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Episode 2 – What’s Your Blueprint for Happiness?

002: What’s Your Blueprint For Happiness?

In Episode 2 we talk about your Blueprint For Happiness. In this case, you either have to change your situation, or change your blueprint. See our blog @

What’s Your Blueprint For Happiness is a podcast episode intended to create a breakthrough – make you think about how you define happiness.

If you’re “blueprint” for happiness involves being 30 years of age, in a long-term committed relationship, with children, but you are now 32 years old and single, you’re not going to be very happy. In this case, you either have to change your situation, and get busy finding the love of your life, or change your blueprint.

Likewise, if you intended to be finished a major project by a certain date, and that deadline has long passed without project completion, you will likely feel disappointed with yourself because it doesn’t fit with your original blueprint for happiness. This is because you held a blueprint – a deeply-routed belief –  inside your mind. And this blueprint for happiness  involved that project completion/mission accomplished by Date X – and guess what?

You failed to reach your perceived blueprint for happiness because your mission accomplished didn’t happen.

Sometimes people get stuck, and that’s ok.

In this episode, you will learn…

  • about identifying your blueprints for happiness. If you want a happy and balanced body, you learn to plan what’s required to make that happen – and not live in a past version of yourself.
  • to be happy with yourself means changing your situation.
  • You really are the most important person in this equation!
  • To question what makes you feel happy and fulfilled to avoid missing then amazing opportunity to be in your ‘happiness zone’!!

I want you to dream. I want you to live out your mission in life and feel like you have a way of self-regulating those emotions. I want you to be Happy. Why wait to seek some help on fulfilling your dream? That happy place could be the achievement of a your next big goal. You might have to think about your blueprint for a little while and change your blueprint/mindset and perceptions for what’s really meaningful to you.

Why sit in a place of pondering what’s next for you? Be proactive. Move forward. Take control, because you do have control.

Peace, love & happiness


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