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Episode 77 – 6 Steps To Create A Workplace Wellness Strategy

Let’s talk workplace wellness strategy! In episode 66, I discussed the 6 Reasons Wellness Programs Benefit Nurses and Hospitals (see below for a brief summary). In today’s episode, I actually want to give health executives the right tools to create a sustainable workplace wellness program. What I want most for you, is that you walk away from this episode and try to create a new story of the health care business. If you want a bit of help around focusing your priority areas, stay tuned as I help you to create a powerful and innovative wellness platform for all health employees in your healthcare hub.

Let’s get started…Here are Satori’s 6 steps you need to consider when creating a health and wellness workplace strategy.

Episode 77 – 6 Steps To Creating A Workplace Wellness Strategy

These 6 steps offer you the opportunity to create a more powerful workplace wellness strategy.  All too often leaders are faced with challenges of time. In Episode 66, I discussed 6 Reasons Wellness Programs Benefit Nurses but now, I’m here to offer you the tools to create a sustainable wellness program.

1. Create A Wellness Strategy To Save Money

It’s time to wake-up! Gone are the days of thin wellness budgets that only include EAP, brief intervention workshops, and training programs to “enhance your nursing career”. That’s where we’ve been for 50 years and it’s no longer the way to save your bottom -line.

According to the 2021 Nursing Retention report: The cost of turnover can have a profound impact on diminishing hospital margins and needs to be managed more efficiently. “According to the survey, the average cost of turnover for a bedside RN ranges from $28,400 to $51,700 resulting in the average hospital losing between $3.6million – $6.5million/yr. Each percent change in RN turnover will cost/save the average hospital an additional $270,800/yr”(source: NSA National Healthcare Retention Report).

2. Consider The Importance of Growth & Development

If you feel your own personal growth is rated at an 8/10, you’re likely to view health and wellness programs differently from someone who rates growth lower on the importance scale. Likewise, if uncertainty and adventure are important to you, then you might be inclined to investing in an innovative program like The ProMind Experience. Because it’s all about having FUN!

We all have 6 core human needs, namely certainty, variety, growth, contribution, significance and love. Each of these 6 human needs ranks differently across the population but we all have 2 that reside at the top of our list and tend to overshadow what we do in life. By cultivating a mindset for health and wellness, your organization will flourish from all directions.

3. Question Your Team Members Internal Agenda

The heart of all health and wellness programs should be to create balance for all staff. Oftentimes, leadership teams have agendas to support what they believe in most or allow their own subconscious blocks to run the show. While we all have a subconscious mind that’s running the show 95% of the time, it’s vitally important to question motives as you try to make headway with new programs. The old paradigm has a way of sneaking up on us and preventing progress, especially with more senior leadership.

4. Develop a Stronger Hospital Mission

When taking on new health and wellness programs, start from the beginning by reading your hospital’s mission. Once you look at that, try to read it from the perspective of a being a more healing and holistic organization. With a new focus point, you can see if the mission statement needs to be strengthened, tweaked or changed altogether to move your hospital forward for the next few decades. Does this mission support people, and innovation, or is it solely about investing in high quality patient care and leading edge research?

5. Create Workplace Culture You Want

Healing organizations have one things as their top priority and it’s that they lead by investing in the most important asset they have; their people. Might you want your staff to be happy and joyful like they all work on a paediatrics ward, or is your workplace serious and reflects the sterile tone of the operating room? Think about this as you launch, and invest-in, new health initiatives. Satori’s The ProMind Experience is truly the next generation wellness strategy. It’s all about having fun, and building community so health practitioners are aligned with their highest good. It goes beyond a mental health program.

6. Be More Deliberate In Sustainable Change

Deliberate organization-level interventions support staff by remaining focused on the task and completing it in a reasonable time. Multiple literature reviews recommend the availability of organizational-level interventions. These should be aimed at creating sustainable change and focus making humans flourish. To place the emphasis on expansion will generate more sustainable abundance for all, and I believe it’ll help solve many of current workplace crises. People are waking up and at the heart of this awakening is a more heart-centred approach. Human potential is the new buzz word on the scene, not just mental health as we hear and read about so much in health policy journals. This is backwards!   Experiential personal growth programs such as The ProMind Experience puts employees at the centre of new systems and strategies for continued health and development in all areas of their lives.

BONUS TIP : Hire Outside Consultants!

