4-Week Group Virtual Mantra-Meditation Course

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Learn to release daily stressors to sustain a life of health and wellness. With the use of a mantra, you will learn to appreciate the space and freedom that meditation allows within the mind and body.

What if… you felt you were exactly where you needed to be in your life?

What if… you achieved total mastery over your ego & your mind?

What if…you could improve your health & mood, in as little as 20 minutes?

As a busy professional, you’ve already reached a level of self-mastery unknown to most. But you still live with an incredible amount of stress that if not attended to, can run you down when you least expect it.

Learn the technique of meditating with a mantra in the most effortless way, in order to create new levels of mastery in one’s life. Boost your performance and improve your quality of sleep right now! This course is directed at supporting a small group of participants with learning the mechanics of the practice itself, its benefits and also learning to develop the skills required for a solid daily meditation practice.

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February 2021 Group Virtual Vedic Meditation Dates:

Thursday, February 4th 12 – 1:30pm

Thursday, February 11th  12 – 1:30pm

Thursday, February 18th 12 – 1:30pm

Thursday, February 25th 12 – 1pm

(note ** our last session only 1 hour long)


From The Comfort Of Your Own Pad



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** Private groups offered in the workplace or in-person with a friend. Inquire Within!!! **


The Process


An introductory call is an informational discussion in the Mantra-Style Meditation – Learn To Meditate Course.  You’ll learn how this type of meditation differs from other styles of meditation, the many benefits and how the course is taught. This is a great place to start if you are interested in learning meditation or looking for a powerful stress-reducing technique.

Intro talks are held over the phone and are not mandatory. I prefer to keep my intro talks to no more than 20 minutes, which is typically enough time to understand your needs.

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You may also contact us directly by email: info@satoriHWcoaching.ca


The Meditation Course is a 4 session course that runs approximately 90 minutes each session via Zoom Live. You will receive a recorded mantra after registration.

Session 1: At this session you’ll receive your mantra and learn the basic technique for using it. We’ll dive into the benefits too.

Session 2: A closer look at how to use the mantra and the ways to allow the body to relax, and the mind to detach from thought.

Session 3: A deeper exploration of stress and how the mind and body can transcend the stress.

Session 4: A little more on observing the mind, and how to integrate the practice into your daily life. Learn to get the support you need to fit in this new practice.



Because I’m so passionate about getting you a return on your investment, we’ll schedule a final group zoom call so I can guide you in maintaining a powerful practice of learning to apply meditation to your daily life. You’re also welcome to attend any other group meditation programs I offer, should space be available. This will allow you access to a special community of Meditators, fostering personal growth.

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Have you read the blog post on Creating A Super-Mind???? 

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