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4-Session Group Virtual Mantra-Meditation: Wednesday’s Group



Group Virtual Meditation Dates:

Enrolment is Now Closed. 

$297pp CD (regular $397ppCD)

** In-person meditation programs available for the workplace. Inquire Within!!! **

** Digital product available by connecting with Lynn via email [email protected] and you can start working at your own pace as soon as you wish.


STEP 1. Enrol in the class right here. 

This is a 4-session course, run 90-minutes per session via Zoom Live. It’s not necessary that you work as a health practitioner. This session is for all.

STEP 2. Prior to the 1st session, Lynn will reach out to obtain your DOB in order to email you a recording of your mantra.

Need more info? Book an introductory call right here

An introductory call is an informational discussion held over the phone & no more than 20 minutes, which is typically enough time to understand your needs. You may also contact us directly by email: [email protected]

If you’re a Workplace wanting to enrol a personalized group, please signup for a Meditation Consultation Call NOW!  

Prefer a self-paced option, consider joining our 4-session digital meditation program by connecting with Lynn directly, [email protected] This way, you get to learn at your own pace, and you still get a recorded mantra unique to just YOU.