Episode 15 – Create Your Own Meditation Space

015 – Craft Your Own Meditation Space

In Episode 15, I pick-up from the last episode regarding My Top 5 Myths Of Meditation. Sure, the creation of such a space can be helpful, depending upon your meditation goal, but it’s not necessary. Have a listen and I assure you that you’ll think differently about how you manage to fit in meditation to your busy schedule.

 Meditation is not a “one-size-fits-all” type of thing, and there are many styles of meditation to choose from. Based on which style you practice, one’s meditation space could vary considerably. 

In our last Episode on The 5 Myths About Meditation, I briefly touched upon the health and wellness benefits that mantra-style meditation provides. Almost anyone can benefit from including meditation in their life.

As you begin to break down those myths, and try learning to meditate, you will likely want to experience ALL the benefits right away. Be patient, because it takes time to really experience the benefits of meditation, because they are so numerous.

In fact, the benefits to learning how to meditate can lead to creating a super mind; one that is boosted with creativity, and productivity while being at rest and peace.

In fact, meditation offers you health & wellness benefits that you may not experience the results right away…until you actually miss your meditation.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn: 

  • To (re)define “space”.
  • The pros/cons of having a meditation space in your home.
  • All about my own meditation space.
  • To Review where your efforts should lie in creating a space.
  • Define the goal or objective for your meditation. Is your primary aim stress release? Performance enhancement? Or Heart-health improvement?
  • Tips to avoid falling into the “meditation space” trap.

My own personal experiences of learning to meditate started back when I finished my undergraduate degree in Nursing, back at McMaster University. My dad was gracious enough to offer me the gift of specialized training which took place over 2 weekends.

I learned how to observe my thoughts, and allow my thoughts to pass. I learned how to properly use a mantra, a special word dedicated to me, and the ways to allow my mind to wander without judgement.

Vedic Meditation has never been forced and it’s become a daily habit that has helped me transcend stress, heal severe injuries, and manage the day-to-day frustrations with ease and grace.

Are you interested in learning how to do the same? Read more here if you’d like to Learn To Meditate Virtually. We start a new monthly program for Health Practitioners on the first Saturday of each month, as well as a monthly meditation program for the general public.

The first step to thinking about meditation, and is to first have the desire to improve your health & wellness, and build a healthy routine. Episode 21 can help you tune-in to the idea of making different choices.

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