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4 Easy Steps To Recreate Meaning

Meaning-making is incredibly important to understanding ourselves and our triggers. By simply working through these 4 easy steps to recreating meaning, you are empowering yourself to let-go of things you never thought possible. When your partner gets home later than expected, what’s the meaning of that? Or when your children don’t listen to you on the first prompt, what’s that saying to you?

Well, the reality is, we often get triggered by these things because it’s just an old circuit being pressed. Making a choice to change the way you see things can improve your life significantly.
However, exploring the meaning of something isn’t always easy. No two people view things in the exact same way, which can create a lot of anxiety for people.

Here are 4 Easy Steps To Recreate Meaning

1. Question Your Present Circumstances

You need to figure out if what you are currently doing with your life is really what you want. Nobody is going to tell you what you want in life, only you have the answer to that question. Are you living your life to please someone else or are your decisions to make yourself happy? Obviously, you’ve heard this next statement before but I’ll remind you of it again: you can never really make someone else happy, but you can make yourself happy. This first step involves being mindful of what’s really happening in your life and can truly help you re-create new meaning in your life.

2. Reflect On What You Really Want

Not knowing what you want in life can be a big challenge but having some moments of reflection and mindfulness is key. We all have hopes, dreams and desires and oftentimes these are buried deep in the subconscious. If you spend a few moments in contemplation and reflection about what’s really happening, you can assess whether you’re being objective enough about your current circumstances. Life will always throw curve-balls at you. What’s your perception of those curve-balls when they do occur? Ponder those things to create new meaning.

3. Create A Vision Board

Goals, missions and visions are all part of your dreams and they help you measure your achievements. Your Vision Board will keep those goals alive and help you recreate meaning for the challenges you’re living through, and also help you to redefine the new path. You have to first envision a better life.

Then you have to make it your mission to reach that vision in order to recreate a new meaning to life. We all need to have something to live for regardless of the circumstances. Dreams are a very important part of our lives. Giving up on your dreams is the same as giving up on life. The well-known search engine,, can help you build out a vision board and place all the pins you want in it without having to cut-up old magazines.

4. Reconsider Changing Your Mindset And Habits

What’s the meaning of what’s happening? If you want to shift the meaning of something, you have to change your perception of what’s happening. You need to be able to see things from a different angle. Are you seeing yourself as a failure for something that didn’t go right? These challenging mindsets and beliefs can keep us tied to an old subconscious view of ourselves. That makes for a difficult transition to recreate a new meaning, to become happier. The reality is, old habits die hard. It’s an old brain circuitry. But if you’re not afraid of change, you can believe that habits are just habits. You really can create new ones, easily and effortless. That’s the crux of having a powerful mindset and being able to recreate meaning.

Why keep repeating something that is clearly not good for you? Repeating the same mistakes over and over means you’re struggling with an old vision of yourself – that’s all. So to recreate new meaning, consider how you can add a new powerful daily habit (episode 22 can help you with that) or two into your day. ┬áChanging your mindset and challenging yourself to do better is a key step. Then you must take action against the old habits in order to recreate a new meaning of life.

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