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5 Ways To Create a Retreat Space Inside Your Home

Have you ever left a pile of books or clothes in a corner of your room and then pass it everyday to only forget all about it? It doesn’t go anywhere, but with time the corner becomes a regular part of the scenery. This is what happens when you lose focus of the beauty that’s around you.

All space has the potential to be a retreat space. Most of the time, though, we struggle to create that day-to-day reality, especially in familiar places, like our homes. It is all-too-easy to become distracted by the long list of to-dos about life, work, family, and household chores.  You might even forget to clean up those piles in the corner too. This can make it very difficult to shift into a “self-care” state of mind, forcing you to feel like you need to escape to an all-inclusive retreat or holiday.

Thankfully, after several years of a daily meditation practice, I’ve learned how to create this for myself so that I don’t burnout. I’m sharing a list of these 5  simple steps you can take to help you create a retreat space of your own. I want you to feel peace and calm whenever you want it or need it most.

5 Simple Steps To Create A Retreat Space

Convert A Space In Your Home

If possible, convert a space outside of your normal work space for your home retreat space. Make it minimalistic, with just a few spectacularly beautiful things, or embellish the area. Do whatever you need to make it warm and welcoming as a retreat space.

Find An Image Or A Visual Cue

Visual cues can help anchor your presence to offset your normal mood. You might even use wood, glass or steel to create a different visual effect, to create a retreat space that reflects the mood you want to experience. Allow your eyes to absorb different things than it usually does.

Make Your Space As Comfortable To Be In As Possible

When you think of feeling cozy at a retreat space, what are you sitting in? Or are you lying down? This is your retreat space, so make it feel beautiful enough that you will want to be in it regularly. Perhaps you have special cushions or an extra fluffy blanket that’s tucked away in a drawer somewhere. You can always create a retreat space with a yoga mat that’s visually appealing and relaxing at the same time.

Choose A Beverage Of Your Choice

Perhaps a cup of hot cocoa is what will suit this space best, or it’s a special tea brewed just for your retreat space? Be mindful of what you choose to bring into your retreat space. Indulge in it. Savour every moment of the experience until you feel satisfied. You might even purchase a new mug or glassware that’s specifically going to meet your needs while in this retreat space.

Leave Your Worries Behind

Set the tone for what you need to leave behind to be fully present in your retreat space. Is it something physical (your phone or laptop), a conversation, a worry, a responsibility, an expectation, a personal limitation, or something complicating your life that needs to be set aside…If you need some music to shift your mood, then consider listening to solfeggio frequencies, like my 528Hz gratitude meditation.

In conclusion…

There you have it, 5 ways to create a retreat space in your home, and hopefully a bit of motivation to tidy-up those corners that aren’t being used to their capacity. I get it though, everyone’s lives are feeling more and more complex. People are feeling weighed down and for some, it’s as simple as switching the water you drink on a daily basis. For others, it’s going to take a stronger intention to make the shift happen in a different way.

But, what if… you simply took a vacation everyday, in your home and in your mind? You can now, with these easy 5 steps. At Satori, we teach a simple meditation practice that can help you do this everyday. By learning to stop, close your eyes, and go within, the stress melts away. Your sleep improves and your life improves along with it. In other words, life becomes less overwhelming and more in-tune with your needs.

Make your life beautiful!

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