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Episode 45 – 5 Ways A Health & Wellness Coach Can Change Your Life

Episode 45 – 5 Ways A Health & Wellness Coach Can Change Your Life

It’s hart – if not impossible – to succeed at changing your daily habits without creating a goal and a plan. Every successful person is built on a solid foundation of powerful daily habits. Through consistency, you can achieve healthy living.

A Health & Wellness Coach can help you change your life by helping you bring out the best version of you. They not only help you stay accountable to what you desire most – but help you to stay in alignment with what’s important to you when old behaviours want to take over. 

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It’s hard – if not impossible – to succeed at changing your daily habits without creating a goal and a plan. Every successful person is built on a solid foundation of powerful daily habits. Through consistency, you can achieve healthy living. It’s been said that 66% of nurses are reporting stress-related burnout, and the same goes for medical doctors, midwives, occupational therapists and physiotherapists. Health and wellness coaching helps you change those daily habits and create a plan.

The truth is that people operate mostly in subconscious ways, which makes changing habits no easy task. Sure, you can easily jump on the treadmill or go for a run – and go gluten-free from Monday to Thursday – but I’m sure that’s not what you’re looking to create for your healthy life. Living a healthy lifestyle holds so many benefits.

Health and wellness coaching is a strategy that truly works. You can facilitate behaviour change in an evidence-based way. The interventions used are based on the latest research to get you one-step closer to being a better you. As a trained nurse, I knew I couldn’t do straight-up Life Coaching, because I had a clearly defined health background. Later-on I upgraded my skills and took on Strategic Intervention coaching, which added steroids to my nursing experience. 
A coach isn’t just for sports. Health & wellness coaching is even more specific – because it’s all about your health. Health and wellness coaching also helps you with keeping motivated. Staying motivated can be very difficult for some people. Then you create a plan to facilitate the improvements to your general health.  When struggling with keeping up with your goals, a coach reminds you of your desires: to be healthy and happy.

Here are 5 Ways A Health & Wellness Coach Can Change Your Life

#1 – Coaches Spark Discussion

Although one’s health is vital, often times poor health is a symptom on something not going well in your life. But often times, people will generally focus on what they don’t want in their lives. They forget to discuss the things they want instead. A qualified Health & Wellness Coach, in particular Strategic Intervention Coaching, can also help you work through life’s difficult transitions by asking you the right questions. By discuss what you want out of life, you learn how to start envisioning something different; and you shift your thoughts to feel happy again on a consistent basis. If you’re interested in how my journey and consulting began, I discuss it in this podcast episode here.

We are helping you reach your full potential  and it’s results-oriented and strategic. I enjoy coaching my clients and students be more productive in their lives, and make better lifestyle choices and stop feeling guilty for putting themselves first

#2- Coaching Makes Us Feel Good

Helping my clients understand that our thoughts lead to energy allows them to believe in themselves, and that they feel they are making positive changes in their lives. Sometimes these changes come only by feeling what isn’t working, and what they truly want out of life… even if your deepest desires are far from manifesting. Whether you’re taking part in our online program, The Pro-Mind Experience, or you’re in a group meditation program, you always finish a coaching session by feeling like you’ve been uplifted. What sets me apart from most coaches isn’t just my broad nursing education and background. It was my ability to climb-out of adversity from a catastrophic car crash that nearly took my life for good. Through learning to manage excruciating pain, I discovered the unique recipe to motivating myself towards living a healthy and balanced life. By consistently creating personal plans to get stronger, I realized there was something intrinsic about getting healthier. We all have it, and I can pull that out of you too, so that your pain into strength,  productivity and improved health.

#3 Coaching Brings Joy, On-The-Spot

Herein lies the biggest difference between a coach and a councillor (and nothing against councillors!!!!). As I see it, in a health coaching relationship, clients are pushing towards success, leadership or achieving their personal best. I feel that both professions work towards their clients achieving these results, but they do so very differently. That is, health coaches use a unique motivational interviewing process that combines mentorship, consulting and some psychotherapy skills. There is intersection between health coaching and counselling. A health and wellness coach is specifically trained at transforming goals into action. 

