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4 Easy Steps For Recreating Meaning

Making a choice to change your life, or the meaning of something, has never been an easy step for anyone. There is nothing harder in life then letting go of your old habits even though many of us envision a better life than we are currently living. The following life coaching questions will assist you in re-creating the meaning of your life. I also included a clip of audio from one of my favourite artists, John Coltrane. As you engage with these questions, allow your mind to flow a bit and be fearless in your attempts to recreate meaning in your life!

What are you currently doing with your life?

You need to figure out if what you are currently doing with your life is really what you want. Nobody is going to tell you want you want in life, only you have the answer to that question. Are you doing what you do to please someone or yourself? You can never really make someone happy regardless how hard you try, but making yourself happy is an easy step and can help you re-create a meaning of life.

Assess what you really want! 

Not knowing what you want in life is a challenge you created for yourself. We all have hopes, dreams and desires. If you let go of those three things, living your life will always be a challenge as you will see no purpose to it. Change is only good if it is for the right purpose. Life is good if you have something to live for that gives you hope and joy. If you don’t know what you want, you will never know the true meaning of life.

What are your dreams?
Goals, missions and visions are all part of your dreams and they help you measure your achievements. You have to first invasion a better life than you are currently living and you have to make it your mission to reach those goals in order to recreate a new meaning to life. We all need to have something to live for regardless of the circumstances. Dreams are a very important part of our lives. Giving up on your dreams is the same as giving up on life.

How to change your mindset and habits?

Old habits die hard is something usually said by people who are afraid of change. Why keep repeating something that is clearly not good for you. Repeating the same mistakes over and over means you have no goals, missions and visions. How can you achieve any of your dreams if you lack those skills? Changing your mindset and challenging yourself to do better is the first step you must take action against in order to recreate a new meaning of life.

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