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Episode 1: Welcome To The Satori Radio Podcast

Welcome to Satori Radio

01: Welcome: Sneak Preview

Welcome to the first episode of Satori Radio, the place to be to lead a healthy and soulful life!


You’re listening to the Satori Radio Podcast, and this is Episode 1: Welcome.

This is where you’ll learn how to connect more deeply with the mind and the body.

Listen as Lynn shares her very best tips and strategies to help you lead a more mindful and powerful life in confidence. Now, here is your host, Lynn Chenier 

I’m Lynn. I started this blog to offer you some tips and strategies for healthy and soulful living. Director of Satori Health & Wellness Coaching,  I have a huge passion for all things personal development, and I have a ton of experience with learning to manage my own mindset. At one time in my life I lived through a lot of physical pain, from being in a terrible car crash. I was working as a nurse at the time, and was due back in Chiropractic College the following September. Sadly, no return to nursing or Chiro college but I’m still alive, and here to teach you some amazing strategies and hopefully help YOU get out of any funk you’re in.

Fast forward a decade or more….and I had a baby girl through donor insemination. I travelled with her a lot, and took advantage of the time when she was smaller to complete my Reiki Master training in Peru.

The Big Move

Eventually I moved to Vancouver Island,  around 4 years ago from Toronto, ON, for the amazing climate and beautiful beach and forest scenery. I’ve never looked back. I started coach training through Tony Robbins-Cloe Madanes School of Strategic Intervention back in 2014. Here we are, today, and I’m happy to be working with clients like you to help you live out the life of your dreams. Although I do find “living out the life of your dreams” a tad cliche, I am doing that for myself because of the move I made out to Vancouver Island. I created the life of my dreams by setting intentions and working my way towards a goal. That wasn’t easy. But I did the move, with baby in-tow.

I encourage you to take inspired action by scheduling your free 30-minute breakthrough call now where I can help you resolve your problems in a step-by-step way!

Lynn xo

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