Episode 40 – How My Journey Into Health Coaching & Consulting Began

040- How My Journey Into Coaching & Consulting Began

On my home page, I wrote that “I’m a coach by accident, a writer by purpose, and a lifelong fan of learning how people survive pain and tragedy”. I’ve been asked “Lynn, why are you a coach by accident and a writer on purpose?

How my journey into health coaching and consulting began” is a podcast I created last fall. Today, it’s a rather different story. As a nurse, I’ve followed many people’s journey to improved health. My own journey into health and mindfulness coaching, and consulting, began with a passion to empower other health care providers who are struggling with burnout daily.

While I’m still a health coach by accident, a writer by purpose, and a lifelong fan of learning how people survive pain and tragedy, today I’m in the process of completing the application to be re-instated into the college of nurses of Ontario. My current status is that of a “non-practicing nurse” which replaced the “retired nurse” status. While this episode is a snapshot in time, it’s also a story in the making.

Watch for “How My Journey Into Health Coaching & Consulting Began – “Part 2” in the upcoming months.

In this episode, I dove into:

->> the story behind my abrupt departure from nursing
->> the pain in the B*** issue I’m having now because of that departure
->> how my grit and determination empowered me to coach others
->> in every field, you have to find YOUR love, which can be approached in 100 different ways.


I want to first say that I love nursing and would love to pursue nursing research at the moment, and do a PhD in Nursing, but due to my RN registration lapsing, I’m unable to pursue that line of research. In order to re-qualify for my nursing registration, I’d need 400 hours of supervised nursing practice. Although I’d love to dive-in with both feet, Vancouver Island Health Authority doesn’t have the systems in place to support such a supervision.

But the journey to departing nursing for “strategic intervention” coaching was a painful one. And that journey started on May 24th, 2004 when I got into major car crash that led to about 8 years of intense med-rehab therapies.

During those med-rehab years, I worked towards finishing my Masters of Arts at The University of Toronto, and it was a lot of work, at that time. I was still suffering with a lot of pain, and lacked in sleep, from the injuries sustained in the accident. At the time of this accident, I was making all of the deadly mistakes that every health practitioner makes.

From accident victim to striving coach

Well, in my rehab days I started kayaking 3x a week at the inner harbour, in Downtown Toronto, and connected with a wonderful community – of which included a coach. She did some leadership training and her work as a coach fascinated me. Well, she was fascinating too!

But, coaching (or Strategic Intervention Coaching) didn’t strike me as a career choice at that time because I wasn’t looking to re-enter the workforce. I was retired as a nurse and felt that I had all I needed to become a health and wellness coach.

I’d been day-trading on the stock market and was very successful at it, and started trading a few years before my accident, and because it required no travel – I stuck with that.

Satori Health & Wellness Coaching Podcast Episode 40 - Health Coaching & Consulting

Let’s skip a few years when I had my daughter, through a fertility donor…. I started to think about what was missing in my life, professionally. Did I want to become a self-employed health & wellness coach?

Was there another coaching style that might fit my personality, that would offer me more specialized skills that nursing and a graduate degree in Education couldn’t provide me?

The accident had been settled, and grad school was long gone, and day trading at 6:30am wasn’t exactly fitting with the life of a single-mom on the West Coast anymore because my baby needed me at that hour.

I love helping people.

But because nursing was pulled-off the table, despite petitioning that, I first started by looking at my story. What was it that I’d just overcome? And how was I moving forward with such success, despite the horrific injuries I sustained? Of course, a great team of lawyers and rehab folks helped along the way…but there was more to it than that.

There I was, day-trading, I had community, I had a healthy routine and wasn’t in pain anymore. I even had a baby on my own, through donor insemination, and felt incredibly blessed and empowered by that story to no end. I knew the definition of success had everything to do with fulfillment.

As well, I’d now moved to Vancouver Island. I knew I’d overcome significant hardships with the accident – and yet I had this intense GRIT during those rehab years. From the moment I woke-up from a coma, I was fiercely determined to not allow myself to be pulled under by my circumstances, pain and suffering (and there was pain!).

