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Episode 22 – Deconstructing Routines & Changing Daily Habits

The Writer Marilyn Ferguson said:

“Only that which is deeply felt can change us”

In episode 21, I explored the 3 Ways To Build A Healthy Routine.  In today’s episode, I’m changing it up a bit and getting you to deconstruct the routine you currently have in order to change your daily habits.

Success in creating better health, or achieving a particular goal, comes down to building a totally new routine, and shifting your current daily habits. Episode 60 can even help you set some goals! It’s not easy though! Whatever your goal might be (change diet, weight-loss, quit smoking, improve cholesterol, meditation) you have to change your current habits and create new ones.


022 – Deconstructing Routines & Changing Daily Habits

In episode 21, I offered you 3 ways to build a healthy routine. Check out that episode here: In today’s episode, I’m changing it up a bit and getting you to deconstruct the routine you currently have in order to change your daily habits.

In this episode, we covered:

Some important questions for you to ponder as you live in your current state:

  • What do I need most right now?
  • What simple thing can I begin to do today that will give me ease?” 

    Close your eyes to ponder those questions. 

I covered why learning to fail without feeling like a failure is very important and that one’s hardships can be used as great life lessons. Personally, I faced some of the biggest challenges when i was 30 by getting into a severe car crash, and faced years of adversity. I became the Mindset Queen throughout that difficult time. So it’s really quite interesting how we can draw from our biggest challenges.

  • What is your way of being? 
  • Do you judge yourself?
  • Do you criticize yourself?
  • Do you hold grudges? 
  • Or do you take those difficulties and look at them as opportunities for self-improvement, & growth and use the challenges to improve the lives of others?

Being a bit of a mindset queen, I know exactly what to do to shift my emotions and get right back into my thinking brain. Oftentimes it’s at the detriment to my real feelings. I have historically been afraid of my feelings. I’d shut them down, and yet they’d continue to come-up. So one of my daily practices is to ‘feel’ the painful thoughts.  

A big part of changing daily habits, and deconstructing your routine, involves tapping-into your inner critic. We all have an ego, and that ego is there to protect us. And it often pokes its ugly head out when you want to change and do something differently. The brain and the subconscious mind will take you in the same direction it’s taken you for years. And the mind will tell you “you can’t do that…you’re going to fail so why bother”. I want you to feel the critic & feel the fear.

I covered the issue of time as a common barrier to creating a different routine. But remember, we all have the same 24 hours in a day.

Just in case you don’t want to take any notes, I have a handy new freebie called Deconstruct Routines & Change Daily Habits where I have included a breakdown of your typical day, as well as recreating your dream day. Download the Extra Special Worksheet to analyze the one thing you could do for yourself to reignite passion in your life.

I also discussed that developing a personal practice which relates specifically to being comfortable with uncertainty….is a good way to help you redefine your sense of failure.  Uncertainty is one of the 6 Universal Human Needs I talked about in Episode 6.  And it’s also a mindset.

Often times, when you look at the root of the outcome you’d like out of your life, you’ll notice some fear lingering behind moving forward. Of course, you might be thinking f what can happen, and it’s the meaning of what could happening that will suddenly surface.

Is it fear ?

What is the value and belief attached to that fear?

Remember this: We all have a masculine and feminine energy. The important thing is to question how you’re putting those beautiful energies to work for you, to create balance and more joy; and learn to practice presence too!

  • How will you accomplish new skills, goals, and capacities? 
  • What new personal routine do you need to design?
  • What is your next action step?

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