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Episode 7- How To Achieve Better Health..The 5 Rewards To Motivate

One of the top strategies to use in the health & fitness field, in order to achieve things, is to reward ourselves. Never leave home without this simple tool to keep you motivated to getting to the finish line.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • The Mindset required to make changes.
  • The ways in which a reward system can hold value to your life for improving health.
  • How to best proceed with a reward system so it’s sustainable.
  • Why you should look at little closer at what’s not working.
  • All about powerful emotions, and their purpose to fuel your fire to happiness and health.

Here Are My 5 Great Rewards To Keep You Motivated

1. Buy a new pair of socks – be it fashion or sports, new socks have the power to make us feel amazing!

2. Take an extra “time-out” for yourself during the week.

3. Have a massage or trip to the local spa. This is even better if you have work benefits to use.

4. Post your progress to your favourite social media site. YES, brag! You never know who you’re inspiring on the other end.

5. Begin planning your dream vacation. Envision yourself there, having achieved your goal.

When in your life did you want something really badly?

If you have a goal you’d like to pursue and need some strategies to Reverse Engineer on it, send us a message on Facebook or email me at [email protected]. You can also find some freebies here too.

Change is a cycle, that goes from not considering a change, to considering it, and then preparing for it. After one’s prepared themselves accordingly, they move  into taking action and eventually maintaining the changes. As a coach, I’m interested in getting you from one stage to the next, and the best way I know is to have a good reward system in place!

And…tell me this: How did you like the Self-Mastery Card in the Podcast? Fun, huh?

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