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How To Rock Your Day From The Start

This post comes from seeing a lot of people lead very busy lives. Leading a busy life, if not consciously doing mindfulness strategies, tends to take over even before we wake-up in the morning. Just think of the number of times you took your cell phone to bed with you, as your alarm.

How Do You Sleep At Night?

Now think of how you’d sleep if you had an alarm plugged-in and left your social media at the door? After asking a colleague about how her new meditation practice was going (new by about a year but meditates daily), she mentioned how she’d missed her morning meditations for about a week because…she went to sleep with her iPad in her room. So innocent!

Damn Ipad

But, what that iPad did was created a pattern that she instantly woke-up to her iPad. This meant she missed her morning meditation because it was happened so unconsciously. The effects of this wreaked havoc on her life for about a week, and she didn’t quite know what was happening. A few months ago I wrote about 4 steps that can help you achieve success. I obtained a lot of positive reviews about it and some asked for tips on how to be productive, and how to maintain it in the long run. Of course, my solution is always to learn to meditate. 

Here’s the problem with lacking productivity: people are multi-tasking. And it starts from the moment we open our eyes.

Most of us wake-up with the feeling of wanting to make a difference in our lives and be the best form of ourselves. But, too many things distract us from achieving our goals. Subconsciously, we allow these things to get in the way and we feel FRAGMENTED.


  1. Always plan your day If you want to have a highly productive day, then you should always start by planning all your activities. Planning helps you start out your day with full knowledge of what you want to achieve. I always ensure that I have all my schedules done the night before. This helps me start off the day knowing exactly which items are in my priority list.
  2. Be aware of your goals You should know what you want to accomplish both in the short and long term. Before you begin your day, always know your key goals. This will help you focus on the important things during the day. You should also ensure that you align your short goals to the long term ones if you want to achieve the latter in the shortest time possible.
  3. Avoid distractions I can’t say that I’m perfect…I also get distracted once in a while. Did you know that the average American adult (over 18 years) spends about 2 and a half hours on their phones every day. And this is only phones; think about all the other things that can distract you on a daily basis

So how can you avoid them? Try to use your phone when needed and ensure that you complete all of the important items before embarking on other things. This will help you stay focused in all of your endeavours. As a Mindfulness Coach I can help you boost your productivity levels in any area of your life by helping you pay better attention to your thoughts, and actions. Connect with us here and we’ll help you attain your dreams. To help you get one step closer to planning your goals, and looking at how you want to plan your day, and life, download my free guidebook here. It’s a 3-page PDF that’ll get you thinking of different ways to shift your life. Love & Brilliance, Lynn.

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