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Episode 23 – Being Revised

Why I Loved The Personal Injury Law Firm Hired For Me

Back in 2004, I sustained some pretty bad injuries from a Highway Car Crash. I was on a leave from Chiropractic College and was working in Labor & Delivery Nursing as well as Sexual Assault Nursing. My life was going pretty fast, and it’s no irony that I got into a highway crash…because on the highway, you are going fast.

So when I woke-up from that coma – about 2 weeks later, after a number of surgeries, blood transfusions and a resuscitation at the hands of some gifted health professionals, I realized I needed to slow down.

In This Episode, we covered:

  • What I was most thankful for in the hiring of this law firm: Thomson Rogers Law.
  • Why my webinar on the 6 Powerful Strategies To Go From Stress To Zen is my signature teaching course
  • How a good referral made the world of difference in my sense of well-being during this complex case.  My aunt at the time was a law clerk for the Supreme Court of Canada working for Justice Ian Binnie…and I believe the referral came from that lovely soul. So thank you Madeleine Chenier and Thank you Mr Binnie.
  • What I was most thankful for when dealing with this law firm.
  • Why expertise was so important to me & the 2 biggest assets to my team in early med-rehab: Dr Jay Rappazzo, in Burlington & Athlete’s Care
  • What I Wanted More Of, which was a better level of coordination at the time of settlement. I felt I needed to be set up with a Financial Advisor, Strategic Life Coach, with a specialty in personal injury, and a lawyer to help me with my will. I asked for these referrals but it would have been nice to have that specialized coordinated service.
  • The Services I created as a result of these lessons: I’ve created this dream team in my own coaching practice because it was lacking.
  • What Took Me By Surprise about Thomson Rogers Law. 
  • What Happened After I Settled & How I Managed My Money
  • The Benefits Of Referring to a Life Strategist and Coach like myself.

If you have a client who needs a lawyer, you can always call me and I’ll gladly help you through the initial phase of finding the right firm. You can find me in the Trauma Resource Directory here.

Are You The Law Firm, Legal Representative Or Case Manager Of A Personal Injury Client?

The Current Settlement Process Can Have A Negative Impact On The Recovery Of Your Personal Injury Clients.  It Affects Client’s Relationships, And Often Leads Them Feeling Isolated. This Isolation Continues Long After Settlement As Well. Please consider helping your clients ease into that settlement process more efficiently, by heading over here for more information on the benefits to working with a coach like myself. We have programs for your clients.

And today, I have a busy practice for clients who were in my shoes.

As well, I serve clients who share in the work I do as a Health Care Providers in the School Of Mindfulness, Health & Spirituality. 

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