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Episode 25 – How To Overcome Fear, Part II/III


In Episode 24, “Part I” of How To Overcome Fear, I revealed that I fear the pain of re-injuring my knee, due to a past injury, and that it holds me back in ways unimaginable. I also asked you to ponder two questions: What are you most afraid of, and what are you even more afraid of?

In today’s episode, on How To Overcome Fear, “Part 2”  I’m taking you one-step further and talking about the meaning of your pain?

And more specifically, what is the meaning of your fear?

In This Episode, you’ll learn:

  • All fear holds meaning.
  • Without identifying the meaning of your problems, and the perceptions you hold related to that fear, you are selling yourself short in life.
  • What’s your pain story that is preventing you from taking part in certain activities?
  • What are you holding yourself back from?
  • In my 5-Day Audio Series on Self-mastery, Day 3 dives into the Meaning of your problems.
  • You can save yourself a lot of therapy dollars by simply going within and exploring the meaning of what’s really happening…because you have the answers deep within.

Recap: What are you most afraid of? What are you even more afraid of than that? And what is the meaning of all this happening? These questions are very important when considering reaching your potential. 

As I also said in Episode 24, there are times when fear becomes a very real block. I offered up my most successful strategy – to use Visualization (of no longer having the problem) combined with using Affirmations. In episode 21, I also broach upon how to use Visualization to help you change up your routine and create more sustainable habits.

When done properly, Visualization can be great leverage for shifting your life for the better.

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