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Slowing Down With Coach Lynn

This summer has definitely given us a different feel from past summers. Although challenging at times, one positive aspect of the pandemic has been my ability to slow down my approach to life. I’m more present with how I spend my time. This has not been an easy lesson!

Even though I live a slow-paced life, here on Vancouver Island, I haven’t always been able to bend my “daytime” rules. Certainly, I have no problems with fitting-in my daily meditation practice, but the slowing down that I’m talking about is unique.

From the way I start my day, to who I see, and the conversations I have, and to the places I go, I am doing them with purpose and ease. We’ve all had to stay closer to home, and although I live 3 blocks from the ocean, I find myself being more intentional with how I appreciate those spaces. 

With this newfound sense of freedom to just ‘be’, I started to connect more with wildlife. Now, I have the chance to experience the oceanfront in a different way; and on a more consistent basis. I don’t take the view for granted, but rather I have become one with the view. 

I am a huge advocate of making small changes that can be sustained long-term. In order to do that, we need to be flexible with our list of “to-dos”. 

Like goals, day-to-day presence can seem intimidating and feel like a “woohoo” kind of ultimatum.

In reality, those are the changes that make the most difference in our lives. Driving to the oceanfront, stopping to pause and open-up my Audi Hatchback, to saying hi to the Heron, didn’t happen with a drastic overhaul. That kind of shift in consciousness only happens when you make small incremental changes. You have to allow your lifestyle to adapt – as we’ve all had to adapt, during this pandemic.

One change that I made early-on was allowing myself time to have time to myself in the daytime. This shift happened at a time when I had a self-imposed “work schedule”.  I soon became a fan of dropping-off my daughter at summer camp and heading straight to the beach. Today, this is a practice that not only makes for great daily reflection, but does it with purpose. The time I spend at the beach with my daughter is different. That’s because I’m in the role of the mother, the parent.

Every moment spent sitting in my hatchback, with my cozy knitted blanket, allowed me to slow down and connect with my inner most thoughts. I get the chance to chat with the dog walkers who are on a similar journey. They have a unique perspective on life, as we all do. But slowing down in this way has offered me greater  perspective that will always keep me reassured that every solution comes in the form of quiet contemplation – regardless of whether you’re in the office or at the beach.

An older gentleman named Flynt says to me this morning: “you know, I look forward to seeing your smile“, as he & his pooch pass me by for the 2nd time. Thank you!

Satori’s efforts are to support health practitioners through our partnerships with hospitals and the workplace. We offer a 6-module online program, The ProMind Experience, that offers step-by-step strategies to shift their mindset. We want health practitioners to form a system – one backed by sustainability. As leaders are now facing a new phase of their own work, unsure if your staff can keep up with this stress, they too need some support.

As the rest of the country begins to open-up and the summer weeks are coming to a close, I have been trying to keep my perspective. I am reassured that taking ocean breaks from work won’t take away from my work day. I get to call upon the heron energy, as well as that of the eagle, the otter and the seal.  Thank you my ocean friends! And my apologies for not having photos of my ocean friends. As I take this time to reflect today, I remind myself of my passion for photography. Slowing down is a process – let’s see where it takes us all!

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