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3 Ways To Feel Energized In The Morning

There’s nothing better than feeling energized in the morning; like you’re starting your day off right and ready to get sh*t done. We all crave those days when we feel well-rested, and your body wakes-up naturally. There’s no fussing with the snooze button – you just feel good. The reality is that people lead busy and complex lives and crave more sleep. It’s that crazy busy-ness that comes from living in our post-postmodern world that causes the body to need more rest.

Leading a busy life has its advantages and disadvantages. If you can lead life with intention, apply regular mindfulness strategies, and manage your body through proper diet, supplements, exercises, you’re definitely getting a head-start at in the area of work-life balance. There are a few more things that you can do as well, to feel like you’re rocking your day right from the moment your eyes are open.

3 Ways To Feel Energized In The Morning

1. Plan Your Morning The Night Before

In order to feel energized in the morning, right from the start, you should plan your morning the night before. By making your morning a priority, you set a firm intention that you want to feel good. You should know what you want to accomplish both in the short and long term. Before your head hits the pillow, program how you want to feel the next day by visualizing yourself smiling. You obviously want to feel energized if you’re reading this, so focus on your morning and plan for discrepancies. If you have kids who have a routine that relies on your solely, then how can you incorporate them into feeling good? This is a great teachable moment for the family to learn these powerful mindset habits.

2. Plan Your Sleep For Your Needs

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important parts of self-regulation and recovery from a tough day (see episode 39). In order to reap the rewards of all that life has to offer, and feel energized first thing, take a few minutes to plan your sleep ahead of time. If you want to have a highly productive day, you obviously start by planning your day’s activities. The same rule applies with your life and your precious sleep. You have to plan for it in advance, and get out of auto-pilot for a few moments. By being more intentional, you start out your day with full knowledge of what you want to achieve – 8 full hours of sleep (or more if you’re anything like me). By ensuring you have a sleep schedule organized, you can be diligent about putting your phone on DND-mode, turning-off social media/Netflix a bit earlier (I feel your pain). Now think of how much better you’ll sleep, knowing you’re definitely getting 8 full hours, and allowed yourself an additional 30 minutes to fall asleep comfortably?

3. Avoid Negative Thinking

Rock your day from the start by making your thoughts and mindset a top priority. How you avoid negative thinking is being really organized about placing visual cues around your room. By practicing everyday mindfulness, or even establishing a daily meditation practice offers you the opportunity to shift your thoughts and go within. With consistent practice, you naturally become more positive and manage stress more easily. To avoid negative thoughts, you can also change your phone screen to show an energizing affirmation. This will help you stay focused in all of your endeavours. Place sticky notes next to your coffee machine or on the counter to remind you to “look on the bright side”.

Another well-researched area in the field of happiness is to put a smile on your face. Even when you don’t feel like it, smile. Smile when you take your first sip of coffee or tea. Smile when someone sends you a happy message. This will instantly help you to pay better attention to your thoughts, and actions, and help you feel more energized throughout the day. This positive shift can spill over to your morning habits too.

Success in creating better health, or achieving a particular goal, comes down to building powerful daily habits. Whatever your goal might be (change diet, weight-loss, quit smoking, improve cholesterol) you have to change your current habits and create new ones (see episode 22). The core principle

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