Thanks for staying until the end. I hope my 6 tips have given you a new perspective on what to consider when creating and implmenting a new health and wellness strategy in your hospital. My goal was to help you move forward with a fresh perspective that incorporates new business priorities, and to build a forward-thinking healing organization.

I’d love your feedback, so shoot me an email at [email protected]

Just a final note before I leave you guys…There are so many self-care activities that have the ability to promote health and wellbeing. I just think of the challenges that I even created some years ago in Satori, and people followed us on Instagram, and they were important. But….all too often staff don’t implement these strategies in a sustainable way. They are experiences but never really life changing. but they did have life changing moments when they experienced coaching and the breakthroughs that come with that. The challenges we see in corporate wellness programs is they only provide short-term strategies.

These short programs are merely dosing nurses with a ton of strategies, but missing a system to implement. Satori’s hospital-wide 7-week initiative gives them both, a process + mindset. You need both to create a shift in your life, otherwise you fail and start over once again. When nurses have a process for creating more balance in their lives, they have a more positive impact on patient care, and that expands into the community at large and their own family life.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or check-out The ProMind Experience demo page here, where you can schedule a Discovery Call to see if we’re the right fit for your organization.

For information on the Learn To Meditate, Mantra Style Meditation Group , click on this link. I can also provide you a proposal for your workplace.

Episode 66 Summary: 6 Reasons Wellness Programs Benefit Nurses And Hospital Employers

1. Energizes Your Nursing Staff
It’s well-known that happy people make better decisions. Hospitals inevitably want their nurses making sound clinical decisions. Experiential “workplace wellness” programs are quickly becoming a favourite among HR and training professionals, as well as employees. They create personal conviction and connect the training experience to the real world.

2. Strengthens Employee Engagement & Strong Hospital Culture
Satori’s experiential personal growth program combines the process of personal development with team goals. The combination aligns with high levels of engagement to help them become a high-performance team. Altogether, the participants gain the ability to see relationships in complex systems. Furthermore, they practice the ability to ”take a step back”, helping them to gain a clear perspective of things from a whole new level.

3. Brings A Stellar ROI
An experiential growth program with a focus on wellness in your hospital avails opportunities for employees to learn about themselves, and their health values, while they are in their normal flow of day-to-day work. Instead of doing professional development off the unit, at a conference, or in a boardroom, The ProMind Experience, keeps employees engaged through short lessons each day, during non-productive times. This keeps them learning and growing a little bit each day.

4. Improves Soft Skills
One of the challenges of technology is that the new norm is to communicate via tech. No emoji will cut it when you need to do health teaching for a cardiac patient. Although Satori’s ProMind Experience is a wellness and personal development program that’s predominantly offered online. Our group coaching format supports nurses to speak amongst one another.

5. Allows For Reflection & Builds Personal Commitment
Self-reflection and a strong sense of inquiry are essential to every nurse (source link here). By strategically layering-on certain features within the program, health practitioners take the time-out to reflect. This way, our clinicians reflect on their wellness practice, which is crucial for applied-learning to enter into the body. Satori believes that when health practitioners take the opportunity to share their new beliefs, they commit collectively to new behaviours. That where true transformative change takes place.

6. Helps Refine A Nurse’s Career Path
Each individual on your team has career dreams that are deeply personal. Those dreams deserve the opportunity to come alive in due time. When you allow your team to participate in experiential learning, it allows them the space and freedom to learn about themselves, and ponder the existential question of “what type of nurse do I want to be?”. When a nurses is offered that healing space, through our 7-week program, you can improve the culture of your company, encouraging your staff to be more present and mindful of their personal power.

Will you be that clinical leader to move them forward with new and innovative solutions?

Why Partner With Satori?
When you partner with Satori, you instantly create value for the hospital and its nursing teams. Lynn Chénier, CEO & Founder of Satori’s The ProMind Experience has directly faced the challenges as a nurse on the frontline. She became so frustrated with nursing that she was moving-on to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. Alongside Chiropractic, Lynn pursed her nursing career part-time and then abruptly faced a life-altering motor vehicle crash on the highway. This catastrophic event forced her to pause her career for nearly a decade. This didn’t stop her from gaining experience, however. Her peak performance attitude, and background as a nurse and chiropractic student supported her recovery through this car crash.

Lynn not only speaks as a nurse, but carries with her a 20+ year practice in Transcendental Meditation. She teaches students to meditate with a mantra, to recover from the daily stress and allow the mind to reach expanded states.


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