So I embarked in coach training with the Robbins-Madanes Training, the school created by Tony Robbins & Cloe Madanes. He felt like the perfect teacher and I had lived by his lessons from hearing his tapes while growing up. I wanted to initially help other victims of car accidents. I was eager to change the accident-benefits world, and not allow one more car accident victim to fall under the radar after their own six and seven-figure settlement.

I always had an analytical mind and could also see someone else’s point of view. That’s the virgo/libra in me! And so then began the journey of coaching personal injury clients around mindset, at the time they received their settlements.

You see, there’s a certain mindset that happens when you get a big personal injury settlement. You get pushed by the lawyers to put all of it into a structured annuity, or the claimants don’t feel that scenario fits and they take it all, but face several risks related to loss of wealth. Ultimately though, I never once felt that wealth management for personal injury clients (me at one time) was properly aligned with the clients true and authentic self. The needs all focused on what the client was experiencing at that time – as opposed to what’s to come. That was frustrating.

I wanted to stand-out in coaching clients who’d experienced something similar to me in the field of Personal injury. I felt a deep desire to help bridge this gap between the pre-settlement and post-settlement phase, after clients leave their case management team.

One of my previous Satori Health & Wellness Coaching clients gave me some great feedback. He said “you give a lot of your time and self to coaching and I can see why you’re so effective at it because you love what you do.” More than anything, I loved helping people access a deeper part of themselves, and see a different perspective. That was my WHY.

You can take a picture 100 different ways – different angles, lighting, props, filters etc – and coaching feels the same way for me. In every field, you have to find YOUR love, which can be approached in 100 different ways.

Life, to me, is about creating your vision and pleasing your higher self. And I knew I had a bigger mission in life, and that’s to now help transform the health care system that I once worked-in, and eventually had become a consumer. The health care system we live with is amazing. We live in Canada with Universal Health Care.

But along with this luxury, comes a price to be paid. There is a debt placed onto all health care practitioners who are now overtaxed, stressed, burned-out and suffering with poor self-regulation, as a result of the work they do. Because of this overtaxed system, their mindset and life-balance is suffering and they’re facing a lack of motivation to make any changes, leading one down a deep pit of missing-out on all the delicious things that life presents to us.

I love how my life and business, as a coach and consultant, have evolved organically. And in looking back at some of the challenges I was having as a nurse, I could see how a self-paced coaching/personal development/mindfulness/stress-management program could have been so helpful, and useful back then. That’s where the “course creation” journey began.

I embarked on a journey of conducting in-depth interviews and asked some Health Care Professionals how they envisioned their life without all the added pressures. And if they had a step-by-step system to help them see things differently, or take action and motivate them towards better health, would they jump in?

Everyone said YES! Bring it on.

So that’s when I started creating The School of Health, Mindfulness & Spirituality, and my signature program Pro-Mind. My pride and joy, we just closed the doors for this session’s enrolment, last week.

The Pro-Mind Experience is a system that would train you to be a #mindfulclinician; to see things differently, and tap into your authentic self to understand what it is you truly want out of your job, your health, your life, and your closest relationships. The Pro-Mind Experience is about tapping-into your inner-being to figure out what might be missing, to help you feel empowered to take different action.

I’m on a journey that’s true and authentic to me – who I want to be, how I want to serve, and for the people I wish to serve. I’m on a mission to create a community of #mindfulclinicians, where I hold the space for them to be real and authentic. Inside of this experiential program, they learn the tools and strategies to build a life of peace, joy and happiness. You think those are cliché words? So do I. But they’re important, and they’re real, to living a life of health and longevity.

You too are on a journey and learning to trust in your gut, when things aren’t right, is vital to living a healthy and prosperous life. Be #mindful that you’re on a journey of growth, and your family (and clients) need you to be healthy.

You won’t be able to grow if you don’t start to dig deeper into what you truly want, need and feel. And once you start to learn to slow down, self-regulate in all areas of your life, dive into your current story in order to create a better and more authentic one, you can then begin to expand your possibilities for a more loving and passionate life and relationships. Only when you can look at the dirt, can you begin to understand what’s missing in your story, and lead an authentic life that truly speaks to who you were born to be.

If you’re interested in more of my process and strategies, head over to my podcast and my weekly Coffee & Croissants Strategy Talk in Facebook Live.

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