Satori’s Brand Relaunch – What, When + Why

Satori’s Brand Relaunch – What, When + Why

Most of you know, I started my business as a Strategic Intervention coach helping the personal injury population with rransitioning out of #rehablife into their ideal life.

Today, things have been shaken up in the world of Satori Health & Wellness Coaching and I’m excited to fill you in on the details. But before I bring you up to speed on what has happened on my end & in the business, I want to give you the backstory behind why I made this change.


In may 2017, I launched Satori Health & Wellness Coaching, after 1.5 years of studying strategic intervention coaching with Robbins-Madanes (Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes). At the time, I was still a full-time parent to my young daughter. I felt that I needed to stick to the obvious – only coaching Personal Injury clients.

I was just a baby in the coaching world and I had no idea what it would take to become a ‘professional coach’, but I was excited at the idea of helping people through a magnificent time in their lives – going from the trenches of a personal injury claim, to a world without lawyers and insurance adjustors.

Q1 & Q2 weren’t the best. I was networking and found myself gaining momentum with law firms, while also started to understand the world of coaching – and discovered, suddenly, that everyone was calling themselves a coach; nutrition coach, fitness coach, health coach, wellness coach, meditation coach, writing coach, branding coach, styling coach, etc…


Even though I was resilient, I found myself deeply discouraged by my inability to find the people who desperately needed me. I was aching to help the personal injury population, but I couldn’t access them very easily. I had a niche, but lawyers were often tough gate-keeper. I eventually found my way around that! I’m now on the Board of Directors of The Victoria Brain Injury Society. I also work closely with select few legal representatives, and case managers.

I noticed how people were confused by “strategic intervention coach”, and I also noticed how lawyers and case managers didn’t want to refer their clients to me because I didn’t have a tangible product in the end. I was selling a “transformation” -a Premium one at that, which meant I was potentially cutting into the lawyer’s bottom line. I wasn’t selling a box of tissues for their clients to wipe their tears – I was selling “a new story”. I had to do something to get clients, and I knew my system was “off”.


At this point, Q3 arrives. I’d written more blog posts, and created more cheat sheets. And eventually, a few amazing Premium clients would find me…so it kept going this way.

I decided I’d hire a business coach. I took a step-back, and meditated lots. I continued to network. I continued to serve community members. I continued to search within. And then, after months of coaching, and creating shorter term programs, it was time for a rebrand. I was finally in a place of comfort with my own story. After all, I’m in the business of transforming people’s lives. I needed to transform mine & my company’s.


By talking to a variety of different people over the year, I knew quickly my message was off. Although I had a deep desire to coach people in transition, I felt I’d also been communicating to a part of me – The Crazy Type-A!.

“I want to coach and consult with the Visionaries of this world – the people who are at the top of their game professionally, but might be losing their edge in life!”

Although I had no idea how to merge these two populations, after much research, meditating, and journaling I came to the conclusion that my skills were so diverse that it would be a shame to not use them across many areas.

My strategy to rebrand, and write differently – with more heart and soul – now feels amazing!

I’ve collaborated with many health practitioners to create a more succinct program – and I can honestly say that this is as close to my vision of having a tangible health & wellness practice.

Of course, I was at risk of confusing my message by adding 2 other divisions, but at the end of the day, we all want to Win @ Life. People who have been badly injured want to feel good again, and the Busy Professional with an erratic life requires strategies to which I hold expertise.

And Workplace Health Promotion Programming adds tremendous value to the employer, that it made no sense to not include in the company, given my extensive background in science-based behaviour change, and brain-focused strategies for managing the mind in the workplace.

We all want the same things in life – to look and feel like we’re Winning @ Life!


New Website Design

Well, first things first – improved online presence. Bring it on! My first web site lacked significant features, and although I knew this at the time, I placed a lot of faith in the web developers. Not this time. To fully launch this new brand and website, I had to do research, create content for my health & wellness tribe, and I’m now ready to take you along in the journey.

An Upcoming Podcast

I’m pretty excited to bring in a podcast in 2018! I was feeling that the spoken word would reach my audience better.  I had to get over hearing my voice! But, I know that by teaming up with other health and legal practitioners, my subscribers and dedicated followers will receive the information and tools they need to get on track, and stay on track, to #Win@Life!

More Evidence-Based Health Inspired Content

Even though I no longer hold a nursing license, my degree is still on my wall. I’m a nurse through & through, and a health educator. I decided that as a Health Consultant, I have a duty to educate and serve the public on matters related to health, not just life coaching to be mindful. I decided to create an 6-audio series to kick that off. Site is still under construction, at the moment, but when it’s done, you’ll be able to head over to my Health Salon for a little Health & Wellness CPR.

If you feel you’ve got something to offer to my tribe of followers, get in touch with me! We might be able to join forces in my podcast, to help the next person better understand something about themselves.

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