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Episode 66 – 6 Reasons Wellness Programs Benefit Nurses And Hospitals

Episode 66 – 6 Reasons Wellness Programs Benefit Nurses And Hospitals

Wellness programs that support staff at being healthy, inside and outside the work environment, help them live balanced lives. Generally speaking, when a hospital can embrace a wellness program that’s backed by coaching, mindset training and personal development, the entire work environment and culture grows (see Episode 45).

Here’s the thing, hospital-wide wellness initiatives, geared towards nurses specifically, offer hospitals several benefits. Such programs would benefit employees by supporting healthy behaviours and habits, while also enhancing hospital culture.

Wellness programs that support staff at being healthy, inside and outside the work environment, help them live balanced lives. Generally speaking, when a hospital can embrace a wellness program that’s backed by coaching, mindset training and personal development, the entire work environment and culture grows (see Episode 45).

When people feel valued, respected and satisfied in their lives, they are more apt to stay working for you. Employee health means something different to every profession. When it comes to the profession of nursing, their work requires long hours, complex case loads, satisfying the college’s annual requirements, along with potentially challenging team dynamics.  Nurses require a unique set of strategies, tools and supports to be healthy and balanced. Here are some of the value-added benefits of involving us in your retention plan. Let’s dive-in together to the six reasons wellness programs benefit nurses and hospitals.

6 Reasons Wellness Programs Benefit Nurses And Hospital Employers

1. Energizes Your Nursing Staff

It’s well-known that happy people make better decisions. Hospitals inevitably want their nurses making sound clinical decisions. Experiential “workplace wellness” programs are quickly becoming a favourite among HR and training professionals, as well as employees. They create personal conviction and connect the training experience to the real world.

When a hospital or workplace can deliver a memorable experience like Satori’s The ProMind Experience, nurses and health professionals are trained to crave good days – energizing days. They’re also trained to feel well-rested, and create more moments of happiness. By applying regular mindfulness training, supporting them to manage their body through exercise, proper diet and healthy supplements, the workplace is bound to see measurable results.

Satori’s program makes personal growth and development fun and engaging. Often times, it can be difficult for nurses to ask for help (especially from the help offered from internal resources). They’re hard-wired to help others.  By considering a hospital-wide initiative for nurses, the entire culture has the potential of being re-energized, benefitting everyone in the system. That is an energizing thought! Do you object?

2. Strengthens Employee Engagement & Strong Hospital Culture

Satori’s experiential personal growth program combines the process of personal development with team goals. The combination aligns with high levels of engagement to help them become a high-performance team. Altogether, the participants gain the ability to see relationships in complex systems. Furthermore, they practice the ability to ”take a step back”, helping them to gain a clear perspective of things from a whole new level.

Not all wellness programs are equal. It’s important to have a platform that provides robust analytics. Having said that, it’s equally important to maintain confidentiality of its community members. Satori’s workplace wellness program, The ProMind Experience offers our team key insights about your population. These insights allow us to jump right in with those who aren’t participating yet. Never do we take punitive action for not engaging in the workplace wellness program, per se. They are support measures that offer team leaders relevant engagement reporting. The point is to help our team and its stakeholders understand usage. That information alone drives us towards the long-term goal of employee wellness.

3. Brings A Stellar ROI

An experiential growth program with a focus on wellness in your hospital avails opportunities for employees to learn about themselves, and their health values, while they are in their normal flow of day-to-day work. Instead of doing professional development off the unit,  at a conference, or in a boardroom, The ProMind Experience, keeps employees engaged through short lessons each day, during non-productive times. This keeps them learning and growing a little bit each day.

Oftentimes off-site workshops or in-services are solely focusing on enhancing their professional skills. For example, foot care certification, non-violent intervention, stress-management workshops, and intubation clinic, etc. These off-site initiatives require time away from their families. They also have added expenses to such professional development, incurred by the workplace. By providing short e-learning modules and lessons, they can use their hospital breaks productively – keeping them engaged with patient care.

4. Improves Soft Skills

One of the challenges of technology is that the new norm is to communicate via tech. No emoji will cut it when you need to do health teaching for a cardiac patient. Although Satori’s ProMind Experience is a wellness and personal development program that’s predominantly offered online. Our group coaching format supports nurses to speak amongst one another.

Furthermore, The Mindful Clinician community reinforces what the nursing community is doing well in their lives. The community expands on their own strengths and personal assets, and we should all be grateful for the nurses we do have. By investing in a wellness program, you help your nurses develop and improve their soft skills that much more. The truth is, we’re always growing.  But a group initiative like The ProMind Experience help nurses to refine their strategies and learn lessons within a team focus.

5. Allows For Reflection & Builds Personal Commitment

Self-reflection and a strong sense of inquiry are essential to every nurse (source link here). By strategically layering-on certain features within the program, health practitioners take the time-out to reflect. This way, our clinicians  reflect on their wellness practice, which is crucial for applied-learning to enter into the body. Satori believes that when health practitioners take the opportunity to share their new beliefs, they commit collectively to new behaviours. That where true transformative change takes place.

Wellness programs in hospitals not only create a community of positivity for our health heroes, Satori actually creates personal transformation. Connect with us in a demo to learn more about how we create personal transformation.  By sharing their concrete experiences, the community keeps everyone accountable to their own goals, desires, and dreams.

6. Helps Refine A Nurse’s Career Path

Each individual on your team has career dreams that are deeply personal. Those dreams deserve the opportunity to come alive in due time. When you allow your team to participate in experiential learning, it allows them the space and freedom to learn about themselves, and ponder the existential question of “what type of nurse do I want to be?”. When a nurses is offered that healing space, through our 7-week program, you can improve the culture of your company, encouraging your staff to be more present and mindful of their personal power.

For this reason, the hospital management needs to be aware of the type of nursing culture they want to create and cultivate. Experiential personal growth programs, micro-learning, gamification, geofencing; it’s a whole new world of healthcare training out there – and Satori’s taken it on full-swing ahead. We are always in gratitude to have nurses doing the work. Not everyone can do this work. But nurses require a next-generation wellness strategy to grow professionally, and shift into the next decade of nursing’s potential.

Will you be that clinical leader to move them forward with new solutions?

Why Partner With Satori?

When you partner with Satori, you instantly create value for the hospital and its nursing teams. Our Director & Mindset Coach, Lynn Chénier, has directly faced the challenges as a nurse on the frontline. She became so frustrated with frontline nursing that she was moving-on to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. Alongside Chiropractic, Lynn pursed her nursing career part-time and then abruptly faced a life-altering motor vehicle crash on the highway. This catastrophic event forced her to pause her career for nearly a decade. This didn’t stop her from gaining experience, however. Her peak performance attitude, and background as a nurse and chiropractic student supported her recovery through this car crash.

Lynn not only speaks as a nurse, but carries with her a 20+ year practice in Transcendental Meditation. She teaches students to meditate with a mantra, to recover from the daily stress and allow the mind to reach expanded states.


Personal development go hand-in-hand with wellness. There are so many self-care activities that have the ability to promote health and wellbeing, but all too often staff don’t implement these strategies. Many short programs are merely dosing nurses with a ton of strategies, but missing a system to implement. Satori gives them both, a process + mindset. You need both to create a shift in your life. When nurses have a process for creating more balance in their lives, they have a more positive impact on patient care.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or check-out The ProMind Experience demo page here, where you can schedule a Discovery Call to see if we’re the right fit for your organization.

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