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Episode 68 – 8 Easy Ways To Raise Your Vibrations

Your body holds an electromagnetic field, and it’s the key to experiencing your best life. Every person has an electromagnetic field and it’s this field that attracts what you feel in your life. Here are my 8 easy ways to raise your energetic vibration, a blog post written back in 2018. Today, with a bit more pep in my step, I record it for you as podcast episode 68. This, my friends, is how you can begin to raise your good vibes for the day and get started by doing that right away! peace, love & light! xo

Episode 68 – 8 Easy Ways To Raise Your Vibrations

Your body holds an electromagnetic field, and it’s the key to experiencing your best life. Every person has an electromagnetic field and it’s this field that attracts what you feel in your life. Here are my 8 easy ways to raise your energetic vibration, a blog post written back in 2018.

What Is Your Electromagnetic Frequency?

Everything in the universe has an electromagnetic frequency or an energy field. Wherever you go, your energetic field goes along with you. It surrounds your body, and it’s through the magnetism in your field that that field attracts everything in your life. Whatever you feel in your life, has a frequency.  Based on what you’re feeling, you’ll attract the same frequency in return because feelings have frequencies.  They range on a spectrum from high-to-low; loving,  joyful, happy, excited, successful all the way down to the opposite range of negative feelings like feeling discouraged, anxious, guilty, critical, and tired.

Whatever feeling frequency you are on is what you’ll receive more of. It can also be applied to a group of people or a workplace culture. Knowing this can help you shift your magnetic power in no time. You may also think of frequency as “energy”, “vibrations”, “emotional blueprint”. This is the kind of talk we hear about when people say “that woman is good vibes”.  We know what it means at face value, but what does it really mean? That is what this blog post on all about.

“Through your ability to think and feel, you’ll have dominion over all creation” Neville Goddard

How Do You Change Your Emotional Frequency?

People’s feelings are often on autopilot, without much awareness. In fact, your reactions give-out more of what you’re putting out, which can trap you in a cogwheel. All it takes to change your life is to change the way you feel. But often times the way others feel around us can have a negative impact on our emotional frequency, yet we may not be aware of it.

Why Should You Raise Your Vibration?

As I said earlier, different emotions have different energetic frequencies that can impact the balance of your energy field. After an emotion is experienced in your mind, the frequency of it is registered in your heart. The heart is the spiritual centre of your body. When you consciously focus your mind to experience high-vibrational emotions, such as love, empathy and joy, you exude those higher frequencies directly from your heart space, and that raises the vibration of your energy field. This happens instantly!

When your energy field is impacted by low-vibrational emotions, people, places, workgroups, etc. – your vibration is lowered. You will likely physically feel the effects of this frequency change if you’re tuned-in to your own energy frequency. Ultimately that frequency shift might leave you feeling fatigued or even drained. You may also find yourself struggling with emotions like guilt, apathy, anger, and other similar emotions which might come out of the blue. When you experience chronic low-vibrational emotions, the overall frequency dip in your field can have physical effects like a compromised immune system, cancer, less joy, more worry and anxiety, and less trust in yourself and in the divine.

Alternatively, when you’re around happy and vibrant people, your spiritual vibration is high. You feel at peace, more joyful, courageous, uplifted and other similar emotions (even if you had a rough day). This should empower you to think about why you want to take charge of your own energetic field because you are impacted, and impacting, others around you.

How Can You Raise Your Vibration?

It’s easier said than done to stop the cycle of negativity and shift your thoughts to positive emotions. The BIG secret is to let go of trying to control your emotions, but to be aware of them. Can you imagine trying to monitor your every thought from morning until night? I’ve been there, and it’s utterly exhausting! Instead, focus on recognizing the emotions and honour them. Allow them to flow through you. Feel the feels, as the cliche goes. That way you get it out of the trapped state (either in your subconscious mind or in your body), and out to a place where you can work with the emotion. This is what will raise your vibrations.

