you. Sometimes we had to think a bit harder to come up with the good stuff, but it’s always there.

What’s Next?

After you’ve taken some time to review 2021, have a listen to Episode 51 – Create A Life Plan in 5 Easy Steps. For the visuals in the crowd, that particular  Satori Radio Podcast Episode will help you create a solid plan for 2022.

As well, the following two episodes on living more intentionally, and episode 55 on 3 Easy Ways To Make Decisions With Confidence. Before you embark on any big journey, the first step is to set your vision on what you want.  If you can sit down with a pen and paper, try doing some free-writing about why this vision is important to you, you’ll be changed in some way. The other really important thing, that I also discuss in episode 55, is to take time to reflect. If there is one thing you can do for yourself that’s different this month, or this season, or in this lifetime, it’s to carve out reflection time. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time either. Reflection can always enhance your personal development system.

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