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How To Re-Build Your Life After A Tragedy

And how much effort & dedication do I really need to build my life back up after a loss?

I get it, you’re in a tough position right now waiting to settle your claim, or you’re a busy professional heading towards burnout from your six-figure salary. You might just even be heading towards termination.

I see you, thinking you’ll find a cheap therapist and process the heck out of your troubles, pains and un-manifested desires – all in the name of something tangible like “Cognitive Behavioural Therapy”.

You might even be finding yourself consuming self-help blogs, trying desperately to cling to some system that will help you. Doesn’t your mind need a break? Of course it does! It doesn’t mean you have to put your heart & soul on the back burner. Your heart & soul don’t understand the value of saving yourself a few bucks!

You might be telling yourself that you’ll invest in strategy once you explore therapy first – it’s simpler and easier. After all, you can just talk and talk and talk, about the same things over and over and over.

We often forget that to be successful in life, and to Win @ Life, your ego will get in the way. It’s actually your job to learn how to tame it, because it’ll just take over and put your heart and soul on the sidelines. I’m serious!

What if money was not an issue for you, and someone very successful said, “This coach is EXACTLY what you need to reach your ultimate potential?”. You might laugh because you don’t actually believe in yourself anymore. So much so, that you’re willing to sit in a therapist’s office and talk about the same thing over and over and over again – and not change.

Because we all intuitively know that change is hard! And in order to grow, and rebuild your life, you need to do things differently from what you’re doing. Being in a coaching program shouldn’t stop you from continuing with talk therapy. In fact, the talking might help you process what actions need to come next – and the coach helps you take action. The coach makes you accountable to yourself to take action.

Instead of looking for the easy way out to rebuild your life, let’s take a look at what successful people have done to shift and grow. Let’s take Oprah Winfrey for a second: Oprah had to overcome painful sexual abuse and childhood struggles. She had to stay present with her goals in order to kick off the Oprah Winfrey Show, and I bet she didn’t do that by sitting in an office and talking her way through it. She had to take action.


In my e-book on Positive Affirmations, I help you to see that by repeating statements on a daily basis, we begin to craft our life out to believing them. Our subconscious mind picks up the information and serves it to us in a beautiful way. Yes, reciting Affirmations is one easy way to rebuild your life, the way you want to live it.

Most therapists don’t want you to know that you have the ultimate strength and power within you to achieve the best life possible. It doesn’t mean you’re not learning about your problems. My business is based on giving you the tools and strategies you need to rebuild, shift and grow.

One of the most patient things you can do for yourself is to acknowledge that rebuilding your life will take time – but it’s do-able with an action plan.

Start with where you’re at and move forward one step at a time.

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