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Episode 21 – 3 Ways To Build A Healthy Routine

I want to help you live a healthier life. Without wellness routine, it’s tough to put it into practice, especially one that sustainable. This requires dedication and skill. It has to be easy and do-able for you. I say “any health routine is better than none”. 

The routine has to be one that works for YOU and only you.

Here are 3 ways to get you closer to building a sustainable health routine.

021 – 3 Ways To Build A Healthy Routine

I want to help you build a healthy routine, so you put it into practice…one that sustainable. This requires dedication and skill. It has to be easy and do-able for you. The routine has to be one that works for YOU and only you. Here are 3 ways to get you closer to building a sustainable health routine.

#1-  Use The Power Of Visualization

Let’s say you’re super busy Amanda, an ICU nurse who works long days and night shifts at the hospital.

In order for you to use Visualization successfully, here’s what you would do:

The night before, plan for your upcoming “long” day. Amanda might prepare her lunch, and her family’s lunches too, because she’s used to thinking ahead for that. She knows what has a student from the university so she’s expecting to work with that student throughout the day.

Next, she takes action and extends that expectation to visualizing taking care of herself.

She visualizes feeling good in the morning, waking-up at 5:20 before everyone else. She starts off the day with a lemon drink. After visualizing that, she prepares for the morning, by placing the lemon & mug on the counter as the cue.

Busy Amanda also envisions her yoga mat open in the living room, again all by herself. After she gets her lemon ready, she stretches out her yoga mat.

05:15-06:30 – rise n shine

Drink 2 cups of water with lemon. This ensures she starts her morning off hydrated and reaps the benefits of lemon’s nutrients and phytochemical.  Then do a few minutes of stretches on a yoga mat to create flow in the body, and get a fat burn in before you start the day at the hospital.

Next, start your day with your favourite hot beverage/breakfast or smoothie. If you prefer to use intermittent fasting, you can head on to the next phase of your day, but do remember to take your essential fatty acids and necessary supplements to keep you healthy.  You can visit our shop for high quality brands such as genestra/seroyal.

And now that you’re awake, hydrated, nourished and happily caffeinated, it’s if you’re not off to the hospital for a day shift, now’s a great time to get in your 20-minute meditation.

And you’re done with the morning routine. Your day was crafted in advance by leveraging the power of visualization.

By doing this easy 2-minute thinking process in your mind, the night before, you end-up waking-up with a solid intention for the entire day. You likely do this already for your work.

Why not your health?

#2 – Take Action

In order to take the necessary steps, you need a system to take action on. Throughout the day, be sure to have a system that always includes keeping a bottle of water with you so you can stay hydrated.

Remember to take your essential vitamins/supplements. If you don’t take them in the morning, due to being on an empty stomach (intermittent fasting), then be sure they’re available to take with snacks or a meal.

If your food system involves eating a particular diet, be prepared so you don’t grab food on the run when your stomach takes over your ‘thinking brain’. I follow a Ketogenic diet which restricts carbohydrates.  Anytime I’m on the run, I know I need to have cheese or peanuts available.

A 3rd important part of taking repeated action is to spend a few moments in reflection, and make that a regular reminder in your smart phone. Sometimes you just need to change your daily habits and what better system do we have than our daily use of the smart phone to help us reflect and create change??  

  • What’s going well in your day?
  • Do you need to touch base with a loved one?
  • Are you enjoying spontaneous moments that can add variety to your day?

Create a Fail Proof System

Here are 2 Quick tips on making your routine fail-proof & sustainable:

#1 Focus On The Benefits For You

#2 Focus On The Benefits For Your Family

  • Much more effective learning (which makes them happy!) 
  • They can learn the power of manifestation through you more easily.
  • Your family ends-up becoming more mindful in the process, and will experience far less stress in their lives over time.


Yep, there are a few downsides. The main one, for me, is losing a bit of flexibility, but there are ways to get around that.

People also worry about losing a routine they’re accustomed to. What I’ve found, is if you communicate well with the members of your family, and tell them exactly what you need to do the night before, then you’ll be amazed at how well they respond. In episode 10, I reveal some tips and strategies on being productive with your day. Listen to it here. 

Test it Out

What I’d say is, this doesn’t work for everyone. But, it can bring a LOT of benefits to nearly anyone, so it’s definitely worth testing.

Try it out in the next month or so. Simply follow the guidance above to create an amazing day, and just get into it.

Look for signs throughout the day that you’re in a good place, and link it to the work you did the night before.

What if I don’t have time for my health routine?

Yep, this’ll be your default for a while too – just work for the next season at changing your thoughts patterns and adapting to a new way of being. By adding calendar reminders in your smart phone, you can get alert reminders to keep you going in the daytime.

Change isn’t easy. It requires preparation & that’s what visualization does for you. In fact, visualize where you’re phone is right now, and see yourself grabbing your water bottle for a sip. 🙂

Products I discussed:

Yoga Mat

Meditation Pillow

Supplements To Take On A Daily Basis:

Liquid Chlorophyll

HMF Replete Probiotic.

Multivitamin for Women

Multivitamin for Men 

Self-Mastery Cards. Today’s card was Transformation

Melatonin spray 

Best-Rest Formula: 

Struggling to create a Wellness Routine, and need to shift some daily habits?  


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