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5 Reasons To Attend Our Next Meditation Group

Are you wondering about what a mantra style meditation group can offer you? Mantra style meditation is an ancient meditation technique of reciting a mantra with your eyes closed. Your brain transcends the stress of the busy world outside of you, and slows down. Through reciting a mantra, effortlessly, your body regains a sense of peace and balance. If you have ever considered learning how to meditate, without an app, here are five great reasons you want to consider attending our next Monthly Meditation Group.

1. I’m In Need Of A Quality Break

If it feels like you can’t quite spare the time to do a weekend meditation program because your life is full, our mid-morning Monthly Meditation Group will nourish your mind and body in as little as ninety minutes.  It’s brief enough that you can extend your lunch hour, but long enough to get you a quality rest, while you take in new knowledge, and learn a gentle relaxation approach. You don’t have to give up your whole day, but only 90 minutes. This 3-session meditation group is a program designed to offer you the some much-needed relaxation, setting you up to return to your work activities with renewed energy, productivity, and resilience.

2. I’ve Been Seeking More From My Life

If you’re feeling a bit empty or losing productivity in your work, joining our Monthly Meditation Group can offer you a richer experience in life. Group members have found that mantra style meditation provides many physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. The group is designed to help you achieve better results immediately, so you can experience a richer life. This transformation can happen within the first group session, or may only be noticed towards the end of the your second week of practicing meditation. Often, results will depend on the goals you set for yourself in the group, and where your point of focus is.

3. I Need To Meet Others That Meditate

One of the best things about our Monthly Meditation Groups is the new connections and friendships. If you are joining as a workplace, these might not be new friendships, but the connection will change from studying together. This could enhance your workplace culture by allowing you to support one another through the change in daily habits, and exchange of information and insights.  Together with others, you are embarking on journey to better health that will have a lasting impact for years to come. You never know who you’ll meet or the valuable lessons you’ll learn along the way.

4. I Want To Create A New Health Habit

Learning to meditate with a group serves as a great reminder of how powerful you can be. Each week, we share valuable insights and tips on the creation of new habits and maintaining your routine. The group provides inspiration to one another, to help you create new health habits. Working with a group gets your practicing, and provides you that momentum to sit in silence, together. Meditation is a powerful stress relief practice that helps you learn how to develop the “chill muscle”. By joining our Monthly Meditation group, you learn to habitually set daily intentions and move forward with your day in a positive way. We also discuss routine openly in the group. See article on overcoming barriers to regular meditation. 

5. I Need A Flexible Learning Environment

By joining our Monthly Meditation Group, you’re joining us virtually from wherever you are at that moment. This means you can create your own learning environment. If you are at work during the day, simply shut the door to your office and log-in from the comfort of your desk. You can bring your favourite blanket and get comfortable for the 90 minute group session. We all meet online, but if you’re unable to join us at that hour simply let your Meditation Coach know and they will provide you a recording where you can tune-in at your leisure. It is preferred that you attend the session on that day, however, to keep up with the group teachings in a timely fashion. You may also chose to leave the session earlier if you need to.


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