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Vitamin A 10 000 IU


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Essential nutrient for the body’s natural defence systems


● Maintains immune function, skin membranes and eyesight
● Supports night vision and bone health

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin that provides a wide range of nutritional support for the entire body.
It is required for the healthy functioning of a number of biological processes, including its best known
role in vision. Vitamin A is critical for the function of the retina and colour vision. It also supports
light-to-dark adjustment through its affinity for the rhodopsin-opsin system. Vitamin A has been
shown to stimulate the immune response and resistance to pathogens, particularly in the mucosa.
This fat-soluble vitamin also maintains the integrity of mucosal and epithelial surfaces by regulating
the differentiation of epithelial cells, sebum production and moisture in the skin. Adequate levels of
vitamin A are also important for normal bone metabolism and bone mineral density.