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Episode 60 – 2 Simple Ways To Fail-Proof Your Health Goals

Episode 60 – 2 Simple Ways To Fail-Proof Your Goals

Welcome to episode 60! Here’s the thing…There are many reasons why some people fail and others succeed. One of the biggest causes of failure is a lack of clarity on what they want. Often you have a strong desire to succeed, but feel unsure about how to proceed.


As you prepare for a new calendar year, and do a clear analysis of the prior year, these 2 simple ways to fail-proof your health goals, will support you at levelling-up your game. I want to remind you that I do not support New Year’s Resolutions. To me, New Year’s Resolutions are a deflated attempts at going through the motions of making change. Real change takes grit, growth and ongoing self-evaluation. It takes practice, consistency, and a sometimes even a bit of failed attempts to get it right the next time. Success in creating better health, or achieving a particular goal, also comes down to building powerful daily habits. Whatever your goal might be (change diet, weight-loss, quit smoking, improve cholesterol or be in a better vibrational state) you have to change your current habits and create a fail-proof system. Let these 2 quick tips guide you on refining your system for personal growth and change.

There are many reasons why some people fail and others succeed. One of the biggest causes of failure is a lack of clarity on what they want. Often you have a strong desire to succeed, but feel unsure about how to proceed. That makes for a difficult process. This uncertainty can be caused by a few reasons: 1) Inadequate preparation, and 2)  A lack of a clear reason for change (which can lead to procrastination).

When it comes to behaviour change and creating a foolproof plan, you will definitely be blessed with more confidence and success if you follow these 2 quick tips:

Here are 2 Quick Tips To Fail-proof Your Health Goals

#1 Create A Routine Chart

To fail-proof your health goals you need order! Whether you use a big storyboard or a craft roll of paper, you’ll effortlessly create order in your life by seeing your routine written-out. You can break down your health routine by Morning, Afternoon, and Evening to give you a better vision. Or just use Morning Routine/Evening Routine. Jot down 3 key tasks that you will do each day, no matter what. Keeping things organized can prevent those moments where you’re unsure of what you need to do. As well, it can save you from feeling guilty if you miss something. Check things off when the tasks are done.

As well, add a short “I AM” affirmations to support your new belief system and help you realize your new goals. Check out these powerful quotes to support your routine chart or vision board. By continually seeing what you planned-out takes the guess-work out of each new part of your day, helping you to fail-proof your goals. By mapping-out your routine, you’ll be on your way to living a life you’ve been wanting. Try this for a 3 month period and reevaluate what’s going well.

#2 Focus On The Why

A second way to fail-proof your health goals and refine your system is to focus on the why. Knowing your reasons for why you want to change is an important step towards fail-proofing your goals. If your health is suffering and need to make immediate changes, how will these changes improve your life?   If your diet and lifestyle is the reason for making health changes, how will life be different? Is your life at stake? Visualize what will happen when your health improves. Will your behaviour change remain a positive shift in your life, or will you return to the same behaviours after you reached your goal; those that may have negatively impacted your health?

When you place a focus on why you want to change, keep the the long-term benefits in mind. Include you family in that process. Family have the potential for reminding us of why we want something. They can also become more mindful and intentional in the process (see episode 46). You’ll experience far less stress if you have the support of your family.

If you create a chart, you can also include the routine of your family members. This way everyone can see each other’s goals – and that becomes a fail-proof system. People also worry about losing a routine they’re accustomed to. That’s normal. We all reach a certain plateau where we’ve made great strides and things become easy. That’s when you have difficulty levelling up your game. What I’ve found, is if you communicate well with the members of your family, and tell them exactly what you need to do the night before, then you’ll be amazed at how well they respond. Check out this blog post on the 8 Easy Ways To Raise Your Vibrations, to help you focus on your why.


Whatever your system may be for turning over the calendar to a new month or a new year, it’s always a good idea to take stock of how much you’ve learned, and evaluate your wins. The top 2 ways to do that are:
1). create a routine chart where you’ll consistently go to keep on trackfailproof-your-health-goals, and
2) focus on the why to remind yourself of what’s important, to live with more intention.

By forming a new I AM statement, you can train your subconscious mind to believe in the new you. You’ll gradually see situations evolve that support the new you.

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