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Episode 6 – 6 Human Needs

006 – Why Discovering What You Need Will Make You Happier

Do you know what you need? Often times, people can feel a little anxious or antsy about something but they won’t know why. It’ll just happen, and from there, they’ll instantly grab something outside of themselves to help them feel better.

In Podcast episode 6, on the 6 human needs, I’m covering Why Discovering You Need Will Make You Happier. Often times, people can feel a little anxious or antsy about something but they won’t know why. It’ll just happen, and from there, they’ll instantly grab something outside of themselves to help them feel better. This can be a cup of coffee, or tea, or worst a medication that poses risks and side-effects.

Discovering what you actually need at that moment is a question we likely don’t ask ourselves. But think back to when you were a child. Do you recall being asked “what do you need from mum?”. Similarly, while at school, you’re asked the question: “Mary, what’s happening – what do you need?”. You might have memories of just not knowing what those needs were – and you could be carrying around that same sense of loss of purpose or meaning today.

But if you pause for a moment to ask yourself this question, as an adult, you might come up with interesting answers.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • To question what you really need to be happy and healthy?
  • All about the 6 Human Needs theory created by my teacher and mentor, Tony Robbins.
  • Why paying attention to our needs is critically important to your personal and professional success.
  • The reason people fail when trying to move forward from a problem behaviour.

The 6 universal human needs are:

    1. Love and connection – all forms of relationships are important, platonic and romantic.
    2. Growth – it’s said that we all need to grow in some way or another in order to self-actualize.
    3. Certainty – the need for certainty can come from needing to know where you’re going to sleep each night to a deeper need for how much money you have in your bank account at all times. This varies from person-to-person.
    4. Contribution – while contributing to others or humanity, it might not be at the top of your list, but it is still deemed a universal human need according to Tony Robbins.
    5. Significance – feeling a sense of significance and importance varies across your life stage but it’s still important to know that you’re needed. The need for contribution and the need for significance are inter-related but different.
    6. Variety – this need is synonymous with the need for uncertainty. People need to have variety in their lives – period – and how ones obtains this need for variety can be in your day-to-day life/job or it can come from your hobbies.

What you’ll learn in this podcast is what ultimately drives you, and motivates you to be healthier, to reach your goals, and full potential, or to be an amazing partner.The 6 universal 6 human needs theory also relates to your relationships, and the quality of your relationships. They can be healthy and numerous, or maladaptive with lots of fighting which can mean that you might be intrinsically motivated by a need for significance – more than the need for love.

Quite often relationships end abruptly and people are side-swiped by the changes that are happening so quickly, and yet they fail to evaluate the one thing that was missing the most in their life: what each person truly needed in that relationship.

Professionally, I see the same thing happening in the realm of human needs. I deal with peak performers, who have attained a certain level of success and status in their careers.

Professionally they’ve grown leaps and bounds, and they’re likely continuing to grow professionally because their respective College requires them to do so. However, on an emotional level, they could be missing out on a few things and feel a void.

The fact is, people place a high degree of value on 2 of these human needs. In medicine, one have a need for growth and contribution.

When something shifts at work, be it a new manager comes or a staff member is no longer there, one can find themselves feeling like craving the old life when it’s actually not at all about the changes in staffing. It’s due to the fact that their needs aren’t being met in their highest good.

Ultimately, that person is heavily impacted but it’s not for the obvious reason. The reason being wholeheartedly related to these 6 universal needs. We are all affected by others as well.

Life Coaching is about working on your life, and the empowerment of all the amazing things that you are, and have done! I have the flashlight and I can help you see where you need to go. Everyone has something they need, and I’m the perfect person to help bring you balance, clarity & focus.

Are you unsure of what you really need in life?

In our blog post on creating an attitude of gratitude, I offer you some simple tips to shifting into a more joyful place. There I also offer this FREE Gratitude Calendar that can help you create a different set of feelings for yourself. Grab it below.

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