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Rewrite Your Story In 3 Easy Steps

Happy New Year everyone! Episode 51, Create A Life Plan in 5 Easy Steps,  was the most recent addition to not only setting intentions for the new year, but to begin planning for the implementation of those plans. Here’s another nifty exercise to do that can help you shif that much more.

Who are you?? What is your story that you tell yourself and how your world is?

Every moment of our lives, we’re developing our story. The people we meet on a daily basis, and the obstacles we face along the way, all play a part in the story of our lives. As we review these interactions, our internal scenery creates our story.

For some of us, we engrain a particular story into the fabric of our lives. Think about how many times you said to yourself “I’m the type of person that does x, y, z under pressure”. Along the way, that thought and that story began to dictate your interactions, and it also changed your view of the world. In this post, we’re going to rewrite this story. If you feel like now is  the time for you to let-go of the cycle of doubt, habit and no-change, stay with me. If you’re dying to learn how to shift and grow… so you can experience more balance, better relationships, and meaningful work, stay with me.

And..if you happen to also need a little faith and magic in your life, you’ll definitely want to rewrite your story with me here. So let’s make it happen NOW! Here’s the thing, the internet is full of books and articles on how to rewrite your story. Instead of giving you a long and drawn-out process, I’m going to give you the quick and easy steps. That way, you unravel the process on your own. If you’re up for going through the steps, stay tuned because this post was meant to inspire you to take action.

Before we dig-in,  I want to drive home this very important message… that you really can create a new reality. But the key to long-term change is to shift the way you think. If you can acknowledge that how you think creates your reality, you’ll have an easier time making positive changes. It’s crucial that you start to question what you believe. By questioning what you believe, and paying close attention to what you’re actually thinking (and talking about), you’ll get a pretty firm idea of why your life is the way it is.

How To Rewrite Your Story In 3 Easy Steps

1. Evaluate Your Life Stage.

If you want to change your life, you need to write a new story – one that’s in greater alignment with your stage of life. What do I mean by your “stage of life”? Think about the people that surround you on a consistent basis. If that’s your family (partner and kids, or parents/grandparents), it’ll tell you what type of priorities you might be setting, or need to set for yourself.

What does your stage of life have to do with re-writing your story? Well, if you really think about your stage in life you’re in right now,  and you begin to reflect upon your current story and life’s circumstances, you’ll be able to consider what IS important, what AUGHT TO BE important, and what is NO LONGER important. Reflection is key. It begins with thinking about the life stage you’re in. One of the key areas of life that create tension for people are our personal relationships. The way we relate to people will be different depending on your life stage.

2. Evaluate Your Beliefs Through Storytelling

Let’s dive into the “3,2,1 exercise” to explore some common themes that are present in your current story.  Here’s what you do in this “3,2,1 exercise”:

A. Get out a timer (your phone likely has one)
B. Time yourself to speak out-loud for 3 minutes, and tell your story. Just start with “my name is John and …..” You can stand in front of a mirror, if you have some privacy, or tell it to a willing friend who’ll do the exercise with you.

When you’re done telling your story for 3 minutes, think about the main themes you spoke about. You might actually be surprised to learn about what’s really important to you, and perhaps the parts that you left-out of your story. Did you tell your story in a chronological order or was it by large life themes? What did you miss that you find to be an important part of your story? Did you exaggerate certain times or maybe you started to feel certain emotions you’d forgotten about?

C. Do this storytelling exercise again for 2 minutes, and then again for 1 minute.

After you’ve done the “3,2,1 exercise”, jot down some important notes about the areas of your life you spoke about that you might want to change. Chunk it up by relationships, career, family, hobbies etc… This is a post about changing your story afterall.

3. Start Writing Your New Story In The Past Tense.

Now you should be at the point where you begin to look at your present life circumstances. Writing offers us the opportunity to access our creative imagination, and often times large story-themes can arise without the ego being too involved. It’s a beautiful process that can offer you a broad focus of where your life story is at right now. Consider this part of the exercise as a self-exploration of what’s important to you. See Episode 35 on Thoughts Are Energy here.  Evaluate the main themes, and ask if you need / want something different in those areas of your life. It’s only through strategic analysis where you start to uncover what you actually want to change. Pick one or two areas that you want to focus on, and bring-in something new. Now begin to allow that area to unravel as though it has changed. Write the following statement “I remember when…” and continue the sentence as though you were 6 months down the road. Write as though you’ve accomplished the new you.

Create Your Life Plan

In episode 51, Create a Life Plan in 5 Easy Steps, I prompted you with some questions.  Feel free to open a google doc and copy and paste the questions.

What would you like for your paid work this year?
Might you want to explore adding a Volunteer zone, and contribute on a local Board of Directors?
Do you see yourself leaving work entirely and taking-off for Europe with your backpack?
Would you like to book an extended family vacation or a short trip on your own someplace you always wanted to visit?
How are you feeling with love, certainty, and purpose in your life?

You have the opportunity to rewrite your story, literally.

Connect With Yourself

When you want to change things about yourself, or your story, it’s vitally important to look at how you relate to yourself.  This will help you prioritize your goals to bring-in more balance, love and livelihood in your new life story. Maybe connecting with yourself in more positive ways is the new life path? We’ve got an 8-session program called Mindful You to help you do just that. It’s a 1-1 coaching program that will take you at least 2 months to complete but I give you lots of time to sink into the new behaviours and connect with yourself.

As the world opens its doors again, you might want to plan an extended vacation and explore new surroundings, new cuisine and a new language. Travel is a fantastic way to help you prepare to create that new reality. Travel also forces us to save money, shift our physiology, and even explore our new story more intimately. You can practice being that new person when you’re on vacation.

Are you interested in purchasing a new home, or maybe your new story involves the purchase of a vacation home? Write out the details of what you’d like to see in your life. You can even take it one step further and cut-out some magazine pictures and let them guide your writing.

Health & Longevity

Your new story should also include improved health and longevity. As the new you, could you improve your wellness regimen to support your stress levels and overall health? Visit our shop for supplements to support your immune system, gut health, performance, and adrenal fatigue.

Perhaps now is a good time to take a group meditation program, and learn the healing art of mantra-meditation to assist you with going-within. In your new story, do you see yourself being more aware with your colleagues and patients, and perhaps you have a daily meditation practice that engages all areas of personal growth?

Statements To Help In Analysis:

I spend a lot of time doing…

I think often about…

I emotionally depend on…(relationships zone)

To feel alive, I….(personal development zone)

I experience purpose when I…(self-care)

I feel love when…

I feel important and special when…and this next one is really important in mapping-out a new zone

I feel safe & certain when…

Final Thoughts

Now that you have answered some fundamental questions, take stock of what you are starting to see unfold in your imagination. If you want a new you, start to recognize the new patterns. Notice the key missing ingredient(s) as well. And mark your calendar to celebrate the milestones.

You should be tapping yourself on the back right now for taking charge of what you want, and allowing yourself to dream a little dream to living a better life. If you’re in need of some tools and strategies to change your daily habits, head over to episode 45: 5 Ways A Health & Wellness Coach Can Change Your Life, and Episode 60 on 2 Simple Ways To Fail-Proof Your Health Goals.


“I Puggin Love You”, Coach Lynn

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