Episode 11 – Making The Most Of Your Day (during rehabilitation)

011 – How To Make The Most Of Your Day (In Rehab)…For My OTs/PTs

This episode is great to pass on to your OT/PT patients who are struggling with the challenges of managing one’s day while in a place of medical rehabilitation, from a catastrophic health injury. Be sure to read our blog @ www.satorihwcoaching.ca/blog. And do tune-in to Episode 10!! satorihwcoaching.ca/learn-to-meditate/

Picking up from where I left you last in Episode 10,  Making The Most Of Your Day, this episode is dedicated to the Rehab Injury Population.This might be you if you’ve suffered a physical trauma that’s placed you out of your normal life circumstance and routine. You’re having to redefine a “normal” day and it’s been related an injury or trauma.Yes,  Napolean Hill breaks down the day like this: We have 24 hours in a day, 8 hours for sleep, 8 hours for work, 8 hours for free time.But for those who aren’t working, or are fluttering around with rehab appointments and managing physical pain, it can seem like a trying task to breakdown these 24 hours into anything seeming like your own (or even positive for that matter!)/I understand the challenges of engaging in any thoughts of “positive emotion” because I’ve been there. Having said that, I tried several different strategies to just cope with the uncertainty of a law suit and dealing with the car insurance industry.We are all very busy creatures. It feels like it’s become fashionable to say “I have no time”.And within that perception of having no time, busy folks feel like their time is hijacked by things outside of themselves, when it’s not quite true.  In fact, there’s an art to making the most of your day and you need to be properly aligned with the desire.Creating a list of emotions that I wanted to experience daily became a mirror of my life, and it should reflect yours too, and how you want to feel.Please check out the article on Making The Most Of Your Rehab here
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