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Episode 16 – Are You At Risk Of Making A Med Error? Learn The Truth On How To Mitigate Burnout

Every single day THOUSANDS of gifted healthcare providers like you are burning-out, because they don’t have a process in place to overcome fatigue and poor work-life balance. This fatigue is putting you at risk of making an error at work. It’s not your fault.

You work demanding shifts and manage complex clinical cases that require your focus. Question is…are you doing anything about it?

Are you lacking the energy & momentum in your life, and it’s finally impacting your health?

It is well known that health practitioners face grief and distress in response to their client’s suffering. Certain health care providers such as oncologists, and palliative care specialists feel the stress more intensely.

What creates the most challenge for managing the stress, and feelings connected to it, is often the unprocessed grief.

And these unprocessed emotions can compromise a clinician’s personal well-being, leading to burnout, moral distress, compassion fatigue, and poor clinical decisions. All this adversely affects the care your clients receive (Sanchez-Reilly, Morrison, L.J., and deLima Tomas, 2014).

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The definition of burnout.
  • The truth behind it (and it’s not a lack of sleep)
  • What self-care can truly do for you as a health practitioner
  • Why avoiding self-care will lead you to miss-out on what’s really important.
  • The 4 easy ways to implement self-care in your routine…that become a natural part of your day.
  • How to find free time in your day…yes, find it. It’s there!

Did you know that unexamined emotions can lead to professional loneliness, loss of professional sense of meaning and a loss of clarity about the goals in medicine?

This leads further down the chain of those nasty emotions of cynicism, hopelessness, frustration, anger, and you might be treating your clients in ways you wish you didn’t.  

Have you considered meditation? The time in meditation could become that time for going within. Reflection adds to self-awareness, which transforms your emotional intelligence. And by using your few hours of free time carefully, throughout the day, you’re apt to feeling so much more giving to yourself, your family, and your partner.

“Free time” can also be a state of mind. In managing self-care,  include some of your free time and personal self-care with prioritizing close relationships and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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