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Episode 21 – 3 Ways To Build A Healthy Routine


Because I’m so passionate about helping you live a healthier life, I’m going to support you in building a healthy routine in 3 easy way. Without a wellness routine, it can be pretty tough to keep things on track for yourself. If you build some structure around creating this healthy routine, some of these things that you do for yourself can become automatic. When it’s automatic, it’s a sustainable habit that will support you in tough times. Of course, all of this requires dedication and skill. Just remember that the routine you build for yourself has to be one that works for you.

3 Ways To Build A Healthy Routine.

#1-  Use The Power Of Visualization

Visualization is such a powerful way to get the ball rolling on building yourself a healthy routine. The reason it’s so powerful is because it prepares the mind to do something new. Visualization will naturally give you the steps to take. Preparation is a key component of success. As well, visualization engages your creative human imagination, and that takes a lot of pressure off you when you’re trying to get a new routine under way. 

Let me give you an example on how to apply this basic concept:

Let’s say you’re super busy Amanda, an ICU nurse who works long days, and some occasional night shifts too. We know Amanda wants to better manage her self-care habit even during busy back-to-back shifts. 
The night before her day shift she could plan for your upcoming “long” day. Because Amanda knows she has a student from the university, she can expect to be a bit busier with that student throughout the day. 

She visualizes feeling good in the morning, waking-up at 5:20am (before everyone else if she has a family). She imagines herself starting-off the day with a lemon drink. After visualizing that, can actually take that step by placing the lemon & mug on the counter as the cue. Busy Amanda also envisions doing a few yogic stretches on her mat after her lemon drink. Later she’d proceed to put her yoga mat out in the right place for her preparation. She might also envision the coffee brewing while she’s doing her yoga and then finishes up with getting her cup. 

By doing this easy 2-minute thinking process in your mind, the night before, you end-up waking-up with a solid intention for the entire day. You can continue and envision how your shift will end, and prepare your space for when you come home and get ready for a restful evening.

Just like one plans for the next day at work, you plan for your personal wellbeing inside and outside work. 

#2 – Take Action

In order to take the necessary steps, your actions have to be easy and do-able for you. I say “any health routine is better than none”.  So create a very easy system and take action on it.

  1. Post regular daily reminders in your smart phone. Sometimes you just need to change your daily habits and what better system do we have than our daily use of the smart phone to help us reflect and create change??  Noon hour deep breaths are easy reminders. You can plan for a 3pm affirmation to show up on your phone each day: “I am balanced and healthy”.
  2. Keeping your health equipment within eye-sight. For example, have a bottle of water with you at all times so you can stay hydrated. As well, have your gym clothes within easy reach for a regular trip to the gym. And keep vitamins/supplements handy and within sight. If you don’t take them in the morning, due to being on an empty stomach, then be sure they’re available to take with snacks or a meal.
  3. If your food system involves eating a particular diet, be prepared so you don’t grab food on the run when your stomach takes over your ‘thinking brain’. I follow a Ketogenic diet which restricts carbohydrates.  Anytime I’m on the run, I know I need to have cheese or peanuts available.
  4. Reflect on your actions daily. A very important part of taking repeated action is to spend a few moments in reflection. When you’re taking action and feeling good about your new sustainable health routine, pat yourself on the back for the strides that you’re making. Success is key to continued action.  Are you enjoying spontaneous moments that can add variety to your day?

# 3. Make The Process Easy! 

I like to use the KISS principle on building a healthy routine that’s powerful and sustainable. This is especially true if you’re short on time. You don’t need to do big elaborate gym trips to get your heart pumping. Instead you can do 15 pushups and build a daily practice of taking 30seconds to do this. Walking around the block at a faster pace is just as easy and doesn’t require much time.

Remember that health is an internal state of mind. You can take a deep breath at noon hour everyday just because you programmed it in your phone. Be intentional about making your habits easy and you’ll adapt more easily. Work for the next month at changing your thoughts patterns and adapting to a new way of being. Change isn’t easy but it’s not hard either, especially with these 3 easy steps. Change just requires preparation & that’s what visualization does for you. In fact, visualize where you’re phone is right now, and see yourself grabbing your water bottle for a sip. 🙂


Supplements To Take On A Daily Basis:

Liquid Chlorophyll

HMF Replete Probiotic.

Multivitamin for Women

Multivitamin for Men 

Self-Mastery Cards. Today’s card was Transformation

Melatonin spray 

Best-Rest Formula: 

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