8 Ways To Raise Your Vibrations

1 – Train Your Brain Each Day In The Morning & Evening

This little known secret will go a long way in helping you to raise your vibration to be in good place.

Neuroplasticity is a scientific term that refers to the brain’s ability to adapt and change in response to thoughts and emotions. That way each time you choose to tune-in to love instead of fear, positive expectation instead of doubt, contentment instead of jealousy – the positive pathways in your brain are reinforced and your ability to break the cycle of negative programming is amplified. Practice is key.

2. Go Out For A Walk Or Exercise

When we move, we get the energy flowing, especially when we do it outdoors. This simple technique can help us avoid stagnation (which has a negative impact on our joint health, by the way!). Go for a walk in a botanical garden where there’s beauty and colour to really appreciate the wonders of nature. It truly does shift the energy and opens the heart space. Alternatively, you can do a mini-workout at home. Just move your body!

3. Keep A Journal

I recommend that you keep the journal in your regular workspace, or by your bedside, so you can actively use this strategy to shift your vibrations. You can write down 5 things you’re grateful for, or 5 things you hope to achieve in your lifetime, or 5 powerful affirmations. Affirmations are positive “I AM” statements that can really boost your mood and provide you with the encouragement you need during tough times.  The idea is to create a new experience through your journal.

4. Be Aware Of Other’s Energy

You have a say with whom you share time and energy with. The idea is to build-in some awareness of what others might be feeling, and how it impacts you. Be discerning on who you share your time with, and honour yourself when changes need to be made to support your wellbeing. When the time comes to release a relationship and part ways, you have to honour yourself for the choices you make that will inevitably improve your life.

5. Practice Gratitude Each Day

Gratitude is proven to offer people a dose of optimism. Gratitude also provides us with a sense of happiness because it reminds us of what we have, particularly in a culture of desire. Having an attitude of gratitude offers us a realization of plenty. That way, when we’re faced with adversity, shifting to an attitude of gratitude can really help you see the positive angle of your challenges, versus always seeing and fearing the worst case scenario. When you’re able to be grateful, you remain in the present and raises our vibrations (see post here).  You can also boost your vibrations with this short gratitude meditation here. 

6. Develop A Meditation Practice

Developing a regular meditation practice is the easiest solution to rebooting your body and mind for better focus, productivity, creativity and overall improved health. If you don’t have a lot of time, you can listen to this
guided meditation I recorded here, and let it carry you through the day. Meditation is proven to decrease the stress hormone cortisol, and supports your self-regulation to shift your vibrations. This can bring you into better harmony with what you want most for your life.

7. Visualize A Better Life

Visualization provides you powerful leverage to envision yourself getting different results in your life.  The reason it’s so powerful is because it prepares the mind to do something new. Preparation is a key component of success. As well, visualization engages your creative human imagination, and that takes a lot of pressure off you when you’re trying to get new strategies going. I have an entire podcast episode on this topic here.

All you need to do is take a bit of time to yourself, close your eyes, take 3-4 deep breaths and allow your brain to get to a slower brain frequency. This is the alpha state – a state we reach fairly quickly once we close our eyes.

8. Program Your Water

This a little trick I learned to do from my reiki master training, back in 2012. Put my hands around a mug of coffee/tea or water bottle and visualize the result of what you’re working on. Connect with your heart space and  program the beverage for whatever intention you like, such as mental clarity, improved relaxation, or maybe more energy and improved health.


Concluding Thoughts On Raising Your Vibrations

In order to make positive changes in your life, and raise your energetic frequency, and attract better things in your life, you need to recognize the value of change. When you see the value of changing things, you’ll have an easier time at experiencing the change. If you don’t believe change is possible, you just won’t make the shifts required in your emotional blueprint, and thus remain living in a lower frequency. The best way to make that shift is to engage your own creative human imagination to get the ball rolling. When you spend a little time each day raising your vibrations, you’re engaging your spirit along a more beautiful journey and path to enlightenment. That prolongs your life and enhances health and vitality! 

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