#4 Coaching Gives Us Strategies For Healthy Outlets

The problem I see most often in my health practice is that health practitioners are struggling with stress-management. They simply don’t have healthy outlets outside of their hectic work schedule. Some are juggling families, on top of 12-hour shifts at the hospital. When my clients come to me, they not only want strategies to help them be more present, and to be able to exercise more mindfulness with their families – but they want permission to pursue something they love that belongs to them. Like most, they may get caught up in a different version of what “peak performance” means. That is, our busy health professionals like to stay busy and simply don’t stop to breath. So in order to slow down enough and take stock of what’s missing,  and achieve peak performance, we all need to maximize our work day – not extend it.   I help clients identify the values and solutions that can help them shift their stress into daily action, that suits their own internal reward system, while also attending to their 6 human needs. You too can hit the dopamine button by engaging in something you love, even during your work day. I didn’t say it was easy, but it’s achievable and that’s what group or individual health and wellness coaching can do for you. 

#5 Coaching Sparks Vision & A Different Reality

Just like I said previously, once you learn to identify the values, you can look for different solutions that can help you shift your stress into taking different actions. Within my attempts to help you identify those values and beliefs, and tap-into those needs, we’re doing lots of Visioning. Through the right dialogue and line of questioning,  you learn to take baby steps towards your vision (See Episode 52). Habits are deeply engrained behaviours that we constantly go back to, especially in times of stress. But oftentimes, to change those habits, people need envision themselves using different strategies. You need to physically close your eyes, and have someone prompt you to envisioning a different way living your life. Visioning work is so powerful because it’s sending your mind into an alternate reality.  

What Training Does A Coach Have?

Some health coaches are university trained, while others might only be college or certificate-trained. I don’t feel I can speak for the entire profession as a whole since the field of coaching is expansive. And the degree to which education matters is solely dependant on the skills they have acquired to help you get results.  Coaching someone is an art, and some might have this art without necessarily having an extensive academic background. Fitness trainers tend to be excellent health coaches. What is more important is how your coach will get you the results you need. Not all coaches will have the strategies you might need for your particular area of concern, or problem. If we are talking about a health and wellness coach, that type of coach might be trained as an allied health professional. According to Wikipedia, Allied health professions are “health care professions distinct from nursing, medicine, and pharmacy.[1] They provide a range of diagnostic, technical, therapeutic, and support services in connection with health care”. 

Can A Coach Help Me Grow?

In my opinion, everybody could use a health coach. You get the support, encouragement and guidance from a professional, who will help leverage the power of visualization, while also guiding you to make better choices. Improving your mindset, in a focused manner, is the reason that coaching has become so popular. Coaching is not counselling. People want strategies and solutions, as opposed to talk therapy. I see people come to me because they want strategies to get out of their normal state. When a client takes-on health and wellness coaching, they are committing to changing their behaviours and bad habits. They want to grow. They want to learn to deconstruct old routines that are not working anymore. A health coach would spend significant time trying to help you improve your daily habits, whereas a counsellor would be there to listen to you. In the end, all this work  helps you gain strategies for self-regulation.

The Coaching Experience

I work hard at getting my clients, and busy health practitioners, results in all areas of their life. I see them making the same mistakes over and over again! Being trained as a nurse, and a strategic intervention coach, my expertise runs pretty deep for helping clients reaching life goals. For this reason, I promise them a boutique health & wellness experience that focuses on being mindful of what they need. Learning to live a “high vibe” existence is always the absolute goal, but you need to first learn how to build a healthy and balanced routine before we can get to the end result.In order for people to build healthy lives, they need to change their daily habits and that’s a tough thing to do sometimes.

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