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Episode 48: Are You Listening To Your Intuition?

Are You Listening To The Messages That Life Is Giving To You?

Shh. Turn down the noise. Shut off the distractions. Just listen. Do you hear it in the silence? That’s YOUR voice – the inner voice.

“Listening to life’s messages” isn’t a topic I cover much – one that is more spiritually-based, but I’ve been encouraged to push forward a bit more in this topic so I’m going out on a limb.

Episode 48: Are You Listening To The Messages Life’s Giving You?

Shh. Turn down the noise. Shut off the distractions. Just listen. Do you hear it in the silence? That’s YOUR voice. I believe that the universe is always talking to us, and if we’re paying attention to its messages, we are given the answers.

I believe that the universe is always talking to us, and if we’re paying attention to its messages, we are given the answers. As we move through life, we learn important lessons – many of them, we were supposed to learn. So this inner dialogue, and messages, is a part of life’s guidance. You could say it’s our own inner wisdom— a part of our soul’s path, or that of the higher self.


There might even be a sense of feeling like “I’m a puppet on a string”. Suddenly the thing you’ve been visualizing each day appears for you!! But the question is, Are you listening to the messages that life is giving you?”. 

I recall travelling on my own through Costa Rica, for a month, meeting several people along the way that made me feel like there was this guiding force, that was always there for me. And the sense of curiosity and wonder is, I believe, is an important quality to maintain so you can be at you best throughout this journey called “life”.

Asking Quality Questions Better Leads Us To Getting Quality Answers.

What does it mean to ask yourself a quality questions (vs a low-quality question)?

When you can ask yourself a quality question, you’re leading in a more open-ended way. You want to avoid asking yourself leading to a “yes” or “no” answer.  These are typically questions that go beyond the superficial answers.

“What might be happening here?” or “What’s the message?” will give you some details, as opposed to “should I take the job or not?.”

When you are truly listening to the messages that life is giving you, you’re ready to open the door for more dialogue.

This is your inner voice giving you the answers.

So to me, quality questions are things that don’t just speak to the asker’s intention. Instead, they are questions that give you an opportunity to reflect, be more mindful, and to allow the answers to come from within the mind’s eye.

These amazing questions may even enhance your productivity and get you pointed in the right direction right away. See my article on the 3 Golden Rules For Attaining Productivity. 

Ideally you begin by defining what you want to change or seek more clarity. We all want more clarity!!!! But sometimes we think life’s answers need come from others. They don’t.  Once you have defined what needs changing; try to identify the values that evolve from that desire. This is all part of tapping-into your own spirit; your higher self.

Are You Ready To Do The Work, Once You Do Get Life’s Messages And Answers?

I ask you this question to push you a bit. In reality we’re all growing at our own pace. And life’s not going to throw anything at you that you can’t handle. If you’re willing to really listen to the inner guidance, and ask the questions, you’ll get those answers. You will.

And then, you’ll be able to tune-in to the lessons that the change brings. If you can practice accountability for the choices you make, you’ll be more accepting of what’s in order for you. Furthermore, you’ll be at peace with the inevitable new inspiration that’s to come.

It’s difficult sometimes to rest in this inner stillness, and ultimate guidance in your highest self, where you listen intuitively for inspiration. But it’s that inner knowing that life is aligning you with your higher purpose (ultimately giving you messages you need).

I do a Highest Intent Guided Meditation in my coaching practice, and the answers that are revealed within your mind – through the meditation – are so enlightening. Your deepest inner-love, and through this meditation, you’re watching your sense of purpose come to life. And it is through this work, that your own inner knowing is revealed. You get the answers to what’s most important for that moment. That is the arc of change that I find so gratifying when working with people individually.

If you felt protected, and safe, what would life be like?

Having said that, tapping into 5 layers of the conscious and subconscious mind reveals those answers. So outside of this meditation, why not allow life’s messages to flow more consistently?

How Does Being A Nurse Help Me Do What I Do, And Tap-Into My Own Personal Messages?

In my background as a registered nurse, the practice of introspection (and asking those tough personal questions) wasn’t a big part of my studies. It was important, but not the lifeblood of nursing But the practice of asking the right questions in my practice was. It is an absolutely essential practice for our profession, as a whole.

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In medicine, like in business, and in spirituality, the quality of answers you get is based on the quality of questions you ask. I truly feel this is human evolution – and also spiritual evolution. Although someone might not be able to grasp the notion of spiritual evolution, because it’s a complex topic, I think it’s well-worth entertaining the value of having time to yourself to go within, and contemplate what’s happening around you.

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Because we’re so outer focused in our daily lives— love/connection is a part of our daily human needs after all – it’s vital to spend some time connecting with our own inner voice. I feel it’s an essential component of “charging our batteries” (See a very important podcast on the 6 human needs here). In reality, we are also divine beings. Although some don’t believe that we have a soul, there’s an energetic component to us that resides within the human body. And so part of our experience here in human life is to connect spiritually with those energy centres, and they might also be trying to tell you something.

So being a nurse allows me to connect the links between knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, with knowledge of the energetic systems. Each organ holds different energy, physically and spiritually. I have the luxury of being a nurse, and taking a medical approach as well as a spiritual approach. The spiritual approach has been evolving for many years. I didn’t connect to the heart chakra as much when I was a paediatric nurse in cardiology. I simply didn’t. But I certainly felt that many people had more answers available within than they gave themselves credit for.

How do we accept the messages that life is giving to us?

Well, I think first we have to practice the acceptance of that things are here for our benefit and for our evolutionary process. Just moving into the acceptance of that is going to be the first step towards finding the right questions and ultimately the right answers.

But if they’re having difficulty kind of wrapping their heads around, “Well, what could this difficult situation possibly teach me?” or “What am I supposed to learn from this?” that puts us into a place of humility.

Putting the blame on others for our own personal mistakes reinforces a sense of victimhood. Instead, if we hold the accountability that we really are part of the experience and that we’re here to learn something, we can feel empowered life’s difficult lessons.

And it is the practice of introspection & taking time out from distraction, that enables us to clear the mental clutter, and cut through the ego self.  Remember this, the ego wants to protect you so that ego could offer up some lower vibration emotions.

How can I tune-in to life’s messages?

First things first, you have to be able to quiet the mind. The best way to do this is to begin by closing your eyes, and being physically still. Although people can do walking meditations, and get messages from the outer world in that way, which are different messages. But if you’re new to tuning-in to this type of inner-knowing, it’s good to move out of the ego. And the best way to move the conscious mind over – and basically get out of beta brain waves, is to move into the alpha state. You have to close your eyes to get to the alpha state.

By simply closing your eyes, and taking 3 deep breaths, and being present with your thoughts, you’re not analyzing the questions so much.  Nor are you searching for the answers in the same way that you would if in a beta brain wave. You want to be able to shift your current thought patterns, and listen to that intuition. You have an inner compass that is a powerful guidance system. This is your soul, and the info comes from your imagination which is available to all of us. You just need to tap into that listening space.

You can also do this by writing first thing in the morning, just after you wake-up. This way your brain isn’t in a fast beta brain wave yet. You can ask a question on paper, and allow yourself to freely write the answer. I love this method of engaging with my questions. I get a very deepest response in this way.

Writing is also a great way to start your day and connect with an inner peace without having to close your eyes and meditate. I’ve asked questions in meditation that are not the answers – they truly felt like my ego was giving me the answers. So writing can help create a sense of order to hear the messages more clearly.


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