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Episode 26 – Strategies To Manage Your Fear – Part 3

Fear holds us back from our true potential – oftentimes without even noticing it.  In today’s episode on Strategies To Manage Your Fear, Part 3, I’m expanding upon the last 2 episodes.  

026 – Strategies To Manage Your Fear – Part III

As you read in the last two blog posts, I discussed spending some time in contemplation as it relates to pain (and fear). Pain is a part of life, and people experience it psychologicallyand physically.

In Episode 24, Strategies To Manage Your Fear – “Part 1” I posed two questions that might allow you to examine your own personal blocks and fear.Episode 25, Part 2, I expanded upon that consciousness. I encouraged you to spend some time in contemplation, to become more mindful of where your subconscious block, pain or fear resides.

In this Episode, Part III of my 3-part series,  you will learn:

Read Transcript Below:

Previously I shared with you that one of my big fears in life is physical pain. I hope to inspire you to explore your own personal challenges, and hopefully to explore the power of your subconscious mind.  

You see, I know better than anyone that fear will stay trapped in your body. Fear stays trapped to the point that you may not even know you’re operating on “auto-pilot” – keeping you from those activities you love the most. Your body will lead the way, not your mind.

The 360 strategy(starting at the 3-minute mark) will help you unravel an identity for your pain. This is a fun way of disconnecting yourself from your pain and see it as “the other”. 

Just in case you don’t want to take any notes, I have a handy freebie called Deconstruct Routines & Change Daily Habits where I have included a breakdown of your typical day (episode 22) as well as recreating your dream day.

Download the Extra Special Worksheet Here to analyze the one thing you could do for yourself to reignite passion in your life.

Strategies to manage your fear

Now, onto managing physical pain through good food….

What do food and health supplements have to do with my managing fear of pain?

Well, here’s a little well-known cliché for you “healthy body, healthy mind”. In most cases, people adapt to situations and simply alter their lives, or lifestyles, to avoid experiencing any further “pain”. Throughout that adaptation, one can become further removed from what causes them pain, while not even realizing it. Inevitably, that can cause some maladaptive responses to seemingly mindless situations. In order to manage my own physical pain, I saw a Naturopath who prescribed great supplements. I did a number of detox cleanses, to remove any build-up of trauma trapped in my cells (after all, my body was tortured in that car accident). Food became a healing source of life!!!!

I changed my entire diet to ensure I was eating whole foods; a diet that was less acidic and more alkaline, to keep any physical inflammation down. I reduced sugars, gluten, and breads. I will still indulge in my weekly croissants & coffee however. Catch us live, weekly, on Facebook.  Sure, I indulge in the foods I love, but I have learned the healing powers of food so I make sure to have a lot of “the good stuff” too. And you can do this too, by seeing a nutrition expert or Naturopathic Doctor. Eventually, I got into the right gym routine. With the assistance of a fantastic personal trainer,  I was able to retrain muscles that had atrophied. I continually did the mental work necessarily in order to change in healthy and conscious ways; daily actually. This work was by using powerful affirmations that kept me on top of my game. As well, I began to really acknowledge the benefits of mindfulness to helping build a more powerful mindset.

If you’re interested in reviewing the benefits to mindfulness for improving your health, I’ve linked up to it here. 

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