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The #1 Strategy To Add More Balance To Your Life

Stress and anxiety are physiological states where your body naturally secretes a hormone called cortisol. This stress hormone, cortisol, is secreted by the adrenal glands. If you have too much stress, where you’re unable to experience any relief from the constant state of ‘stress’, burnout can happen. You might be unable to deal with your stress in a strategic way so you let your body take over. Once that stress becomes prolonged, or too high for too long, you could be at risk of creating disease. We want to avoid disease at all cost, right? 

Nurses have always taken a holistic and spiritual-care approach to the care and nursing interventions of their patients. Why not prioritize their own personal wellbeing? With or without the pandemic, its lasting impact on healthcare professionals worldwide makes today the ideal time to consider all dimensions of health and wellbeing. Ultimately, you want to keep yourself as healthy as you can to combat the many types of stressors you experience on a daily basis…not just during an epidemic.  

Because there are different forms of stress, such as physical exercise, cold-exposure stress, and mental stress, we all need one go-to strategy that will support the body and mind in self-regulating. Each one of the stressors mentioned cause different autonomic reactions in the body (Storonie, M. 2017). So, even having a hard workout at the gym can stress your adrenal glands. That is why it’s crucial to get quality sleep for improved health. The sleep is essential to recover from that stress. But there is one additional thing that you can do each day to add more balance in your life and that’s to establish a meditation practice. 

The #1 Strategy To Add More Balance To Your Life

Learn to Meditate With A Mantra.

Meditation is the most effortless way to create new levels of self-mastery. Mantra-style meditation is a technique that’s the most scientifically proven to provide a host of benefits to the mind and body, with over 600 peer reviewed articles to back its proof. 

 What if… you felt you were exactly where you needed to be in your life?

What if… you achieved total mastery over your ego & potential?

 What if…you could improve your health & mood, in as little as 20 minutes?

Mantra-Style Meditation can boost your performance, and improve your quality of sleep right now! This style of meditation can also help you cope in times of stress, and boost your immune system to avoid major illness. As well, it can help clear up poor concentration (oh the fuzzy head syndrome) and provide a much-needed boost of mental clarity at that tough “2pm dip”.

What Is Mantra-Style Meditation?

This style of meditation involves sitting effortlessly with your eyes closed, and you repeat one word. This word is called a “mantra”. Reciting this word allows one to “transcend” the stresses of the day. You also enter into different states of consciousness, such as “pure consciousness”, or “pure being”, and “pure existence’. Everyday folks can learn to do this. Meditation requires no religious affiliation whatsoever. Unlike commonly held beliefs, meditation doesn’t involve intense amounts of concentration either. In fact, it’s the opposite. Nor does it take years to master. My students begin the technique and learn how to practice this style of meditation in our first class.

In Satori’s 4-week Mantra-Meditation course, we are supporting a small group of Health Professionals, for 4 weekly 90-minute sessions, from the comfort of your own home on Zoom. You will learn the mechanics of the practice itself, its benefits and also learning to develop the skills required for a solid daily meditation practice. Head over to The Mantra Studio here to find out what we can do for you. Maybe you can join in on the next course and learn the fine art of living with more zen. Because you deserve it! 

** Private groups offered in the workplace or in-person with a friend. send me an email to [email protected] **

Not quite sure about this meditation thing? Read more about it here in our mantra studio!!

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