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Episode 9 – Top 2 Ways To Reinvent Yourself

Do You Lack In Certain Areas That You’d Really Like To See Changed, But You’re Not Sure How To Go About It?

In today’s podcast, I’m going to help you understand the top 2 ways to shift things in your life, to create a new you. I hope to inspire you to actually set a plan in motion and reinvent yourself, because you deserve it!

009 – How To Reinvent Yourself And Become The New You!

Do you think it’s possible to become a totally new you – the one you so wish you could have been a very long time ago? I’m here to tell you that you CAN make this happen for yourself and truly become happier.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn

  • The optimal way to approach a goal and prepare for it to be a success.
  • What Mindset is required to create new things in your life…vs the same old ways.
  • How to evaluate & analyze the pattern closely through my probing questions.
  • Top 2 ways to shift things in your life

1. Evaluate that pattern

Become acutely aware of what’s causing the “problem” or “unwanted behaviour/pattern”. This is metacognition, thinking about thinking.

Here’s a list of questions to contemplate.

  • What does the problem give you?
  • What does the problem hold you back from?
  • How long have you had this problem?
  • Why did it start in the first place?
  • What was life like before you had this problem?
  • And what will life look like and feel like once you kick it?

You might want to write about the problem and answer some of these questions to reinforce what’s really important to you. When you put a pen to paper, the brain alters how it views things and you can gain so much more insight.

When long-term change and happiness is what you’re after,  surrender to the process of analysis.  Once you can express out loud the real issues you’re experiencing, you’re giving it up to the universe – and that’s the best place for it, because the universe isn’t judging you.

If you’re judging yourself, but go easy, and sit with the problem for a few weeks.

Try to get at all corners of the problem that you want to solve or change, and put it all out there. In Episode 35, I talk all about how our thoughts are energy trapped in the body.

2. Change the problem.

If you set a goal, and you’re able to reverse engineer the steps, but you miss the analysis (preparation phase), you will likely stumble upon the same results.

Why? Because you’ve set your goal and approached the problem/solution with the same mindset.

This doesn’t work. So, once you’ve analyzed it for a few weeks (YES, Weeks!), start to make a plan and rehearse the achievement of it.

In Summary:

Analyze the problem right now, and allow my earlier questions to prompt you. If you’ve had mild to moderate success, awesome!!!

Evaluate your results.

  • How did you get there?
  • Did you approach it differently from the past?
  • Who was instrumental at helping you achieving the shift?
  • Remember that you have be under new conditions to create sustainable change, otherwise the same issue and same triggers will arise.

Go back to the first stage and evaluate these triggers because these are key – they’re true physiological reactions. The ego takes over and BOOM, you may not get anywhere.

Many of you already know that 95% of our daily life is led by the subconscious mind. How on earth is the other 5% of the conscious mind supposed to get anywhere with that???

Are you ready to get started on the journey to becoming the New You, one that leads from the soul?

You may follow us on for more info. Change is a choice, and it can be done in several planned, quick and easy steps, or it can be drawn-out by making the same mistakes over and over again, leaving you feeling discouraged.

In our Facebook Live on Sunday, July 21st, 2019, I cover this topic in greater detail.

If you need a little help at managing an emotional trigger, use the powers of visualization and gratitude to help you see a different result for yourself. Often times, imaging yourself without the trigger – or being triggered and not reacting – is enough to get the ball rolling towards change.

And for more knowledge on this matter, go to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s website. He’s an expert on the subject of change!

Love & Light, 

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