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3 Easy Ways To Move Forward With Confidence

When you’re at the turn of a major life transition, like what we’re experiencing today in this COVID-19 Pandemic, it’s easy to sit in a place of disbelief.  You can also hold yourself from moving forward out of fear or loss. Many of us have lost something or someone important in the last year. I also grieve with each of you who has lost someone special during this time.

Through it all we may all be asking ourselves, “what’s next” for me?

You might even be held back from moving forward out of intense fear. It’s natural to freeze because that’s what the unknown does to us, it causes us to pause and panic, and question the next steps.

The biggest message I have for you is to trust. You can bounce back, with purpose. So take this challenge as an opportunity from the divine to celebrate the power of YOU.

Here are my 3 easy ways to move forward with confidence:

#1 – Set Your Vision

Maslow’s theory of human motivation states that people are largely motivated by the following: Physiological needs, Safety, Love/Belonging, Esteem, all the way up to Self-Actualization. 

Does your vision fall under one of these important areas?

Once you begin to pay attention to what motivates you in life, your vision becomes clearer and you start to develop more compassion for yourself. I think this happens because you’re focusing on what you want and need.

When you set your vision for what you want, you become hyper aware of what you desire the most in the world, and that’s a great place to be. We want to be self-aware because it’s the pinnacle to living a mindful life. The more mindful you are, the better you become at catching the negativity in your life. Catching the negativity will allow you to pivot, and more easily move forward with confidence. Oprah would say that this allows the path to become clearer.

In the end, “the next steps” aren’t going to present themselves unless you know what you want – and know what’s motivating you to change it. The rest will present itself as life unfolds, but hold onto that vision with immense energy and it will manifest in due time.

Step 2. Reflect on your current life stage.

This is an important step in helping you move forward with confidence. Sometimes we carry forward old ways of being that might confuse us because they just don’t fit your current life stage.

Think back a decade.

What was motivating you 10 years ago, that’s different from today?

Of course, what was motivating you a decade ago is going to be different from today because you’re in a different life stage. Each life stage holds different priorities, different needs, different desires. In other words, the difference in moving forward with confidence today, vs a decade ago, lies in your “why” or your human needs (see episode 6) 


Come back to the present –

Were amidst this crazy pandemic where our sense of personal control has been highly restricted. But to move forward with confidence, you have to remember that there are things that are within your control: the way you think.

What might you not be seeing?

Suppose you’re in a place of great uncertainty at the moment; you’re in the middle of a divorce, or a custody battle, or you lost your job and have no earnings, or you have to relocate for a job. Either way, you amidst a big and scary personal change, and you don’t know how it’s all gonna turn-out. To truly move forward with confidence, you have to  reflect on your priorities and trust that you’re being guided to take the right steps.

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It’s a must to take stock of what’s important. Spend some time to truly assess whether this is important to you today, in this life stage. Once you’ve analyzed where you’re at, make a choice to move forward with greater purpose. And question wether what you were doing in the past was really working for you. You might have been carrying forward an older version of yourself, and now you’re reconsidering everything. The older version might be keeping you from moving forward with confidence. 


#3. Explore The Meaning of Your Shift

This 3rd step to move forward with confidence is all about managing your mindset. Your mindset will largely control
how you view the world.

Can you shift the meaning you associate with the “next steps” in your life?

Perhaps the meaning of not knowing what comes next can be interpreted as exciting. There’s always something positive that comes out of change, even if it takes us a while to figure that out.

Can you embrace each day as an opportunity for uncertainty/adventure?  For a moment, can the daily uncertainty turn into a beautiful day filled with wonder and variety?

Here, I encourage you to make the choice to approach the transition with a new meaning – with courage to be more in touch with YOU. You’re growing and if you can define this next stage in your life with more purpose and meaning, you’ll be in a place of embracing the changes.

Once you begin to explore the meaning, you might notice yourself mobilizing resources and redefining the communities in which you align yourself. Draw some support from the people who love you the most, and those who will facilitate this change with positivity and power. Loving what is can be very challenging but you can accomplish anything when you’re true to YOU.

So let’s wrap this up.

Here are my 3 steps to move forward with confidence:

  1. Set your vision,
  2. Reflect on your current life stage and…
  3.  Explore The Meaning of Your Shift.

Love & Light, Lynn


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In order to really move forward in confidence, and make the changes necessary to provide you with greater strength and stability, you need to celebrate the power of YOU – your true authentic self.

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