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3 Ways To Be More Positive

Being positive goes hand-in-hand with being happy. In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson claims that we all have certain “unalienable” rights, among which he counts “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Being happy or positive is a long-standing debate amongst philosophers, but there are some basic components to achieving happiness and a state of positivity. We all need our basic human needs and resources taken care of, as well as a supportive social circle. These two contribute to having a stable environment, which are important for being positive.

When successful people are asked about what makes them happy in life, one of the keys is in the way we talk to  ourselves. Tony Robbins holds the opinion that you should think of your inner self (mind, body and soul) as the ultimate garden. What you plant in the garden (of your mind) is exactly what you should expect to sow. But how exactly might you get on that positive trajectory?

Here Are Three Simple Ways To Be More Positive

1.      Reflect upon your past successes

We all have meaningful triumphs in our lives. Pursuing more success doesn’t always lead to happiness, but you sure can feel more positive by reflecting on your wins. This reflection can shift your attitude. People often feel depressed when they’re not achieving their goals. Grab a notebook and put on the timer to write for about 10 minutes. Do an internal review of the last 20 years, and write down all the successes achieved in your life. Write down your earliest proud moment, from high school to present. Perhaps getting married was a success, or having your first child. Be proud of each of those moments. Think about how scared you probably were when you were going through each of these trying time. As well, try to remember how you didn’t feel ready enough, but you still managed to succeed in them. This will help you ignite a sense of positivity within yourself.

2.  Focus on the wants, and wishes

When you’re in a funk, it’s often because you’ve lost touch with your deepest wishes. Sometimes it’s a result of insufficient resources, so people lose their positive vibes from feeling defeated. Perhaps you feel powerless to seeing how you can manifest those desires. Don’t look at the “how”. That’s not your job! Just concentrate on what you want to achieve. Sometimes our social needs are dependant on life stages, so look at what you really want and assess if it’s still as powerful as you once felt it was. Don’t think about it failing. Instead, focus on the day you achieve you wish. This will help you make better decisions, and some of these decisions will just come to you automatically. That’s the beauty of your subconscious mind leading you to the win.

3.      Use positive words, or affirmations

Avoid the words can’t, don’t and maybe in your sentences. Always be positive about everything you communicate. However, don’t just use your words. Reinforce the feeling by making use of other non-verbal cues. For example, if you are unsure about doing something you can respond with a reassuring sentence like “I believe I can do it” together with a confident posture to go with it. Use positive “I AM” statements as well. If you can bring in these positive statements into your environment, you have a good chance of eventually believing in them and putting a smile on your face.

These are the three ways to be more positive. Although there are many more, happiness isn’t a luxury. It’s a state of mind; one that’s essential to living a healthy and balanced life. These quick tips have gotten me through some of my toughest situations and they will also help you start feeling positive about yourself in no time.

Stay positive everyone!

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